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  1. I'm not sure what's weird about it, truth be told. It's a live album that's being pushed as a soundtrack, nothing wrong with releasing a live album.
  2. Counting down the days for the release of the film soundtrack on Friday. I'm genuinely more excited for this than I was the release of the actual album in June.
  3. Thanks for posting. I hoyed 6 Music on on Saturday morning but went out before Bruce even came on. Played "Sleepy Joe" and "Tucson Train" and absolutely love these versions - maybe more than the album - so my excitement for Friday has been lifted even higher.
  4. Or are we not allowed to use that one at the minute?
  5. Ah man, I was git intrigued there. My mate got abducted by an alien once.
  6. Wasn't a slight on you (you raised a good point initially that I agreed with), more so the git argumentative replies. But aye, good one, I guess?
  7. Even without reading I reckon this is a good shout for worst thread in the forum's recent history. Greasy Lake's been on another downward spiral as of late.
  8. Been occupied today, so has anything of worth happened in the last five pages? Because I'm not reading through that shite.
  9. I'm sure Mr Landau talked him out of writing "you overly obsessed fuckin' maniacs". Or "Bruceamaniacs", as Patti likes to call us... 'brother'.