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  1. 1 hour ago, gus said:


    Luckier than you’d ever realise. Although I knew a little about Springsteen by 1975 — I regularly bought import copies of Rolling Stone magazine — nothing I’d read had persuaded me to buy the first two albums. My first real exposure to him was hearing BTR on UK radio in September 1975, the single was released to promote the October UK release of the album which was 3 months later than it’s US release. Loved the single, bought the album during it’s first week of UK release and that might have been the end of it but here’s where fate intervened. I moved to London in late October 1975 to take up my first job after university and only realised then that Bruce was playing in London the following month but the show was sold out. Fortunately the extra date was then added, I scored a ticket and the rest is history, right place, right time, right show.

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  2. 5 hours ago, robk1 said:

    I had reason to dig out my concert ticket stubs from 1981... Manchester and Birmingham and spotted the prices...£5 !

    I'd love to know the prices of some of the old old US concerts...as well as more recent tours.

    That’s inflation for you, Hammersmith in 1975, tickets £2.20, £1.65, £1.10, worth every penny I’d say


    I should know, I was there for the extra show. My ticket stub, £1.65 plus the cost of a stamp for return postage, went west many years ago but I’ve still got the concert poster, the only merch on sale, as a souvenir of a night that had a massive impact on my life.

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  3. 3 hours ago, sballa73@yahoo.it said:

    Hi folks,

    is there anybody who can webtransfer  "rome dream night 2009 cc) and "Our love is real " Milano 2013 ? i lost my copies on the last moving house . :wacko:


    thanks everybody! 


    Hi Marco,

    I suggest you repost this request to The Bootleg Collectors Corner thread on this forum, I’m sure some kind person there can help you out.

  4. 53 minutes ago, Lampi said:

    Is this the Mansion On The Hill, or the bourgeois house in the Hollywood Hills?

    (Sorry. These are the sort of posts at 00.45. A.M. when you are bored and are supposed to do something else).

    Actually the mansion pictured is in Finland, Helsinki to be precise, has historic music connections and is currently an occasional music venue though heaven only knows what the listing’s got to do with Bruce.

    The Aino Ackté Villa is a historic villa building in the Lullabalo district of Tullisaari in Helsinki , which today functions as a cultural property owned by the city.

    Originally known as Villa Lindfors , the villa is one of three villas designed by Theodor Deckerfor the re -growth of Commercial Counselor Henrik Borgström (two of them remain). The two-storey wooden villa built in 1877 and built in a decorative Neo-Renaissance style is located in Tullisaarenpuisto Park. It uses a vertical log structure. The villa was purchased by the world-famous Finnish soprano Aino Ackté in 1904 and used until his death in 1944. The city acquired it in 1929 and restored it in its original form between 1986 and 1987.

    The villa is rented from May to the end of October for small concerts and cultural events, meetings, seminars and private events, as well as for music training and teaching purposes.

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  5. 1 hour ago, chevy396 said:

    So... I'm looking for the 1980-12-31 - Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY (REMIX) version.

    (I've got the "crappy"  version already).

    How do I find the "REMIX" version on Nugster's page ??? (And by the way, why the  #%¤& do I have to pay for a replacement of a recording I already paid for??)

    As far as I’m aware the “remix” version replaced the original which is no longer available. If you click on the show on the Nugs site and look at the recording details you’ll see that the “mixed” date is now June 2019. If you get out a magnifying glass(!) and look at the thumbnail for the artwork, the top line giving show details states “remix”.

    Hope that helps.

    ps with regards to paying again, I agree.

  6. 55 minutes ago, Early North Jersey said:

    Weren't the Downloads 50 % off some years ? :(

    Downloads have always been 50% prior to this year whilst CDs remain at 25%.

    This years holiday sale is certainly not as attractive as previous years since it effectively only covers the archive series up to 2013 with the 2014 to current tour sets excluded. In fact in 2016 the holiday discount even applied to the pre-order offer for the Jan/Feb Oz/NZ 2017 shows.

    I certainly won’t be tempted as much as I might have been.

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  7. 36 minutes ago, Paolo's Circus Story said:

    I'm trying to get my head around the fact that today I've got 179 official Springsteen live releases whereas in early 2014 I had - and was thrilled with having - 7. That Ron Burgundy "escalated quickly" meme has never been more accurate about anything else than it currently is the Bruce Springsteen's live releases. 

    I've gotta check if there was a show in 1975 where all eight BTR tracks were played, and then find a recording to see if it's better than this Western Stars live album :lol:

    I think you’ll find that the only contemporary recording of all eight BTR tracks being played live is from East Lansing on 4th April 1976.  This show’s certainly been bootlegged to CD and no doubt is available as a download through the Bootleg Collectors thread.


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  8. 5 hours ago, jukeblue said:

    Heads up West Midlands folks

    Walsall Light Cinema currently have screenings on

    Monday 28th Oct 8pm

    Tuesday 29th Oct 8pm

    Monday 4th Nov 8pm

    Here's hoping the film has a bit more of a run more widely.

    Fairly sure it'll pop up at some of the smaller chains down the line too like the Mac, Mockingbird or Electric cinema

    I think you’re right. It’ll get the single night showing in the big chain cinemas, Odeon/Vue, on October 28th and that’ll be it but the independent cinema chains might do some repeat showings depending on the initial uptake. The Prince Charles independent cinema in London’s West End has two showings on October 28th, 1545 and 1815, and probably would screen it again if it believes there’s demand. If my local big chain cinema, Vue in The Westfield shopping mall in East London, is anything to go by, 15 seats sold out of 270 as of today, won’t justify a re-run there.

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  9. 1 hour ago, whispered secret said:

    I go to the cinema a lot and prices vary greatly. Our local Picturehouse (which is closing in January:() has afternoon weekday tickets for £5 for members, rising to £10 for evening weekends. The more expensive Everyman, which is really comfy is between £11 and £14.50. To see this film we have to go into Birmingham, as it is not showing in Stratford and I think the tickets are £12.50.

    The Vue in Leeds has all tickets for all films at £5, which is very good value. I only know this because I went with my sister to see Yesterday and was surprised at how cheap it was.

    My local Vue cinema, Stratford Westfield on The Olympic Park site in East London, prices all general release films at £6.99, £4.99 on Mondays, but prices for one off showings are generally much higher, for Western Stars £17. This might explain at present in the 270 seat room that’s being used for Western Stars they’ve only sold 14 tickets. I’m booked to see Western Stars in The Prince Charles Cinema in central London, just off Leicester Square, which is priced at £12.50 reduced to £10 for members. The Prince Charles is an independent cinema and unlike most other venues showing Western Stars has two showings on Oct 28th rather than just one.

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  10. 22 minutes ago, Daisey Jeep said:

    OMG there is an Asia minor ?

    yes ive seen a few travel programs and docos on Turkey  - it looks a fascinating place -  i think if them as Euro also

    Here’s a map of Turkey


    The only bit of Turkey in Europe is the bit in the top left hand corner where Istanbul is situated. The rest is in Asia and makes up the major part of Asia Minor which also historically includes parts of the western highlands of Armenia.

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  11. 11 hours ago, Daisey Jeep said:

    now im finding out the middle east is Asia ?

    i successful located all cricket playing nations, countries associated with the Vietnam war, the Koreas, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and some others

    i think if the format was different - like a whole list at the start i could do better ;)

    i did not even attempt those countries i assumed must have been hidden behind the iron curtain as part of the USSR when i was at school

    but that was pretty hard

    but ive worked something out

    maybe we look at Asia like a region rather than a continent, maybe we primary  think of Asia as our Pacific neighbours??

    Daisey, geographic perspective is quite interesting. Much as you perceive Asia as your Pacific neighbours, many people in Europe, Western Europe in particular, often think of Turkey from a European perspective when in fact only 3% of Turkey’s land mass is in Europe, the rest being in Asia (or more specifically Asia Minor but that’s another story).

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  12. 11 hours ago, whispered secret said:

    Exactly! The whole film is not meant to be taken too seriously. It is mostly a feel good, coming of age film which also depicts life in a pretty boring town in the 80's and the casual, unthinking racism of that time. Something I had thought was in our past, but now I ain't so sure.

    That’s right. In a semi serious way it also highlights how inspiration, in this case music into a young person’s life, can be life changing. I can understand how some people find some aspects of the movie somewhat cringeworthy but I do struggle with being quite so precious over the use of songs/lyrics at particular points in the movie, Thunder Road/Badlands being specific examples quoted in recent posts. It’s worth remembering that the script/storyboard for the movie was approved by Bruce without alteration and that after viewing the director’s cut of the finished movie, he gave Gurinder Chadha a hug and a kiss, and then thanked her for “handling him so sensitively”. If Bruce was happy with the use of his songs in the way they were then that’s good enough for me.

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  13. 4 hours ago, whispered secret said:

    Looks as if we are going to have to seek it out. I might go to the Prince Charles theatre in London as it sounds like an interesting venue.

    It is!

    check out a recent review

    Time Out says

    The legendary Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square is central London’s wild-card cinema. Its two screens offer a fantastic blend of new-ish blockbusters, independent and arthouse titles with horror, sci-fi and teen-flick all-nighters, double bills and short seasons. The basic premise of the cinema is, ‘If they can screen it, they will’. Akira Kurosawa seasons run alongside strands celebrating the performances of Greta Gerwig and Richard Pryor; epic 70mm presentations of ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ run take place in one screen while people aca-alonged to ‘Pitch Perfect’ in the other, and if you’ve ever fancied watching every ‘Harry Potter’ films back-to-back in one 22-hour sitting, yep, they do that too.

    It’s comfy, cheap and very cheerful, and the programming is as good as it gets. Voted 'best for fun' in Time Out's cinema awards, it’s also Quentin Tarantino and Paul Thomas Anderson’s favourite UK cinema.

    In my time going there I’ve seen films as diverse as Dr Strangelove from 60’s, a double bill of both Bladerunner movies back to back and a sing-a-long night of Bruce promo videos. 

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  14. 4 minutes ago, Rizla said:

    I don't see any reason to lose respect over this.  It's a film that will be of interest to a very small number of people, so it's not going to have multiple showings for a week in the main cinemas.  More likely just a day, possibly (but not necessarily) independent and arthouse cinemas.  We will just have to seek it out.

    Not that long ago there was a documentary film about Grace Jones called 'Bloodlight and Bami'.  Grace pushed this on her facebook and twitter, so I know it was shown in my nearest Vues, but only a single screening in each.  (It did eventually turn up on TV.)  I expect Western Stars to be a similar case.

    Agree 100%.

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  15. 2 hours ago, Daisey Jeep said:

    only 2 screenings :(

    Daisey, personally I struggle to see Western Stars getting anything like a full general release in the UK. The Prince Charles in London is a great cinema for film buffs as it specialises in single showings/short runs of both recent release and classic movies and leaves long run current releases to the big chain cinemas. For instance, when Blinded By The Light was on general release recently it didn’t show at The Prince Charles but now that BBTL has disappeared from general release it’s got a one off single showing on Monday next (Sept 23rd) to coincide with Bruce’s 70th birthday. Another example was The Netflix “only” Rolling Thunder Revue film directed by Martin Scorsese which had a number of showings at The Prince Charles, the only cinematic release of that film in the UK as far as I’m aware.  I suspect Western Stars, if it makes it to the big chain cinemas, will only get very limited showings so if UK fans want to see it they’ll have to grab the opportunity when it arises, repeat showings will very much depend on initial audience demand.

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  16. 9 hours ago, janeymarywendy said:

    Hmm, sounds like a plan. I hope you can just turn up and buy a ticket? None of this ordering in advance or becoming a member mullarkey?

    jmw, the Prince Charles is a normal cinema which specialises in one-off showings of a wide ranges of current and vintage films. There is a membership scheme but it’s not mandatory and the only benefit is a small discount on tickets which works very well if you go to a lot of movies. Like most cinemas nowadays you can book on line in advance but you can also just turn up and pay on the day. BBTL is showing in the downstairs cinema which is pretty large and I’d be gob smacked if it sold out in advance. Looks like the stars are aligned in you favour.

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