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  1. For some reason I can kinda picture in my mind what it's gonna be like when one of those Wembley 1985 shows gets released in the Archive Series. It's gonna be great.
  2. A little addition to this. The month off hasn't made Winterland sink in, but it has made me go back to other releases so I can marvel at some of the delicacies. "Real World" from Christic, "Darlington County" from Mountain View, "The Ghost of Tom Joad" from Absury Park etc. You've won this round @nugs, and you'll probably be winning the next one too you crafty bassas.
  3. Now "There Goes My Miracle". The studio is a dud to me, but right here's The Magic of Live Springsteen.
  4. I guess as is the case with most music, this live album sounds so good when you're playing it for the first time in a while. Listened to it earlier this week, playing "Stones" again now and just, woah. So damn good.
  5. Played a bit of LA 1999 in the gym the last few days and that six-pack starting with "Youngstown" and culminating with "Incident" just gets better and better. Once again though, I can't listen to this "Incident on 57th Street" without immediately playing 28/12/80 after. The imperfections of 23/10/99 are magical in their own way, and they allow for the definitive live version of the song to somehow rise to an even greater level. The January break hasn't exactly let the Winterland releases sink in - I was aware and appreciative of what I have - but it definitely has given me the opportunity to revisit these shows and tracks, which is good given how I've been listening to the Pardon My Take podcast primarily for the last month.
  6. For me, the way Bruce looks in this show is how I'll always see him in my mind. He's never looked cooler than from 09-13.
  7. There won't be a new Archive release and subsequent New from the Springsteen archive post this month, but stay tuned for a Previously in the next couple of days.
  8. So are we saying I should give different eras different titles? Like Hammersmith would be "Old School E Street Review", Kilkenny 2013 would be, erm, actually what would Kilkenny 2013 be?
  9. It was 11 years ago now, Daisey. This show and the WOAD Tour ain't that young anymore.
  10. I tried to fit in what I reckon are the main wants from the thread regulars in that last paragraph, sorry if I forgot one of you and what you're hoping for!
  11. We'll just have to be patient (funnily enough) and see how the year rolls. By now we know that Nugs will hold off releasing a show based on more major mainstream products - "Sundown" single release, Vinyl collection. What's worth keeping in mind about that "full slate" comment is that it seems to suggest that 11 (potentially 12 if December is like the last two years) shows have been found to be available and are locked in. So let's hope we all get what we want, from Wembley 2002 and multiple versions of "Lost in the Flood", to "Walk Like a Man" and July 4th 1985. And, of course, Sunderland 2012 and The Night For The Vietnam Veteran.
  12. I don't know if it's my own impatience, or just a natural human desire for More. I've honestly noticed it the last two weeks as I've been bingeing a load of films. One finishes, and I don't really give it a lot of time to settle, don't give myself too much time to process what I've just watched and truly feel enjoyment or annoyance at the experience I've just had, I just end up putting another film on not too long after. Rinse repeat. I do know that's a Me thing, wanting to watch as many films I've never seen before as possible. It's quite addictive, tbh. Is it the same with these Archive releases though? Wanting to hear everything that I've never heard or never experienced in the best quality as soon as possible. I may not listen to all of the previous releases daily anymore, but I know for a fact I appreciate them to death and when I do listen to them, I make sure I'm making the most of it b I love my collection of shows from 1975 to, well, 2019 if I'm including Western Stars live. I love adding each month's release and just marvelling at the goodness I've got. Writing this reminds me of 2012-13 when there wasn't too much live Springsteen to listen to as a young fan (again, sorry I know you older fans had less back in the 70s/80s/90s/early 00s) and it does seem greedy from me to have so much and want what's next, but that's what happens when Springsteen's live shows are that damn good I guess. I'm not sure if this reply really had a purpose to it. I just wrote what was on my mind.
  13. It does mean that mate. "Full slate" implies that we'll be getting a release every month this year starting from February.
  14. Parasite has to win Best Picture.
  15. There were two Archive Series releases in 2016, Christic in June - gap in the tour as you say - and Buffalo in December, alongside 75 ongoing tour shows. The times of release are a few pages back, whenever I last updated that list.
  16. Just noticed that the Monday upload was a year to the day I posted my review of the show on the blog. A funny coincidence, here's the link if you fancy a read:
  17. ...
  18. It wasn't a dig I just realised that there were so many posts about a second thread and the genesis of that, that the actual content was being overshadowed, so I decided to give props to it instead of continuing a pointless 'argument'. I'm sorry that you felt this particular post was a dig, and I can definitely appreciate why you posted your initial thread. Had I actually noticed that it was a link to the Record Machine and not here at first, I'd probably not have bothered expressing my opinion. As it goes, I probably shouldn't have posted at all, my bad.
  19. I'm a member of an online Springsteen forum, I have over a hundred versions of "Born to Run" and I've written too many Bruce Springsteen related blog posts. My fandom/obsession is probably best described as "sad as fuck". Erm, and you can check out the blogs and help make up for the amount of clicks I'm going to lose this month with no Archive release by going to