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  1. hampden park and kilmarnock would still be needed for football until at least the middle of may ( is kilmarnock big enough or am i being whoosed !) TRNSMT/Glasgow Green is interesting though
  2. Not a rugby fan so not up to speed on the use of Rugby stadiums around europe , but a quick look tells me Twickenham is needed on 18th June and as Rugby in Europe is not as big as it is in UK /France / or Italy and so outside of those locations the stadiums might not be as big as for football , perhaps someone could add to the possibility of rugby stadiums being used
  3. where else in Europe could Bruce play that are outside and large enough between late April and the end of May , because if the reports are true then he wont be coming over just for two dates in Dublin
  4. as much as I want to believe it , the date is wrong ... though that could be just to put people off
  5. Same in the UK .. i attended a festival in July and have been to several football games since the season started , no masks , no restrictions , no checks , at the moment i would suspect the main barrier is moving from one country to another and the fact that could change almost overnight , which it has done , until their is some certainly over that i can't see a tour being announced yet
  6. that link is for Ely ... which is only a couple of hours from where i live
  7. in theory thats right but with interest rates at a all time low that will not be much , and they do have outlays even if its deposit on the venue and third party equipment needed , pre pandemic they would have insurance policies in place to cover those costs , but 2022 any insurance to cover Covid cancellation will cost an arm and a leg , unless under written by government
  8. and dates in Europe .. so logistically no reason Bruce shouldn't tour ... ticket prices for Switzerland £101 , might be an indication what Bruce may charge , UK tickets go on sale tomorrow
  9. I have the book by Brian Hiatt " Bruce Springsteen , The Stories behind the songs" and have enjoyed it , but i see there is a similar book Bruce Springsteen "All the Songs: The Story Behind Every Track" by Philippe Margotin and Jean-Michel Guesdon my question is , are the books very similar in content , do they tell the same story but just in a different way , or does one tell the story from a different angle , if i have one would buying the other add nothing to what the other one tells me or would it compliment the other , or is one vastly superior to the other Thanks for any replies
  10. you are quite right the covid virus will not disappear on June 20th , it actually will never disappear , we will have live with it just as we have to live with every other virus that has the ability to kill us , that is why they have developed a vaccine to help us live with it , will people still get it yes , will people still die from it yes , but the numbers will be low enough for us to return to pre covid social activities like large sporting events (euro 2020) and Bruce springsteen gigs , if you are going to wait till it disappears completely you have long wait
  11. reading through this thread about whether a tour will happen in 2022 and social distancing at concerts and vaccinations , and people not sure if they will go through concern over Covid , now i can't comment on the rest of the world but no one from the UK has mentioned that currently planned on June 21st all covid restrictions will be removed , that means you can travel where you want (in the uk) , go to the pub ,with as many people as you want , gather in large or very large groups , basically we can return to pre-covid behaviour , so why ,at least in the UK ,will we not have large festivals and concerts at places at Hyde Park , wembley Stadium or a dozen other venues , and would assume that Europe and Australia and even the USA will have vaccinated enough people to protect society in general and return to pre-covid social behaviour , so i think a 2022 tour is very much on the cards , it may start in Australia/New Zealand , but i think and expect it to happen
  12. "And Sandy the Aurora is risin' behind us Its PIER lights our carnival life forever" Every time i hear this song i hear BEER lights , dam it i even sing BEER lights ,
  13. did anybody pick up up on what Bruce said when talking about Janey needs a shooter (34m50s) working on a lot of stuff in the vault to put out at sometime , Tracks 2 , Electric Nebraska
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