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  1. MINT!!! If you want a taste of the show based on the (now unavailable) Archive release, hopefully this helps: https://cantfindtickets.wordpress.com/2018/12/25/new-from-the-springsteen-archive-no-nukes-1979/
  2. Seeing as No Nukes is in the news, I'm gonna link this for those who didn't get around to downloading it. Here's what ya missed: https://cantfindtickets.wordpress.com/2018/12/25/new-from-the-springsteen-archive-no-nukes-1979/
  3. With no new Archive (don't fret folks, it'll come!!!) this week, my High Hopes Tour reviews roll on. We are awfully close to the finish line, as this week the focus is on Hershey. https://cantfindtickets.wordpress.com/2021/07/16/bruce-springsteen-live-downloads-review-may-14th-2014-hershey-pa-hersheypark-stadium/
  4. Haha thanks for having a look around, it's appreciated. Bruce's music might be my biggest passion, but it's far from being the only one.
  5. Yeah pretty much mate. They're both 'finished' and I have moved on to future projects, but the work never really stops until they're published. I tend to skim through them, make sure I haven't forgotten anything I've wanted to say, and next thing I know it's posting day! Depending on when Nugs drop this month's and August's Archive Series release, they might be out before my planned dates of July 30th and August 13th. We'll have to see, haha!
  6. I'm anticipating Archive #69 this Friday, so in the meantime I thought I'd quickly update this with the three officially released shows I've reviewed since June 13th: Berkeley '78, Houston and Albany '14.
  7. "Let's see"? I thought you "won't be back" on there? I chose to ask the question here because it's a larger community - ya nar, one with a thousand page bootleg thread where that show may have likely been shared - and ultimately there was a higher chance of someone giving an answer. To say I asked it to get comical answers is a daft presumption, but if that's the way people want to answer genuine questions on here, no wonder a load of people have stopped posting on this forum.
  8. That's likely the case considering the lack of info about it and the fact I've never seen it mentioned anywhere over the last decade. Thanks.
  9. Read about this on BTX the other day, but the thread didn't get any traction, and it really intrigued me. So, did this happen? And if so where and when, and where can I find the audio? This would be a perfect listen in preparation for football coming home tomorrow. Cheers!
  10. The next Archive Series release will come eventually, no need to worry there. For now, here's a review of Albany 2014 to hold you over! https://cantfindtickets.wordpress.com/2021/07/09/bruce-springsteen-live-downloads-review-may-13th-2014-albany-ny-times-union-center/
  11. I've been in that position before too, where something annoying leaves you thinking you can't be bothered with the internet anymore. It's good that whatever it was for you didn't keep you away for too long, though! As for "Joad", until - let's say - 2016 it was only that and "Youngstown" I really cared for from the respective album, and I always preferred the Morello (and Nils) versions. The fact that there's so many of them (albeit in lesser audio) on the Live site is a blessing, especially when there are particular moments that give us different interpretations. All I'll say right now regarding the 2016/17 releases is that I'm definitely going to review them (some might say I've already written a couple...) and I will try my best to mention the nuances. I'm worried about running out of words, haha.
  12. I'd been wondering where you were, so it's nice to see you! I'm happy to read you're still reading these things (as always, comments like that keep me motivated) and that they're potentially introducing the versions of songs I really like to others. I really love electric "Joad" and while it admittedly got a little difficult to write about it 30+ times, that certainly wasn't the case where it concerned listening to it!
  13. In all honesty it was your shout for me to review this show when I 'opened' it up to you guys to request them that possibly led me to review this entire tour as a whole, so I'm really glad this write-up was ultimately worth your time!
  14. No Archive #69 today, so hopefully this review of Houston 2014 suffices! https://cantfindtickets.wordpress.com/2021/07/02/bruce-springsteen-live-downloads-review-may-6th-2014-houston-tx-cynthia-woods-mitchell-pavilion/
  15. To give the lad some credit, at least he did that on here and not BTX. They really would have crucified him. Believe me, I know
  16. With this returning tonight, I thought I'd do something different and share a review link. So here's a write-up of the 2018 Netflix special. Fingers crossed there'll be a 2021 one to write about eventually too. Maybe Amazon Prime's Springsteen on Broadway? https://cantfindtickets.wordpress.com/2018/12/16/review-netflixs-springsteen-on-broadway/
  17. Today's new E Street Review is on the penultimate unreleased show from 2014, May 3rd in New Orleans. https://cantfindtickets.wordpress.com/2021/06/25/e-street-review-may-3rd-2014-new-orleans-la-new-orleans-fairgrounds-jazzfest/ Thanks as always in this situation to @lilbud for the custom artwork.
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