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  1. These days I'm the complete opposite, but I do love playing a studio after going so long without. A few years back I never would've thought the Born to Run album would sound as fresh to me as it once did, but now every song sounds so special again. I don't think I've listened to it since August, and I'll probably not play it again until this summer, likewise with every other album - Western Stars excluded.
  2. Oh, sorry if I came across as a dick with that comment. Wasn't my intention.
  3. Thought it went without saying, that's why I mentioned the wrestler names in "I'm a Coward" instead
  4. "I'm a Coward"? "You can tell that ol' Mike Tyson/Hulk Hogan/André The Giant/The Road Warriors" etc. He also mentions Jack Thompson in "The Hitter".
  5. Given how it got knocked out of that Greatest Springsteen song poll at the very first hurdle, Jertucky does have a decent argument for it being lower tier.
  6. One of the most popular podcasts going today is called Call Her Daddy. NSFW of course.
  7. Got a "Lampi quoted you" notification for this. I'll just say nice one marra.
  8. I'll go for this one that I've just made up: As Bruce gets older his focus has shifted more towards politics, and the decisions made by politicians have more of an impact on his day to day life. As he 'struggles' in the real world because of the consequences of their actions, he notices these younger girls living their best lives without a care in the world. They frolic in the sun, drinking a zillion beers talking and laughing about trivial shite rather than fretting about how they're going to pay their mortgages, buy their food and live a 'normal' life under a caring/uncaring government. Ultimately Bruce Springsteen can't connect with these girls in their summer clothes anymore, and out on the street they pass him by.
  9. I haven't invested much time watching the YouTube vids of this show, but seeing as this is one of my favourites from the show I gave it a watch tonight. Patti having the time of her life really stood out.
  10. Three weeks until the next one - if that - but what are we reckoning? At this very minute something from 2005 or 2006 would be sweet, but I'm not sure they'll go that route after a 2009. To play it safe, I'm predicting 1981, '84 or '88. Probably '84.
  11. Completely agree about "Long Time Comin'", I've made a point of writing about it in the past: (it's #30 in the list) And just in case any of you haven't seen/heard it. Enjoy!