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  1. "Jessie's Girl" is my favourite Bruce song, though "Run to You" runs it close.
  2. I've always believed if you can run without listening to music that makes you some sort of Usain Bolt type superhuman, so those on here who can do so have my utmost respect.
  3. All in all I'm not disappointed. I knew when I read Rotolo's tweet last night that it would be daft to genuinely expect the Vets show or something similar, but I was excited nonetheless and more so anxious knowing I'd have to wait until 3pm to find out what this 'surprise' was. So imagine how thrilled I was when I woke up at 2pm (I was still up at 5am watching The Empire Strikes Back, don't @ me) realised the EST time zone is still -1 hour and found out that I didn't have to spend an hour potentially getting my hopes up because this 'surprise' had already been revealed.
  4. You can tell these tryings times are really starting to get to some Lakers: The Patti hate is back!
  5. Next thing you'll be telling me that he didn't write "Summer of '69" either
  6. For me it's the best officially released live version for sure. And it's not kicking about on YouTube anymore, but there is circulating audio of "When You're Alone" being played in the soundcheck from 1988.
  7. I don't think at all that they'd go out of their way to not release something next Friday, it's more so that they won't be able to release anything. Nugs give the impression that they work on these gigs a month at a time, and seeing as America has been locked down for just about a month, it would surprise me if someone has been able to mix and master something at home by themselves.
  8. Having said all of this, given the amount of free time on my hands at present I'm not ruling out the possibility of writing Part 10 in the next week or so... I'm makin' no promises though, all I'm saying here is that I've started planning it
  9. We'll just presume it was a shot at BruceCorp. primarily releasing shows from New York and Los Angeles And thanks! I'll definitely take that organised and well structured compliment, and I definitely won't suggest that my adding of a song or two at half 2 in the morning and being downstairs writing at 5am completely contradicts that. The quarantine life.
  10. I opted for the Los Angeles one ... I did listen to the NY version on my (now only) walk of the day earlier though, love it to death. So my method now is, essentially, I'll give it a couple of months for new Archive releases and new versions to pop up before planning a new post, and if there are any certainties to be added, i.e. "Walk Like a Man" and "Kingdom of Days", they'll go straight in. This usually means I've got about 10-15 spots filled and as you'll have noticed, I think 20-25 is ideal (Part 6 was a big outlier with 30+ because I wanted it to be like a big final E Street Band show of a tour) and to fill those remaining 5-10 I'll either consider any suggestions made on here, or basically just scroll through the shows on my Apple Music and pick a few standouts. If I miss any, my mindset is that I can easily include them in another part, there's plenty of time!
  11. Thanks to the both of you for the feedback. Glad it gave you some enjoyment during these dull times. Let's hope there's even more great live versions to write about by the time Part 10 comes around!
  12. Hopefully this can cure some boredom: