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  1. I think on this thread in September last year we were told the season was over and city had won it , mmm how did that go It came from the land where men wear skirts by the way ?
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    Isn't he dating Taylor Swift now ?
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    The Cricket Thread

    No chance to even see it on YouTube in Berat Albania
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    The Cricket Thread

    England post highest ever one day score by any team 444-3 ... Magnificent stuff lads
  5. PS : Forgot to mention Fuck Them
  6. I'm OK if they want to split to be honest, the top 4-5 are detached from the rest of the league in their own view and mine probably . A fair proportion of them are very fickle, and would dump them at the drop of a hat anyway. I have supported Palace in all 4 divisions, is the PL any more fun or better......probably not. Is Benteke a better player and better value than say Dougie Freedman or Nigel Martyn say, of course not, it's just the overpriced overpaid modern game. To me their only concern is we must win something , if we don't , we will just buy more players , or sack another manager , it's become more evident in comments about players values. "At £90 odd million he's worth every penny.".....,,,,,, I mean really is that truly where some of you have got to ?. A great majority have lost the plot of why you go to football. If they wanna leave , let them, travel to away games could be a bit steep every other week or two though. Enjoy it folks, all that glitters isn't gold though.
  7. It looked likely at one stage , but I think that ship has now left ....... Sorry
  8. It will be tough Roy, Brighton only lost 5 games last season and didn't make automatic promotion
  9. Or two other teams who will remain nameless
  10. I think they just align themselves with winning teams , you can pick up fake copy shirts from nearby Turkish market for €15 euros Apart from the Everton one , he said he was given it 3 yeas ago by a vsiting fan in the pub when Everton were one of the matches shown . I'm glad they enjoy the Premier League , incredible city and people who have had a shit time of it,
  11. Watched the second half in a bar in Sarajevo Bosnia. Amazing site inside the pub Two Arsenal shirts , 6 Liverpool, 7 Man Utd, and 2 Man City plus an odd Everton Not one of them was English
  12. Daniel Sturridge doubtful for opening game That couldn't possibly be true ?
  13. I am glad we are not in the Championship this season . I thinks it's going to be the hardest ever to get out of , your lot should be favourites be never can tell , any 3 from 8 or 9 really , possibly Norwich to get automatic promotion , they have a good championship side and a really good manager .
  14. Once again mad price , welcome to the PL Pep