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  1. Hopefully these are keeping any of you who are also stuck in Lockdown entertained. https://cantfindtickets.wordpress.com/2020/11/20/bruce-springsteen-live-downloads-review-february-11th-2014-adelaide-au/
  2. Perth #3 now added. I'm also contemplating bolding the new additions so they can actually be spotted within this ever-growing list, so expect that to be a thing when I finish writing the Adelaide #1 or next Archive Series review.
  3. And the last night. Enjoy! https://cantfindtickets.wordpress.com/2020/11/17/bruce-springsteen-live-downloads-review-february-8th-2014-perth-au/
  4. So it was a mixing issue for Jake in the intro. That's good to know! Also funny to watch that and not really notice the quality of Bruce's vocals. Goes to show that when you can see what's going on onstage, the stuff that's so important on these downloads isn't the be all and end all.
  5. A real shame that the song has only had 5 outings since. Helluva song. Cheers for reading!
  6. We keep going. https://cantfindtickets.wordpress.com/2020/11/14/bruce-springsteen-live-downloads-review-february-7th-2014-perth-au/
  7. I'm gonna need more pure Joad Tour shows to appreciate how good Belfast truly is. And a few more from '77 wouldn't hurt either. And from '75, '78, '80 etc. etc. etc. ...
  8. As you might have seen on the Archive guides thread, new review up today of Perth #1 2014, and with that I've decided to start including the Live Downloads releases in this list - why I wasn't already is beyond me. You can find the link and rating for the February 5th, 2014 show towards the bottom, erm, above the Rochester and Albany '77 releases... Sorry Dave!
  9. This took a minute, but we're back at it https://cantfindtickets.wordpress.com/2020/11/11/bruce-springsteen-live-downloads-review-february-5th-2014-perth-au/
  10. https://cantfindtickets.wordpress.com/2020/11/08/new-from-the-springsteen-archive-april-28th-2008-greensboro-nc/
  11. https://cantfindtickets.wordpress.com/2020/11/08/new-from-the-springsteen-archive-april-28th-2008-greensboro-nc/
  12. What will arrive first tomorrow, the new Archive release or the final votes in the Presidential Election?
  13. I didn't post the film review in this thread, I'm becoming careless. https://cantfindtickets.wordpress.com/2020/10/22/film-review-letter-to-you-2020/
  14. Am I sound to post my film review in this thread as well? https://cantfindtickets.wordpress.com/2020/10/22/film-review-letter-to-you-2020/
  15. Class, if anyone can upload it, it would be appreciated.
  16. Does it sound any good? I'll happily check it out if a link gets posted somewhere - I'm not on Jungleland anymore. Mint artwork as well.
  17. Oh God, that material is beyond even me. If you have any recommendations once you've found what you're looking for, I'm all for learning more about that era of Bruce's career.
  18. I'll be honest I don't think I'd heard the entire song either, and I've had the Chapter and Verse CD for about four years now. WIESS is my shout for a good diversion from the themes about mortality.
  19. Same here, and even more so how it came out of absolutely nowhere! One more lovely little tribute to George Theiss' memory.
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