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  1. Warms my heart to see my wee town getting some love from visitors. Honored that we showed you (and Bruce) a good time!
  2. I enjoyed being amongst the older fans in the pit because it's just a joy to see them regress to adolescence when Bruce hits the stage. Time doesn't exist at an E Street gig. That and they don't take any shit from people bunking the queue or starting trouble! I do agree about people not clapping and singing. I get that some people just don't experience music that way but I just don't get guys standing with their arms folded chewing gum like they're watching a snooker match rather than...you know...the greatest live band on earth. I think if you don't want to participate it makes more sense to be in the GA area rather than the pit.
  3. Bruce wasn't very chatty in the main set. I put this down to coming on slightly late and wanting to crack on - there was no delay in coming back to the stage during the encore either. Didn't even feel like an encore. I'm happy enough for Bruce to get straight down to business like that. He was much more chatty during the pre-show. The mans love for music was written all over his face as he was trying to figure out 'In dreams'. It was like somebody handed him a guitar at a party. So cool and casual. I happen to like the acoustic version of Growin Up more so it was wonderful to hear it and really pleased the crowd. Maria's Bed had a swing and a groove to it thanks to that steady right hand and the fantastic low end Bruce gets out of his guitar. Highlights for me were the Nebraska songs. It's my favourite record just behind Darkness. Bruce was shredding away on the harmonica on Reason To Believe which was a sign request which seemed to take him off in that direction. A gasp went up when he turned the sign around and it read 'Nebraska'. It felt like nobody exhaled until Bruce had finished picking that last chord. Prove It All Night was a sign request and I was overjoyed when I heard Bruce yell '78'. That guitar tone was massive and dirty. Fade Away was just beautiful and full of soul. Cadillac ranch/Darlington county/bobby jean were just a perfect combo to keep us rocking after the rock n roll version of open all night and reprising this little light of mine near the end was great. I thought it interesting that we ended with an acoustic tune. Sending us off into the night with romantic dreams in our heads. Now...IM SO GLAD SOMEONE MENTIONED THE BULGE. I saw Bruce..ahem...adjust the positioning of his manhood several times. Safe to say Bruce sent me home feeling inadequate not just as a musician! But then again, Belfast were a beautiful crowd so maybe he was a little excited. Another thing to notice were Stevies Teeth. I'm certain you could see those babies from the back row and the dude didn't stop smiling all night much to the delight of everyone on his side of the stage! He's your man for a dirty messy solo alright. It was a gorgeous night and I feel like I've been dosed by enough E Street magic to last until the next tour. I must add this forum played a part in my enjoyment of the experience. Thanks to all who helped relay info on pit queues and other details! x
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