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  1. The E Street Band loves ya. And we love the E Street Band.
  2. Just to get the mood going for the tour. I love watching this. Reminds me of being there going through it all. As so many will be very, very soon.
  3. This, a lot. Its cheaper than therapy and has the same effect Tough times made easier
  4. So this has been played for me the last few days. Five or six times in a row walking the dogs tonight. I just find it amazing. An emotional rollercoaster of a song. A masterpiece. And it clearly means a lot to Bruce. Isn't it funny how one of the lines is don't cry over and over; hmmmmm, I tried, but I cried. Also I do enjoy this thread Paolo.
  5. Prove It Largo now. 78 marathon. Racing next Bruce therapy.
  6. How about some acoustic Born To Run to finish a great Christmas Day.....
  7. 57 channels and nothing on promo Cd. First of my collection!
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