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  1. Well, I voted 75-85 but I've never liked the way his left leg is - it looks more like he's about to stamp his foot petulantly than start to walk off the stage! The back cover would imply that he did stomp his way off.
  2. The cat thing is doing my scone. Ignoring that, is the vocal live? If so, hats off. If not, hats in the air for the lip syncing. Beautiful voice, where the deuce has he been the last decade?
  3. Two replies? I hope that more than four of us listened to this. This song is exceptional - no, there's not a hidden dig in my choice of word. It's magnificent. Bruce, wake up. Michael has set the bar.
  4. Just listening to Thunder Road from SOB "We're pulling out of here to win." Not "I'm pulling out of here...". When did that change happen? LOHAD (his second best after TR) was a bit ambiguous as to whether it was a song saying "follow me, wherever I go (but I've got a vague plan)" or "let's go into the unknown, together" so I don't think he had accepted that his co-pilot had a part to play then. About flippin' time (aged 70ish) that he acknowledged that the journey is better with two (or more) moving in the same direction rather than one dragging the rest with them!
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