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  1. Im a huge Killers fan and Brandon fan. So glad they did this and that solo in the middle!!What a voice Brandon has and in particular to sing those couple of lines like Proud to be a fan.
  2. I saw him in Croke Park Dublin May 2016. I know it was my last time seeing him in a stadium/outdoors. The tickets cost 141 euro, the place was too big and sound not great. I think I also have had enough of the greatest hits. I was quite emotional at the end-tears were shed through thunder road. A lot was happening in my life and I was thinking about how much this mans music has helped me but I also knew I wouldn't be seeing him again in that setting. I would love to see him indoors but he is so popular in Ireland I just don't see it happening/getting tickets. Id love to see a new album coming or that country album that was mentioned? Will see what happens 2019 might bring some good news you never know. I don't see how the Broadway show would work on tour-maybe London?
  3. Love the Killers. Unfortunately I became a fan during their break but so delighted to have finally seen them live. I was at the Dublin concert in November. Outstanding. I cant wait to go again. Mostly festivals in Europe this summer so thrilled to have seen them indoors. For someone who seems so shy/quiet in interviews, he really comes alive on stage! Very interesting guy-I love watching his interviews.
  4. What about if Bruce cancels, people will get refunds through ticketmaster but what about those who have spent thousands second hand? I just cant believe people do that. I love bruce but not so much to do something like that. Bruce probably wont cancel but he could cancel if sick or especially weather problems.
  5. The one of Bruce sitting in the garden with the guitar is one of the nicest I've seen of him, very relaxed and happy looking.
  6. Have an amazing time all that are going!Cant wait to see pics/videos! If there are other dates, surely they would have been announced already?
  7. I don't know how people pay so much money for tickets for something that could be cancelled like a concert or an appearance? Its crazy. Many were burnt in Ireland when they brought tickets to Garth Brooks 2nd hand and then the concerts were cancelled. I couldn't do it.
  8. That makes me sick. I hate seeing that, Bruce or anyone else Coldplay tickets went on sale for Dublin last week. They were up on seatwave which is owned by ticketmaster soon after for much more than they were worth. Ticketmaster said its a legal site for people to sell their tickets but who buys tickets and sells them 10 minutes later?!How is that in anyway fair or legal? Clearly ticketmaster are profiting from it. This shit drives me crazy!
  9. Good Luck everyone! Stay calm and hopefully true fans like you guys will get the tickets they deserve.
  10. Id also like to point out that the fact the majority of people who will get tickets will already have the book. Nice way to make more money Bruce-announce these things after people have bought the book! Yes, I know you don't have to get a ticket and its a signed book etc
  11. One ticket per person but surely that would admit two people?! If he comes to Dublin then id love to try but wouldn't want to go on my own-nicer to share with someone.
  12. so thrilled for you and anyone else who gets to meet him! If you get a chance of hug-hug the crap out of him from all of us! Enjoy every second
  13. wrong hand but he looks like someone showing off an engagement ring. yes bruce, its a lovely ring!