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  1. Luckier than you’d ever realise. Although I knew a little about Springsteen by 1975 — I regularly bought import copies of Rolling Stone magazine — nothing I’d read had persuaded me to buy the first two albums. My first real exposure to him was hearing BTR on UK radio in September 1975, the single was released to promote the October UK release of the album which was 3 months later than it’s US release. Loved the single, bought the album during it’s first week of UK release and that might have been the end of it but here’s where fate intervened. I moved to London in late October 1975 to take up
  2. That’s inflation for you, Hammersmith in 1975, tickets £2.20, £1.65, £1.10, worth every penny I’d say I should know, I was there for the extra show. My ticket stub, £1.65 plus the cost of a stamp for return postage, went west many years ago but I’ve still got the concert poster, the only merch on sale, as a souvenir of a night that had a massive impact on my life.
  3. Hi Marco, I suggest you repost this request to The Bootleg Collectors Corner thread on this forum, I’m sure some kind person there can help you out.
  4. Stormy Mondays have now released a live video of their take on Atlantic City,
  5. If you want this release as a stand alone download in CD quality, no strings attached at £3.49 for all 5 tracks, check out Qobuz https://www.qobuz.com/us-en/album/live-in-dublin-bonus-tracks-bruce-springsteen/n62xt4q5dqima
  6. After joining forces for a rendition of Thunder Road in 2018 Rob Brydon joined Martyn Joseph last night (Sunday) at The Half Moon in Putney (London) for two Bruce covers, One Step Up and Brilliant Disguise, Thanks to a fellow audience member for posting this clip.
  7. Actually the mansion pictured is in Finland, Helsinki to be precise, has historic music connections and is currently an occasional music venue though heaven only knows what the listing’s got to do with Bruce. The Aino Ackté Villa is a historic villa building in the Lullabalo district of Tullisaari in Helsinki , which today functions as a cultural property owned by the city. Originally known as Villa Lindfors , the villa is one of three villas designed by Theodor Deckerfor the re -growth of Commercial Counselor Henrik Borgström (two of them remain). The two-storey wooden villa built i
  8. As far as I’m aware the “remix” version replaced the original which is no longer available. If you click on the show on the Nugs site and look at the recording details you’ll see that the “mixed” date is now June 2019. If you get out a magnifying glass(!) and look at the thumbnail for the artwork, the top line giving show details states “remix”. Hope that helps. ps with regards to paying again, I agree.
  9. Downloads have always been 50% prior to this year whilst CDs remain at 25%. This years holiday sale is certainly not as attractive as previous years since it effectively only covers the archive series up to 2013 with the 2014 to current tour sets excluded. In fact in 2016 the holiday discount even applied to the pre-order offer for the Jan/Feb Oz/NZ 2017 shows. I certainly won’t be tempted as much as I might have been.
  10. I think you’ll find that the only contemporary recording of all eight BTR tracks being played live is from East Lansing on 4th April 1976. This show’s certainly been bootlegged to CD and no doubt is available as a download through the Bootleg Collectors thread. NIGHT / TENTH AVENUE FREEZE-OUT / SPIRIT IN THE NIGHT / IT'S MY LIFE / THUNDER ROAD / SHE'S THE ONE / BORN TO RUN / FRANKIE / MEETING ACROSS THE RIVER / BACKSTREETS / GROWIN' UP / IT'S HARD TO BE A SAINT IN THE CITY / JUNGLELAND / ROSALITA (COME OUT TONIGHT) / RAISE YOUR HAND / 4TH OF JULY, ASBURY PARK (SANDY) / DETROIT MEDLEY / Q
  11. I think you’re right. It’ll get the single night showing in the big chain cinemas, Odeon/Vue, on October 28th and that’ll be it but the independent cinema chains might do some repeat showings depending on the initial uptake. The Prince Charles independent cinema in London’s West End has two showings on October 28th, 1545 and 1815, and probably would screen it again if it believes there’s demand. If my local big chain cinema, Vue in The Westfield shopping mall in East London, is anything to go by, 15 seats sold out of 270 as of today, won’t justify a re-run there.
  12. My local Vue cinema, Stratford Westfield on The Olympic Park site in East London, prices all general release films at £6.99, £4.99 on Mondays, but prices for one off showings are generally much higher, for Western Stars £17. This might explain at present in the 270 seat room that’s being used for Western Stars they’ve only sold 14 tickets. I’m booked to see Western Stars in The Prince Charles Cinema in central London, just off Leicester Square, which is priced at £12.50 reduced to £10 for members. The Prince Charles is an independent cinema and unlike most other venues showing Western Stars ha
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