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  1. what the 19th most played song that Bruce has played live , or virtually any day or layed awake wondering what the 5th most played song is , well wonder no more apologies if this has been posted before
  2. they did Badlands in 2018 , and no surrender in 2017 , personally i didn't think Glory Days worked as well as the previous years ,
  3. For fans in the UK planning to buy any of the re-issues on vinyl a quick check shows that Devils and Dust and 18 tracks are showing up in Amazon uk at £26.59 each but Amazon France after conversion at £16.85 each normally Amazon delivery from Europe to uk is fast ( just bought from Germany delivery 2 days ) but as it will be after Jan 31st just beware
  4. thats all well and good ... but swanning around bars will not get the album recorded and mixed
  5. If i had spent $200 on one vinyl release I'm sure i would know where i had put it