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  1. Here’s a map of Turkey The only bit of Turkey in Europe is the bit in the top left hand corner where Istanbul is situated. The rest is in Asia and makes up the major part of Asia Minor which also historically includes parts of the western highlands of Armenia.
  2. Daisey, geographic perspective is quite interesting. Much as you perceive Asia as your Pacific neighbours, many people in Europe, Western Europe in particular, often think of Turkey from a European perspective when in fact only 3% of Turkey’s land mass is in Europe, the rest being in Asia (or more specifically Asia Minor but that’s another story).
  3. “the same guy” is actually an Asian woman, Gurinder Chadha, who’s a big Bruce fan.
  4. That’s right. In a semi serious way it also highlights how inspiration, in this case music into a young person’s life, can be life changing. I can understand how some people find some aspects of the movie somewhat cringeworthy but I do struggle with being quite so precious over the use of songs/lyrics at particular points in the movie, Thunder Road/Badlands being specific examples quoted in recent posts. It’s worth remembering that the script/storyboard for the movie was approved by Bruce without alteration and that after viewing the director’s cut of the finished movie, he gave Gurinder Chadha a hug and a kiss, and then thanked her for “handling him so sensitively”. If Bruce was happy with the use of his songs in the way they were then that’s good enough for me.
  5. The director, Gurinder Chadha made a personal appearance at tonight’s BBTL Birthday showing in London, introduced the film and then got the audience to send a birthday message to the boy himself, https://mobile.twitter.com/GurinderC/status/1176266900692750337?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet
  6. It is! check out a recent review Time Out says The legendary Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square is central London’s wild-card cinema. Its two screens offer a fantastic blend of new-ish blockbusters, independent and arthouse titles with horror, sci-fi and teen-flick all-nighters, double bills and short seasons. The basic premise of the cinema is, ‘If they can screen it, they will’. Akira Kurosawa seasons run alongside strands celebrating the performances of Greta Gerwig and Richard Pryor; epic 70mm presentations of ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ run take place in one screen while people aca-alonged to ‘Pitch Perfect’ in the other, and if you’ve ever fancied watching every ‘Harry Potter’ films back-to-back in one 22-hour sitting, yep, they do that too. It’s comfy, cheap and very cheerful, and the programming is as good as it gets. Voted 'best for fun' in Time Out's cinema awards, it’s also Quentin Tarantino and Paul Thomas Anderson’s favourite UK cinema. In my time going there I’ve seen films as diverse as Dr Strangelove from 60’s, a double bill of both Bladerunner movies back to back and a sing-a-long night of Bruce promo videos.
  7. Daisey, personally I struggle to see Western Stars getting anything like a full general release in the UK. The Prince Charles in London is a great cinema for film buffs as it specialises in single showings/short runs of both recent release and classic movies and leaves long run current releases to the big chain cinemas. For instance, when Blinded By The Light was on general release recently it didn’t show at The Prince Charles but now that BBTL has disappeared from general release it’s got a one off single showing on Monday next (Sept 23rd) to coincide with Bruce’s 70th birthday. Another example was The Netflix “only” Rolling Thunder Revue film directed by Martin Scorsese which had a number of showings at The Prince Charles, the only cinematic release of that film in the UK as far as I’m aware. I suspect Western Stars, if it makes it to the big chain cinemas, will only get very limited showings so if UK fans want to see it they’ll have to grab the opportunity when it arises, repeat showings will very much depend on initial audience demand.
  8. The Prince Charles Cinema, just off Leicester Square, have confirmed two showings of Western Stars at 1545 and 1815 respectively on Monday October 28th 2019, general admission tickets now on sale. https://princecharlescinema.com/PrinceCharlesCinema.dll/WhatsOn?f=13907147&utm_source=email20sepWESTERNSTARS&utm_medium=email
  9. jmw, the Prince Charles is a normal cinema which specialises in one-off showings of a wide ranges of current and vintage films. There is a membership scheme but it’s not mandatory and the only benefit is a small discount on tickets which works very well if you go to a lot of movies. Like most cinemas nowadays you can book on line in advance but you can also just turn up and pay on the day. BBTL is showing in the downstairs cinema which is pretty large and I’d be gob smacked if it sold out in advance. Looks like the stars are aligned in you favour.
  10. jmw, get yourself to the West End on Monday September 23rd, something of an auspicious date don’t you think, as there’s a one off showing at the Prince Charles cinema just off Leicester Square in celebration of the great man’s 70th birthday, https://princecharlescinema.com/PrinceCharlesCinema.dll/WhatsOn?q=Blinded+by+the+light I’m going, it’ll be my third viewing though the first time I’ve actually paid as I managed to get free preview tickets twice.
  11. Sarfraz Manzoor will be appearing at The Leicester Square Theatre in London for 3 nights in March 2020, 19th/20th/21st, telling his true story as fictionalised in Blinded By The Light, tickets are now on sale. https://leicestersquaretheatre.ticketsolve.com/shows/873608156
  12. Although there are no details of the UK general release schedule for the Western Stars movie, it’s got single showings at the BFI (British Film Institute) Film Festival on 11th/12th/13th of October in central London. Tickets go on sale to BFI members this Thursday, 5th September, with open sale of any remaining tickets the following Thursday, 12th September. Here’s further details for those of you who might be interested, https://whatson.bfi.org.uk/lff/Online/default.asp?BOparam::WScontent::loadArticle::permalink=westernstars
  13. You’re right that HMV shops did act as ticket agents for gigs around that time and in London sold tickets for some of the larger indoor venues right up to Wembley Arena. However, I’m pretty certain they didn’t act as ticket agents for the 1988 TOL shows. I was living in London then as I still do and had to make a postal application for the Wembley show alluded to in Blinded By The Light.with no over the counter sales available. It was the same for the other show TOL I attended in the UK, the second night in Sheffield, postal application only. In fact that ticket application became a bit of a nightmare. I was pretty sure I’d scored a ticket once the cheque was cashed but ticket dispatch wasn’t undertaken until quite close to showtime and finished up coinciding with a local postal strike in my area. On the off chance I rang the offices of Sheffield United to find out what the situation would be if my ticket didn’t arrive and what to do if the worst happened. To my surprise the lady on the end of the line told me that the football club were handling ticket dispatch and that the tickets were due to go out the following day. Without prompting she offered to find my self addressed envelope containing my ticket and readdress it for me. I gave her my business address which wasn’t affected by the strike and low and behold two days later my ticket arrived safe and sound. Now that’s what I call customer service.
  14. Interesting, that’s certainly not the case in London and the south east where there are posters plastered all over the transport system, on the sides of buses, on the underground and overground railway systems (and I don’t just mean in central London, I’ve seen posters at both High Wycombe and Sidcup stations in the last 10days). There have also been ads in the Evening Standard, London’s free high circulation evening newspaper and it’s a full page advert on the back of the Radio Times, another high circulation publication, no doubt other press sources also. I do agree with another poster that a school holiday release probably isn’t the best time for it to come out, certainly in my smallish local multiplex, it’s got far less showings than the kids movies that are the main summer fodder.
  15. I don’t get it either but I’m not complaining! This may be completely wrong but I wonder if the multiplex chains use single night free previews to gauge audience interest before general release which allows them to put the movie in the right sized auditorium when the film goes live — this Friday in the U.K. The multiplex I saw Blinded in last night has 20 screens with capacities of varying sizes, they used one of the larger auditoriums last night.
  16. Johnstown, glad my posting worked for you and that you enjoyed the film. I’ve managed to see it twice, once courtesy of the Badlands showing in a small, 100 seat, private cinema with an obviously fully committed Bruce audience and tonight in Stratford Westfield Vue where I’m pretty sure Bruce fans were in a very small minority if the number left at the end of the credits was indicative. My verdict? I loved it the first time round and LOVED it the second run through. It’s not a great movie, it won’t win a shedload of Oscars, but you’d have to be pretty curmudgeonly not to come out with a smile on your face, Bruce fan or otherwise. OK, it’s a bit cheesy in places but the choice and use of songs works very well with the narrative and I thought the visual use of the lyrics — on some songs they flash up on screen to emphasise the message — was pretty powerful. Yes, both BTR and Thunder Road were wonderful, Rob Brydon giving a good account of himself on the latter though it’s not the first time he’s warmed up his pipes with that song, a performance I was lucky to witness myself though the video’s not mine. All I can say is go and watch this movie, you’ll come out feeling better than you went in. Just one more thing. At the Badlands private showing we had an unexpected, unplanned pre showing surprise guest appearance by the film’s director Gurinder Chadha. The small private cinema used was in a plush central London hotel and by pure coincidence Gurinder Chadha was staying there after a days worth of media interviews, trying to wind down before a Q&A session at a more mainstream central London cinema preview showing that evening. She only found out that her film was showing downstairs accidentally a short time before the film started, so she came down whilst on her way to having a massage, dressed in a bathrobe to thanks us for our support. She was very appreciative of our interest and gave us first hand the story of how she approached Bruce to use Clarence’s solo from Jungleland during the National Front march scene. All in all a nice bonus to what was already an excellent evening.
  17. Glad it worked out for you. Not sure the ticket take up will reflect the number of Bruce fans present though I know of two going to the Wimbledon showing. I’ve been to the preview showing in Stratford Westfield Vue tonight and I think Bruce fans were in a very small minority with most people taking in a free movie opportunity for a film that’s had a reasonable amount of positive publicity. Whatever, hope you enjoy the film, I’m sure you will. I’ll bump this back up the list just in case anyone else fancies giving it a go for tomorrow (Tuesday)
  18. These two dates are the only ones I’ve come across and my gut feeling is that as the film goes on general release on Friday there won’t be any more free preview dates, sorry. All I can say is just go and see the film, I’ve managed to see it twice on preview dates and loved it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a great movie, it won’t win any Oscars, but I’ll guarantee you’ll come out with a smile on your face.
  19. Chevy, thanks for the kind reply and even more thanks to Born To Rock and JaHoe for reposting so quickly, you guys are AWESOME!
  20. Same request as above, if there’s a chance could you repost. Thanks
  21. Hi chevy, I’m a taker rather than a giver on this site — you guys are way out of my league although I did contribute a little in the early days — but I’ve been away on holiday and missed out on the above. Any chance of reposting? No rush, in your own time. Many thanks
  22. Here’s another set of deals including some cinemas not covered previously in my post for Monday August 5th. This showing is on the following day, Tuesday 6th August, same link https://www.weticketit.com/seeitfirst/booking/event/public/ different code, AT34PM Again, good hunting