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  1. It's fine mate. I'd need to earn it again and I really don't want to.
  2. My review of New Orleans 2014 is coming out on Friday, but in the meantime here's my Berkeley '78 review if you missed it in the release thread. https://cantfindtickets.wordpress.com/2021/06/18/new-from-the-springsteen-archive-july-1st-1978-berkley-ca-berkley-community-theatre/
  3. Yeah it was bleak weather yesterday. Been nice today though Hopefully you get the chance of a second visit in 2022!
  4. Close, Daisey, just replace the 't' and 'h' with 'n' and 'd'. At the minute it's all a bit Don't Look Now. And speaking of Sunderland, it's 9 years today since my first and only show
  5. I think I've said before, as long as you guys keep on reading and seemingly enjoy them, I'm more than motivated to keep going. Mind, I'm already four review drafts deep into the 2016 tour, so I'm locked in for at least two years. And that's without thinking about the next tour and all of the Live Downloads that brings us...
  6. Also worth mentioning (I might have to address this again in an upcoming review) that the above mentioned list stacks all these shows together, but every rating I end up giving is decided within the context of the show's respective tour. Yeah, there are some, like 19/9/78 that transcend and the 10/10s are 10s in the Archive project as a whole, but for me Berkeley is an 8/10 Darkness show and Boston is a 7.5/10 92-93 World Tour show. I wouldn't like to think people are looking at both ratings and picking one above the other when they're in relation to the quality of shows from different eras. I hope this makes sense. I'm just trying to have some fun with these write-ups, y'know, make the most of spending so many hours listening to Bruce's music and these live releases, make use of my English Language skills, and potentially help current and future fans out in the process, if they need it. That's about the size of it.
  7. Alright mate Firstly, thanks for taking the time to read and also to take an interest in the rating. I'm inclined to mention again that these ratings are just a quick reference, and that the writing itself is the most important aspect of all of my write-ups, but I'd say I went with 8 because Berkeley is far less significant and perfected than Passaic, Winterland, The Roxy and Atlanta, but still a damn good show. It might be further down on that long list, but 8/10 is a helluva rating haha!
  8. Thanks, both of you. I didn't even think I'd gotten it posted that quickly hahaha.
  9. Enjoy https://cantfindtickets.wordpress.com/2021/06/18/new-from-the-springsteen-archive-july-1st-1978-berkley-ca-berkley-community-theatre/
  10. Same here, here's hoping for an eventual higher blog rating too
  11. The tease was about this Berkley show mate. Sorry for not replying last night, I didn't want to ruin any potential surprise. However it appears there are still some moaning about this massive moment for the Archive Series!
  12. This show has never circulated in full. And you're complaining about it?
  13. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA https://live.brucespringsteen.net/live-music/0,26627/Bruce-Springsteen---The-E-Street-Band-mp3-flac-download-7-1-1978-Berkeley-Community-Theatre-Berkeley-CA.html
  14. Well based on a post I've read tonight on BTX that has me intrigued, we might be able to test this theory further tomorrow.
  15. It was the Johnstone's Paint Trophy when I started caring about football. It wasn't a trophy to take note of back then
  16. Yeah I get that completely. I wrote that as if I was on my high horse, but even I'm a bit lost as to what Bruce I want to listen to now that it's been (checks calendar) SIX weeks since the last new one. Shocking isn't it? Mind you, that's only on my walks. I'm currently having a lot of fun (and trouble thinking about what to write) listening to the 2016 shows for the blog. I haven't visited some of these shows in a long time and it's really fun. I don't even care that they're in MP3!
  17. I think you'll find we won the Papa John Trophy (ever heard of it?!) only three months ago!
  18. As I posted on Twitter, if #68 is to be this week or not, take some time while waiting to refresh yourself with some of the gems we've already gotten this year. For some reason people say the Archive Series has gone stale. What Archive Series are they paying attention to? https://cantfindtickets.wordpress.com/category/springsteens-archive-series-in-2021/
  19. How's it going? I was wondering if anyone has copies of the artwork from these 2016 releases in a higher resolution than 600 x 600? - 2016-02-02 Toronto, ON - 2016-03-13 Oakland, CA - 2016-03-15 Los Angeles, CA - 2016-03-19 Los Angeles, CA - 2016-03-31 Denver, CO - 2016-04-03 Oklahoma City, OK - 2016-05-25 Manchester, GB - 2016-06-03 Coventry, GB - 2016-06-17 Munich, DE - 2016-06-19 Berlin. DE - 2016-07-20 Horsens, DK - 2016-07-31 Zurich, CH - 2016-08-30 East Rutherford, NJ Cheers!
  20. No new Archive? No problem https://cantfindtickets.wordpress.com/2021/06/11/bruce-springsteen-live-downloads-review-may-1st-2014-tampa-fl-midflorida-credit-union-amphitheatre/
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