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  1. Another tour for me, no question. However I have a nagging feeling deep inside that he may no longer be able to deliver. Hope I'm wrong. I intend to give him the benefit of the doubt.
  2. I really like this song and a great choice for the occasion delivered with respect and dignity. However I fear that the upcoming tour, if it ever happens, is going to show us a very different Bruce.
  3. My prediction is an OZ/NZ bubble tour to test the feasability of touring in Covid times. Allowing for reduced capacity and with some additional Winery dates thrown in to make the trip extra worthwhile I reckon a 30 gig mini tour is possible. Any thoughts?
  4. I know people enjoy their moment of fame dancing with Bruce or Gary or whoever. But my heart sinks when this segment starts knowing it will drag on for 10 minutes or longer. I don't feel that way about the other ever present songs. I guess I go to the concert to watch and listen to Bruce and the band not random members of the audience. Just my opinion.
  5. The interminable Dancing in the Dark every bloody time. I know it's a casual fan favourite but it wastes valuable stage time when Bruce could be singing at least 2 rarities. I'd be happy if I never heard it again (live anyway).
  6. I was lucky enough to see Michael being interviewed at the Woodford Folk Festival in 2019. I remember him coming across as a bit of a larrikin with a wealth of stories from decades in the music business. I recollect him talking about Bruce with considerable affection. I don't believe Bruce would ever have returned to Australia without Michael's intervention. Thanks Michael for my last 18 Bruce concerts and many others. RIP.
  7. Dancing in the Dark should be omitted from all future set lists. The Aussie leg of The River tour was a total yawn fest compared to the High Hopes and Wrecking Ball tours. High Hopes is not a bad album. I like This is your Sword. I'd swap Steve for Tommy any day of the week. Based on the last tour Bruce should take the horns and backing singers on his next outing to bring more life to the performance.
  8. Brisbane pit line currently at 93. Last roll call tonight 19:00.
  9. Were there bogans? Any place that shows women's MMA must be a bogan hang out.
  10. Does anyone have information on the Melbourne pit line? What time are the roll calls? I'm still a couple hundred Ks from Melbourne. Thanks.
  11. You can't play soccer with a Koala, or at any rate it's a lot more difficult! Sorry that was very un PC and I would never do it.
  12. Once you've seen the dinky di Aussie bogan in action you'll understand the need for this. It's not pretty. Not everyone wants to sit next to foul mouthed, beer swilling louts.
  13. That is a true blue Aussie fur seal, we also have the Kiwi kind. Apparently it is quite difficult for the layman to tell them apart Aussie ones tend to be bigger and darker coloured. Either way I wouldn't want it on my car.
  14. Me too, I only join the tour in Adelaide, perhaps we could arrange something at each stop so that the locals can meet the touring party.
  15. $99 seated tickets available now Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland. Frontier touring sale. No cheap GA at present,
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