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  1. I think we all have a very high expectation from The Boss but in recent years I have just been glad for any new material or even the revisits of his previous work.
  2. I quite liked it. Bruce is 70 this year and has had a lot of time to reflect on his life/career so I fully expect an album quite soft and chilled. He can save the rage for the E-Street band stuff he has written. Musically and lyrically Bruce isn’t going to appeal to a new audience with this, unlike Wrecking Ball. Many bands and artists have become their own tribute acts. Bruce still puts out new material, for me I doubt he will ever stop.
  3. I managed to get my wife to give it a go and even she was in tears at some points. I got to see it live on stage and being in the Theatre you get to feel it? I think they just got that over on the film version. Glad we didn’t really get to see or hear the audience until the end, so many times we, the viewer, are treated like idiots and told “this is how to react” “this is the part we laugh”. Bruce’s story is far from finished, I suspect creatively he has been recharged with the whole experience, going back, reassessing, there still seems to be some anger there around the Trump administration, so hopefully so new studio albums are coming.
  4. I never had an issue with the Lord’s Prayer as it fit the narrative. He talked early about being surrounded by god, it doesn’t mean he is deeply religious but I am sure the Lord’s Prayer was a regular feature in him growing up. He has used the religious imagery throughout his work so I felt it was a nod to his upbringing which I felt the whole show was. He shapes the characters early, shows that nearly 70 years of life has helped him redefine the characters and understand their stories.
  5. I have mixed feelings on Stubhub. The inflated prices lead to people touting tickets more but then I have managed to get tickets for events at a fraction of the cost by waiting until the last minute. I would like them to may set a limit to the increase cost of maybe only 100% but not sure that will ever happen. The guarantees you get with Stubhub are good. I have two tickets for Paul McCartney in December at the o2, paid £120 each but there is a chance we cannot go. The Stubhub prices are around £700 each for the type of ticket I have. On one hand I feel bad selling them for a profit but on the otherhand I paid double for a ticket for Springsteen on Broadway !
  6. If you use Stubhub you can click to show the price with fees. i managed to get a single ticket for $632 with fees for a seat in the Mezz, row E, cost price was $300. I just kept an eye on the site. It does seem that during the week the tickets are cheaper and more are available, the Saturday show always seems the most popular.
  7. Simply amazing. Worth the trip from the U.K. and expensive ticket.
  8. I am seeing the show Wednesday and then heading back to England Sunday so will see if I can grab you any.
  9. £ 350 this morning on new clothes for the holiday ! I am doing my bit !!!
  10. I but the bullet and paid $700 for a single seat via Stubhub for the 26th September. My wife said go on my own so I did it !!!! Cannot wait !!!
  11. Thank you, I will get the app. We are in Boston from the 21st to 26th to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary. We actually got married on 23rd September, Bruce's birthday, but that was pure coincidence :).
  12. We are in NYC from London on the 26th to 29th September so will try for tickets. We have both entered the lotteries, will try the box office and last resort is StubHub. I have set a £1,500 budget so pretty sure I will get in although would obviously prefer the cheapest option :).
  13. Have you seen Ken Burns Vietnam Documentary ?. I think it actually helped me understand more of Bruce's music on Vietnam. No he didnt serve but his generation were the cannon fodder used in a now viewed as pointless and unwinnable war. The questions over its validity and how people viewed patrotism were all bought into question with the Vietnam War and the documentary really outlines this.
  14. Thanks :). We will get to the show somehow !