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  1. Another good boot bites the dust.! Great show i was lucky Enough to be there both nights, Gothenburg has to be one of the top venues to see Bruce, those Scandinavians do love their Bossman
  2. Any 84 show with the mini Nebraska set
  3. Brighton 27th May 81 would do for me, my first of 188 shows, I was 20 years old, where did all that time go. God bless you Bossman
  4. Loved the way Clarence celebrated after the whistling as if he had just scored the winning goal in a World Cup final
  5. Think they should release a box set of the whole Of summer 81, now that was a band on top of its game
  6. I was lucky to see the 3 shows at Wembley, I felt the 4th just shaded it personally, but Roundhay Park the next day wasn’t too shabby either
  7. I love James Young & the immortal Ones, even got a T Shirt made up.!!
  8. That’s a shame if we never get the VETS show or anything else from summer 81. The performance of Ballad of Easy Rider is just breathtakingly beautiful, has moved me to tears on a number of occasions
  9. Nassau, what a run of shows, Bruce & the band at their peak IMHO