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  1. Bruce & the band at their bombastic best. Managed to catch all the U.K. shows having previously only seen 2 River shows. This tour cemented my life long love for the mans music & that incredible band. A tear running down my face listening to the sax solo in Trapped. amazing memories.
  2. My Lucky Day in London was something different
  3. The San Siro & the Ullevi IMHO are best places to Bruce & the band. Have been fortunate enough to see them in most of the hot spots. San Siro just comes out on top for me
  4. Not exactly a bathroom break, but Giants Stadium 31/08/03 thought I had the timing right from the 2 previous shows, so was finishing a beer & walking under the concourse to my seat when he launched into Cynthia, I thought someone was playing a practical joke on me
  5. Never liked it on the album or live in 92, but listening to the latest Nugs release, it has grown on me. Don’t think I had listened to it in 20 years or more.
  6. Chased Incident for 108 shows before I finally got it in the beautiful city of Glasgow. Just chasing County Fair & the 84 version of Open All Night
  7. Enjoying this release, I know the other band gets lots of stick, who wouldn’t when compared to the mighty E Street Band, but the songs off LT/HT are really strong on here & makes me realise how underrated these two albums are. Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised as these songs were written IMHO by the greatest songwriter/performer on the planet.
  8. Love both, Broadway made me cry. But the high of an ESB is difficult to beat
  9. Last show, final night on Broadway, last ESB show Brisbane night 2, 2017. Miss him & that incredible band
  10. Tempe, no contest, if only it was a complete show. Bruce & the band at the top of their game.
  11. Devils & Dust, just jaw dropping, that’s why he is the best on the planet
  12. Opening night Stadio San Siro, in the pit, doesn’t get anymore exciting than that.!!
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