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  1. I think on this thread in September last year we were told the season was over and city had won it , mmm how did that go It came from the land where men wear skirts by the way ?
  2. GJ21


    Isn't he dating Taylor Swift now ?
  3. No chance to even see it on YouTube in Berat Albania
  4. England post highest ever one day score by any team 444-3 ... Magnificent stuff lads
  5. It will be tough Roy, Brighton only lost 5 games last season and didn't make automatic promotion
  6. Or two other teams who will remain nameless
  7. I think they just align themselves with winning teams , you can pick up fake copy shirts from nearby Turkish market for €15 euros Apart from the Everton one , he said he was given it 3 yeas ago by a vsiting fan in the pub when Everton were one of the matches shown . I'm glad they enjoy the Premier League , incredible city and people who have had a shit time of it,
  8. Watched the second half in a bar in Sarajevo Bosnia. Amazing site inside the pub Two Arsenal shirts , 6 Liverpool, 7 Man Utd, and 2 Man City plus an odd Everton Not one of them was English
  9. Daniel Sturridge doubtful for opening game That couldn't possibly be true ?
  10. I am glad we are not in the Championship this season . I thinks it's going to be the hardest ever to get out of , your lot should be favourites be never can tell , any 3 from 8 or 9 really , possibly Norwich to get automatic promotion , they have a good championship side and a really good manager .
  11. Once again mad price , welcome to the PL Pep
  12. If I remember he was the reason you sold us Kelly
  13. That's him , is he still struggling for fitness or form ?
  14. Inclined to agree..........hopefully as we lost to Fulham about 10 days ago, then beat Valencia 3-1
  15. What ever happened to that young local lad you had , is he still injured, seems to have had a tough start to what looked a promising career
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