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    2010. I bought the Collection box set containing the first seven albums.
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    Depends on whether the wind is blowing from within from outside her skirt.
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  1. ??? Still in recovery haha! Played: Michael Jackson- Dangerous (twice)
  2. Needed some thrash metal today! Sooooo... Taylor Swift- Red (Deluxe) Still headbanging as I type.
  3. Within Temptation- The Unforgiving Adore this band! 9/10
  4. Styx- Equinox Journey- Evolution Kansas- Masque Kansas- Song For America Kansas- Two For The Show
  5. Oh! Yeah maybe...I love that version of Stolen Car! Glad The River version is the one it is...but I am also glad Ties That Bind has this version. I just cannot wait hahahaha HUGE RUSH FAN!!!! I LOVE THIS ALBUM! Drand Designs and Marathon are two classic Rush choons! Did I say I was a huge fan? HUGE!
  6. It's the BEST fucking version and don't let a CROWD of people tell you any different! Better than The River? Erm...gonna go out on a limb and say: it is the third disc for me. I enjoy it as much as The River. It all comes from my favourite era!
  7. The Guess Who- Wheatfield Soul The Doors- Strange Days Bon Jovi- Bon Jovi Strangeways- Native Sons Trillion- Trillion Trillion- Clear Approach
  8. Bruce Springsteen- The Ties That Bind I am pumped for the official release next month! It will be a while before I can actually afford the box set, but I eagerly anticipate it all the same. One of my favourite albums of our hero, and yes I count it as one of his main albums. This version of Stolen Car gives me life!
  9. No Doubt are one of my all time favourite bands! You have no idea just how much I !love them!!!!Anyway, today has been devoted to one of my all time favourite bands: Toto- XX Toto- The Seventh One Toto- Kingdom Of Desire Toto- Falling In Between Toto- Isolation
  10. I love Yes, Rush, King Crimson, Jethro Tull, and enjoy Genesis and other prog bands. I hate Pink Floyd. It isn't personal, they just do absolutely nothing for me.
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