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  1. Loved your post Daisey.

    Bruce’s music has always helped guide me in life gain some understanding of those around me allowing me to allow for their their faults and frustrations. Every new piece of music from the man just goes to further that story.


    Bruce owes me nothing but as a fan I enjoy being part of that conversation he has with his fans via his music. 

    My colleagues at work all know I am a huge fan of The Boss, my frequently changing set of Springsteen posters behind me on my video calls are a clear sign, and a few contacted me regarding his ‘DUI’ news. All I said was that just look at the history of the guy, a leopard doesn’t change his spots. 

    Bruce deserves my support, like any of my close friends and family that need it at one time or another. I am sure he doesn’t need it but also think he appreciates his fan base. 


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  2. Bruce is a sensible guy in terms of obeying the law, he has never had any form to say otherwise. The stories around taking a shot with the fans seems plausible, maybe just a little misguided if he did take a shot from a fan but it looks like the only law he broke was drinking in an open space (which is really weird as being British this kind of law doesn’t apply to us yet in America you can carry a gun!).


    I actually wonder if the drinking of a shot in The Middle video was a nod to the incident from Bruce and could have been the catalyst for him doing the ‘advert’. Observing the American police system from across the pond, via various news outlets and Netflix, can sometimes show the over zealous nature of the force. 

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  3. Some of the negative comments, this is the Boss. He has been releasing music for nearly 50 years and still produces new stuff. Enjoy it, you never know when it will be the last. 

    Bruce’s new albums always grow on me. Even now I still listen to something like The River and discover how good a song actually is !!!

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  4. Working from home in Lockdown has been an absolute blessing. I have managed to get through the whole 2017 Australia tour and hair started the 2016 The River tour. 10 shows in, and despite listening to the River album in full each show, I just love it. The version of I Wanna Marry You is a thing of beauty, Steve just shines on The River. I was only 4 when the first River tour took place, need to get my bootlegs out and set that as my next WFH marathon.

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  5. Huge fan of the Boss but also a fan of Professional Wrestling and currently working on a book about the first Wrestlemania. At the first Wrestlemania, the Tag-Team of The US Express, entered the ring to Born In The U.S.A. This has since been edited out of broadcasts, I assume WWF/WWE never had the rights to use this although I am convinced Bruce is, or at least was, a fan of the WWF. We know he mentioned King Kong Bundy and Hulk Hogan in his song I'm A Coward but recently I read Captain Lou Albano's (the big bearded Wrestling Manager and Cyndi Lauper's Dad in the Girls Just Want to Have Fun video) book who mentioned a young Bruce Springsteen used to show up at WWF shows in New Jersey and used to wait at backstage doors to carry the wrestlers bags. We also saw Bruce provide the soundtrack to the closing of the movie The Wrestler. Now, I know most wrestler stories carry a lot of embellishment but just wanted to know peoples thoughts or any stories they could share on the subject?.

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  6. I enjoyed it although my wife thought it would be more up-lifting, she isn't a huge Bruce fan (she did see him in Hyde Park with me in 2009, the day after we got engaged) but loves his new album and listening to him speak. He talks a lot of sense around the situation and how things may struggle to come back to 'normal' for a little while. It is always good to hear his view on things, the music he likes, you can hear the influences. It is something different and helped me enjoy 90 minutes on Good Friday.

    It would be nice to see him record an indoor concert whilst in Lockdown but the man is perfectionist so not sure he would be happy with it. I am quite a big Brian May fan and not keen on Gary Barlow but seeing them duet whilst in Lockdown actually made me smile so it can work.


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