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  1. I'm certain I love "The Wayfarer" a little bit more every time I hear it. With that being the case I now love it 9x more than I did the first time I played it.
  2. Some might think, "after playing the likes of "Incident", "Backstreets" and "Jungleland", these newer songs might seem a bit underwhelming", and surprisingly that's not the case. I don't know what it is, but even if it's not 10/10 music, the music of Bruce Springsteen hits a spot for me that I could only wish every other artist's did.
  3. I haven't listened to Western Stars today. After getting every other studio album back on iTunes I've started listening to them from the start - Greetings, WIESS and Born to Run have been played back to back to back today - and I'm thinking that playing the new album now would "disrupt" the structure. In the time I've written that I've started playing "Hitch Hikin'", so, sorry for wasting your time
  4. I keep trying to sing "Ricky" when it starts but can't help myself singing along to that "San Bernardino line" lyric. In all honesty from the moment I first heard "Sleepy Joe's CafĂȘ" I've thought about this one from Breaking Bad, even though they're nothing alike.
  5. I lasted two years. Stay tuned because I'm going to be reviewing all of these bad bois on the blog.
  6. Funny, that might be my favourite moment of the entire album. One person's trash is another's treasure etc. etc.
  7. I have a criticism in regards to "Sleepy Joe", if it can even be called a "criticism" that is. This might not even make sense so please bear with me. Following an earlier comparison of "Sleepy Joe" to "Ricky Wants a Man of Her Own", I started playing "Ricky" just to make sure for myself, just the opening 40 seconds, and ended up being quite disappointed at how slow "Sleepy Joe's Café" is in comparison. So, here's where you and I are thinking, "obviously, it's a full band rocker". That being said/implied, it's really something how this can sound slow in comparison to "Ricky", but sound like the liveliest, most upbeat song you've ever heard when you're hearing it after "Western Stars".
  8. Did I mention that I'm going with "Drive Fast" being connected to "The Angel"? I'm certain I did, but if I didn't, now you know.
  9. The line that stood out on my last listen was in the first verse of "Drive Fast", "(I got) a steel rod in my leg, but it walks me home". I mean, what a fucking excellently simplistic lyric. The acceptance of "yeah, it's pretty shit that I've got this, but it does what it needs to do."
  10. I've been on two long(ish) walks today, earlier this afternoon and just now. After the album finished during the first one I said, "that's it" and started playing Wembley 1981, the first time I've played it since March and really enjoyed it. So of course I ended up playing Western Stars during the second one! Springsteen is a serious drug.
  11. Yeah I'm enjoying hearing certain lyrics and making random connections to other Bruce songs. Another one in "Moonlight Motel" was, "Last night I dreamed of you, my lover, and the wind blew through the window and blew off the covers, of my lonely bed, I woke to something you said, that it's better to have loved, yeah it's better to have loved" and based purely on "last night I dreamed" I thought "maybe this is the protagonist from "Point Blank" speaking. All because of the lyric "Once I dreamed we were together again baby you and me, back home in those old clubs the way we used to be". Like you said, it's class having great lyrics to talk about. It's been so many years, we should be allowed to overthink them
  12. I've listened to it today as I've started that "reviewing every Springsteen studio album" series I was on about in the other thread. It's just a regular album.