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  1. Well it's the one I went for...
  2. I didn't want to watch poor films hahaha. Hopefully you (and others) enjoy reading them, and if there happens to be 'demand' for more, I'll definitely contemplate making Film Season a regular thing.
  3. Here's a link to six I've watched in the last month
  4. We could only be so lucky. As I wrote in my review of the film (posted last night funnily enough), only "The Ecstasy of Gold" stops that main theme from being Morricone's best. For the uninformed, listen and then watch the film.
  5. Hello, again, hello. Just called in to say hello and post a link to the newest Springsteen post on The Blog.
  6. I've grown to dislike it quite strongly after the release of the three Magic Tour shows from the Archive.
  7. If I have to choose between "Night" and "Backstreets", I'm going with "Night" every time, no doubt about it.
  8. To be perfectly honest, any one I'm playing at any time is the one for me I love the Tempe '84 version. @JimCT's recording is the bee's proverbial knees.