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  1. Dancing in the Dark should be omitted from all future set lists. The Aussie leg of The River tour was a total yawn fest compared to the High Hopes and Wrecking Ball tours. High Hopes is not a bad album. I like This is your Sword. I'd swap Steve for Tommy any day of the week. Based on the last tour Bruce should take the horns and backing singers on his next outing to bring more life to the performance.
  2. That is brilliant, I look forward to reading more of your work.
  3. I am so sorry to hear this, please pass on my best wishes.
  4. Thanks so much for documenting your travels for us Rachel, it has really brought the Jersey Shore and it's landmarks to life for me. This is the thread I have most looked forward to reading the last few days. You know, it's funny, when I first started listening to Bruce back before the Internet made the world a smaller place I'd always imagined the songs unfolding against a background of Harlem style brownstone tenements. I just assumed that is the environment that Bruce grew up in. I still struggle to visualise some of those songs set in leafy suburbs in towns that look more like Blackpool! Safe trip home and I look forward to your next visit.
  5. I only got to see Tom once, back in 1977 playing at Lancaster University. I guess it must have been his first European tour. The band was in the support slot and blew the headliner one Nils Lofgren off the stage! i always hoped I'd see the band again, but it was not to be. RIP Tom thanks for a lifetime of great music.
  6. Show day! Have a great time all you lucky Lakers. Daisey, I hope all your dreams come true.
  7. I wonder if it was the guy that was "invited" backstage by Bruce's security!
  8. Brisbane pit line currently at 93. Last roll call tonight 19:00.
  9. Hey Daisey do you get our channel 9 in NZ? Bruce in his own words is on tonight just after 23:00 our time.
  10. For sure, coffee or even better port wine can be sucked through a Tim Tam, quite disgusting really.
  11. It's been many years since I ate a Penguin but if my memory is correct they are very similar.
  12. Looks like a fun festival type set list. I'm guessing no strings tonight? Wish I was there but the choice was HR or the 1st Brisbane gig. Just totalling up the distance covered, I've driven 5200kms in the last 17 days with another 1800 to come for the return to Hunter Valley. I'd do it again in a heartbeat, Apart from the concerts, I've met so many terrific people from around the world.
  13. You have my sympathy, the only good think about missing Hanging Rock is that it's one less time I have to endure Diesel and Jet. I actually quite like Jet on record but live they suck big time, go figure. For those interested I have just completed a recce of Boondall in Brisbane, no sign of a pit line at present. i hope it's a great show, enjoy yourselves and do some Brucing on my behalf.
  14. Were there bogans? Any place that shows women's MMA must be a bogan hang out.