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  1. Thanks for all your replies (much appreciated), I presume the golden circle organised by the fans is operated in most countries as per the UK?........but are there any countries or venues which do not allow priority entry into the circle?........Roll on 2022!!
  2. Hi, I'm very new to this forum, but was just wondering when Bruce does another European Tour (hopefully in 2022) - Which would be the best country/city to book? I've watched him all over the UK, spending many hours in the rain and sunshine to gain access to the golden circle, but I now have a strong desire to experience Bruce & The E.Street Band in Europe within the golden circle (if possible) - any advise would would be appreciated while I sit here with my fingers crossed for 2022 - Thanks
  3. Could you please add me to the list as well.......I've been searching for 2 Leeds GA Tickets since The Ricoh Also, I've read on this site about a possible ticket drop for Leeds, not sure what they mean....could someone please advise? Thanks
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