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  1. New Bruce music always feels like a punctuation in my life, a pause to let the new sound flow and grow around me. Like previous new records, in time this too will be associated with a mood and a feeling and a timeline for me. Hmmm. End of musing.
  2. A superb album, ranking among his best, no doubt. The live version for me also superior to the studio. Touring it was never a likely prospect, but I am sure we will hear some of these tracks live once he’s back on the road again. Makes me wonder just what he might be conjuring up in lockdown right now. There’s definitely more good material to come.
  3. Cover art has never been his strong point. It is striking how poor his album covers have been, especially in the second half of his career. For an artist who trades quite a bit on iconographic imagery, It’s a bit strange that so little thought and effort (I hope, considering the results) have gone into the album covers. Quite often, the interior images or even the back sides (excuse me) have been far superior to the covers.
  4. And don’t forget, you can’t wander more than 2 km away for a couple of weeks, so settle down in there in the sunny south east. Hope you have some beers and some tunes to see you through.
  5. Hi folks. It’s been a while since I visited here and posted, but I knew all the Lakers would be looking out for each other. Here’s hoping you are all safe and well, and we all get through this ok, with a bit of music and humour along the way.
  6. Is this the most specific thread ever? Not just discussing an album or even a song, but timed to an exact second on a single track!
  7. There is definitely a new ESB album and tour on the way, he has confirmed this a number of times. He has also stated that he has been at his most creative in a long time over the past few years - the book, Broadway, finishing and honing Western Stars and now this wonderful film. Far from slowing down, he remains busy with his art and I for one cannot wait for the next rocking chapter with the ESB followed no doubt by other new endeavours. Bring it on and whatever shape it takes, well, he hasn’t let me down yet.
  8. At the very start of the movie there is Bruce’s hand on the steering wheel, signifying for me the lone cowboy, the solitary man that populates so many of these songs. At the end, there’s the hand again, this time joined by another’s. Both beautifully weathered and aged, telling their own stories of lives lived. And the two hands together, for me, signifying, if we’re lucky, that we don’t and we can’t take this journey alone.
  9. Lighthouse cinema in Dublin, rammed full, about 200+. Loved it, brought the music alive. Stones was a surprise standout. Big screen, big sound. Perfect.
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