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  1. Been on a Stephen King kick the last couple of months. Re-read the entire Dark Tower series, and it was even better the 2nd time around than the 1st. Now in the midst of 11/22/63, being that Hulu has turned it into a miniseries that I believe starts real soon, and I am absolutely loving it so far! The thing that so often gets forgotten about King is that no one writes characters as detailed and alive as he does.
  2. That one can stay in the vault, catch fire, then have it's ashes eaten by cockroaches, and then the roaches can be squashed.
  3. Been listening to The Ghost Of Tom Joad (And it's outtakes) all week long. Man, I forgot how great that album really is. The fact that Sinaloa Cowboys has only been played once with the band is a goddamn travesty.
  4. Tuesday, May 26, 2015 10:47 am, Eastern Standard Time There is no new album being released today. Not even an old album being re-released in Super Mario HD that is so audiophile-friendly that when Bruce sings "We'll blow off the doors", your back door gets knocked off it's hinges. That is all.
  5. This thread got knocked all the way back to the middle of page 2. Can't have this. Nope. Not gonna happen.
  6. My inside sources have bravely informed me that there is no new album coming out today. No Working On A Dream box set either.
  7. Amused was a fantastic album. This and Pros And Cons were how I always imagined Pink Floyd going had Roger not left the band. Best song from that album:
  8. I absolutely love Coming Back To Life. Best track off the album for certain! And I agree that Division Bell gets beaten up way too much as well. It's a fine album with several really good songs. Much like Zeppelin's In Through The Out Door, it gets unfairly hammered because it doesn't "live up to" the previous work. Well hell, without Roger and his cynical attitude writing the songs it's only natural that Floyd was going to end up in a different direction, but it was a fine direction that stayed true to the band's overall sound.
  9. For any fellow insomniacs (Or early birds, depending on your location in the world when you see this) out there tonight, the neatest thing ever: Dark Side Of The Rainbow (The infamous synch-up of Dark Side Of The Moon and The Wizard Of Oz)
  10. Fortunately not. Why is that? I'd pay a great deal of money to hear Bruce (and any of my favorite bands) play some of his unreleased songs... Because most unreleased songs are unreleased for a reason. I go to gigs to hear songs that I know and love. Perhaps I should have said 'premiered' unreleased material. Floyd were playing fair chunks of Wish You Were Here and Animals live well before they were released. These weren't out takes. Bands wouldn't do that these days simply out of fear of the internet etc Even Dark Side was being played in full during concerts well before it was released. In fact, that whole album was literally being created onstage during the Meddle tour. That's ballsy.
  11. The final performance: