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  2. The majority of Springsteen's songs are definitive of American Heartland, even the ones we don't really think are. @Lampi you mentioned how "Nebraska", "Born in the U.S.A." are examples in name, not content, @Jimmy James you showed confusion about "Atlantic City" and "Streets of Philadelphia" in the initial list, but I've gotta disagree and say all four songs are fine examples. The themes of death/murder, persecution, homelessness, struggles in a relationship and struggles as a single being are indicative of someone in every community throughout the American Heartland. All four of those songs have at least one lyric that can resonate with someone in any Heartland. "You end like a dog who's been beat too much." "I guess there's just a meanness in this world." "I got debts that no honest man could pay" "I was unrecognisable to myself." Everyone, Blue Collar or not, has felt something like this at some point!
  3. Good shout. Very good shout. I'm still trying to figure out where I've heard that melody in another piece of music.
  4. A forgetful expert if anything. Here's the obvious #11 that I had a tab open for but accidentally closed and forgot about.
  5. I don't see @Badlands_89 posting much on here anymore unfortunately, but he hasn't half helped tons of Lakers out by making that thread two years ago!
  6. You're gonna want to check this thread out marra
  7. Apple Music, the artist formerly known as iTunes, is what I've been using since I first got an iPod in 2008. I'm no longer using an Apple device when I'm out and about, but it's just as straightforward to use regardless once you've added your music - bootlegs et all - to your library and downloaded it to your iCloud. Don't be alarmed though that if once you've got the Archive releases on your device they appear with Springsteen's studio album artwork and information - the Live Downloads just aren't recognised on the system. You're not being MOCKED by Apple. I have a few of Springsteen shows stored away somewhere in FLAC, but seeing as Apple Music/iTunes only recognises mp3, that's format is essentially all I've ever known. It sounds great to me and I've never noticed a massive difference between the two. I'll follow suit after Buddhabone and post this, just 'cause.
  8. Probably for the best that I mention the Apollo 2012 review is planned to be posted later on in the year. Up next is Helsinki 2012