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  1. It's appearance in the Trenton '05 release is one of my favourite Archive Series revelations. I rarely listened to the song beforehand as D&D is probably my least listened to Springsteen album, but I love this song now.
  2. You're probably thinking about a similar post on another thread. I think I used "waste of time" more than once last night.
  3. Thrilled to read Jojo Rabbit's doing well critically. Taika Waititi is one of my favourite people full stop let alone favourite director, and it's amazing to see he's getting the recognition he deserves.
  4. This ended 13 days ago. You forgot about it and I forgot about it, such is life. "Thunder Road" is still Greasy Lake's Greatest Springsteen song, but the concept of the thread seemed to wind everyone up more so than it did give them some enjoyment, meaning this poll and the near-year long one before it were a complete flop. "You either stop doing polls with people wanting more, or overdo them to the point that it becomes really tedious" - Paolo's Circus Story, September 2019.
  5. The thing is, I'm not sure I'm up for posting on these dedicated music forums anymore. Nowadays I'll post something and an hour or so later I'll ask myself "what was the point?" These last two posts and the thread I'm about to bump are perfect examples.
  6. Cheers, Daisey. I'm currently thinking about the pros and cons of getting my account on here deleted, so I'll add your post to the pros list.
  7. Well I'm glad somebody enjoyed it. Wasn't a complete waste of my time in that case.
  8. Yeah that's a canny song that. Looking forward to hearing more music from him in the future.
  9. Seeing as I couldn't stay logged off and seem to be back on here 24/7, I guess I should try and get back on track with posting 'half decent' content that makes me feel like I've done something helpful for the forum. I've enjoyed posting these threads in the past, hopefully you've enjoyed them as well. This time around it's Devils & Dust complete from live shows in 2005, mainly because I'm running out of albums and want to at least save Born to Run in '75 for a bit longer. "Devils & Dust" "All The Way Home" "Reno" "Long Time Comin'" "Black Cowboys" "Maria's Bed" "Silver Palomino" "Jesus Was An Only Son" "Leah" "The Hitter" "All I'm Thinking 'Bout" "Matamoros Banks" And just in case this seems really unappealing for the majority, I present, well, more unappealing and unrelated to the album videos from the 2005 tour. "Frankie" "Waitin' on a Sunny Day" "Walk Like a Man" If you enjoyed this concept, please be aware that there are other threads like this: The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle, live in 73/74 Magic, live over the years Live 75-85; (Most of) Working on a Dream, live in 2009; Born in the U.S.A live in '84/'85; Wrecking Ball live in '12/'13; Darkness live in '78; The River live in '80/'81; Tunnel of Love live in '88
  10. Sod your "Preacher's Daughter" and "Protection", to fuck with the likes of "30 Days Out", "Crazy Rocker", "Sugarland" "Drop On Down And Cover Me", because I've said it before and I'll say it again. Give me "Arabian Nights", or give me death.
  11. I'm pleased with myself about it, not gonna lie hahaha. I guess I should've worded it better to say I'm fine if it never happens. If they tour and there's a show up here I'll be there, but I won't be trekking to Manchester or Coventry if something happens like the Stadium of Light gets booked out for a bastard international friendly against Australia instead. I'm not bitter about that though .
  12. I'll be recommending this to everyone for at least a week
  13. Well to be truthful, Daisey, I don't really have any wishes and desires in regards to Bruce Springsteen anymore. Obviously, the prospect of the 21/6/2012 and 20/8/81 shows being released from the Archive Series are very important to me, but as far as anything else goes? I've seen him live the once and I accepted I'll never see him and The E Street Band play again in person a few years back. I'm fine with it. To see him once is what so many who never got the chance dreamt of and I can cope without being part of the live experience for "Atlantic City" (I used to think about that a lot back in 2013). I liked Western Stars, but after it I'm not too fussed about new albums from him. They'll be enjoyable for a week or two - or hopefully longer - but I strongly doubt he's ever going to bring out another album that will change my worldview like he did with Darkness, Wrecking Ball etc. And that's really the gist of it. I don't crave box sets or tours, pilgrimages to New Jersey or premiere screenings of Once Upon a Time in the Western Stars. I'm content with getting my new archive release every month, being able to enjoy writing about it, maybe talk about it on here and read what you all have to say, and in the process remembering, "yep, this is why my favourite artist is Bruce Springsteen." As I usually do after my excessive posts I'll apologise for the ramblings. I get that you weren't being serious with the whole "I'd much rather know" thing, but I suppose I just felt like writing something.
  14. Can we somehow get connections to the film and Bruce Springsteen in this thread? All I've got is this
  15. Tempted to say this is better than Western Stars tbh. Regardless, it's a very good debut album.
  16. Really good album. And as usual, a short review on here comes with a longer one:
  17. Never mind @Jerseyfornia, he's just trying his hand at some of that internet trolling before the Lake implodes unto itself.
  18. Welp, it was a fun thread (for the most part) while it last then.
  19. Was reading through the Bridge School archive release thread, saw Silvia joke that I need to update my list in regards to "Darlington County" so thought I'd mention that I've been aware for a while now that those choices are 1) a bit too subjective and 2) more and more outdated as each release comes. I'm not posting this to say I've changed the versions picked in each of the six guides (no way am I deleting any of that after the time spent working on it all) but more so to say that at some point in the future I'll be writing another Best versions from the Archive Series blog post. I've already got a working list of 44 songs that are either covers only played once or live performances released since whenever I published the previous guides. All in all, something to look forward to if you enjoyed this series.
  20. I doubt it, but what's wrong with a little bit of optimism. I'll let The Jovi say it:
  21. Really random observation and question incoming: On my third listen on "Badlands" I was surprised to hear the announcer pronounce Passaic, "PA-SAY-ICK", as I've been under the impression it was simply something along the lines of, "PASS-ACK". Is this a matter of where you're from or is that the legit pronunciation and I've been living a lie? Sorry, it's just my world hasn't been turned this upside down since BBC4 pronounced it "TemPA, Arizona" rather than "TEM-PAY."