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  1. It's really weird how this forum gets under your skin.
  2. This place is much worse off without anymore of his thoughts and words.
  3. I want to both like this and react with the sad face. It's such a shame.
  4. I had so many great times listening to it back in late 2013/2014 onwards. It was the second album released when I was an actual fan, so it's kind of a big deal to me. I'd hope it isn't, I don't know how anyone could dislike that song!
  5. Doing some writing for my next Bruce project on the blog (coming in September) and Goddammit I love High Hopes. "Just Like Fire Would" is playing right now and I'm in heaven.
  6. Also, mad to think that we've been speculating about these First Friday releases for over three years now. Time flies, even during a pandemic.
  7. I read that tweet as more of a "we're in the know, but we don't know for certain and it's more likely they'll release something from a tour they have lots of options for". I'm excited to listen to and write about whatever it is. At the moment I'm thinking it'll be something from 1992/93.
  8. Yeah, I think soon enough it'll be 'confirmed' that First Friday isn't a guarantee anymore but rather an aim that they'll try to hit. Regardless, it'll still be great to have shows released though!
  9. Meh, I'd prefer to get a boatload of more shows from 1980-85 before they touch 74-76. And I still don't get the problem with Winterland #2 - but I used to think the initial Nassau NYE '80 release sounded fine, so what do I know.
  10. I was back on the treadmill in the gym today for the first time in months and was playing Tampa 2008. The energy and intensity from that show and Boston 2007 make them the two best releases to run and listen too, so I'd love a new 07/08 show to play in the gym on Saturday.
  11. One of my favourite examples of this is "you've gotta break that chain" in "Adam" from MSG '88.