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  1. You really think he's a Pepsi-endorsing man? I think he might have something to say about you not bringing American Champagne....
  2. Wait? There's a Death Star? In Western Stars? And which song does Luke come in? Is the hitchhiker named Luke? I'm getting confused. Do they still play the Star Spangled Banner before the movie in cinemas in America? I saw Legal Eagles at Millburn cinema in NJ in 1986, and they played it and everyone stood, which as an Aussie, was eye opening. So the clapping thing isn't too surprising, TBH...
  3. Well we need to have a "discussion" about if it's that one, or the previous frame on the roll (yes, children, this was shot on film!): Trivia Fans: Many, many, years ago, there was an article in Q magazine about this/these shot(s). Neal Preston, the photographer, told the story how the camera was set up on top, but he was under the stage riser, with a remote control. He could see Bruce standing above him on the grid, but had no idea exactly what poses he was capturing... I'll see if I can find the full text - tis a rather cool story. Here we go! Bruce Springsteen, 1985 Springsteen plays at London’s iconic Wembley Stadium during his “Born in the U.S.A. Tour.” Preston was actually under the stage here while Springsteen performed. He had a camera set up on stage, and he operated its shutter with a remote cable. Preston remembers prepping Springsteen on the plan – face the back of the crowd during “Hungry Heart.” But it was frantic right before the show, there were a million things going on at once, and Preston walked out of the dressing room never thinking Springsteen would actually remember to do it. But “The Boss” was a total pro, Preston said, and he came through. As Preston saw Springsteen’s boots come running down the runway during “Hungry Heart,” he took a deep breath and fired off 36 frames. It wasn’t until he developed the film the next day that he saw the amazing results. “It was unbelievable,” he said. “Not only did he do it. He almost over-gave this.”
  4. Hey, @Paolo's Circus Story - I'm late to the party with this one, and in truth it may need it's own thread, but wrap your ears around this: There's some spine tingling stuff, and a brilliant reminder that this was a 24 year old, singing his heart out, with everything to lose... and is perhaps why, sentiment aside, this is 4:46 of the greatest rock and roll of our time. Highlights: 0:41 Oooohhhhhhhhh 1:50 Oh can you show me? 1:55 De Hook Da! Voom! Noh!* 3:32 The tear in his voice as he starts to goes Woh-ooh! *you may chose to hear alternate words here
  5. I do think you need to add these @Paolo's Circus Story
  6. You're assuming the curtains matched the carpet...
  7. And as it's 5am in Perth, it's officially The Boss' Birthday here! Yay! Happy 70th, Bruce
  8. Especially the part when the shoes came out?* *3 mini Jukeboxes later, I still can dine out on the descriptions of what I saw of those births from the pitcher's mound...
  9. I think Amy (Mrs. Nils) was the first to chip in, on Twitter
  10. I totally agree it's not a fame or money thing... it's psychological. That his idols - the Beatles, Rolling Stones et al - had records that he listened to on the Top 40 radio in his developing years, and deep in his heart he would want to emulate that, but feels he never has (which is *ridiculous* , of course he has, but that's not how the mind works!) And perhaps there is an element of regret that he didn't listen to Steve, and release Fire himself, or Because the Night, or Roulette, or even My Love Will Not Let you down or some of the other effortless "pop" songs he filed away for 30 years because they didn't fit. By 1983, Bruce had an album of pop outtakes recorded since 1978 that would have been killer chart material, but he chose to stick to his BIUSA master-plan. The industry is different now, and he's not as relevant/popular to "chart radio/airplay" as he was 30 years ago, so no, I don't think we'll see it in his lifetime. As I alluded to, however, I do believe that when he passes away, JLM will re-release either BIUSA or BTR as a single (BIUSA b/w BTR????), and perhaps then, in that moment, only then we will see his ultimate goal achieved.
  11. This intro reminds me of something fundamental with Bruce, that I suspect still narks him and eats away at his ego: the limited actual chart success he has had. He did a similar shtick with HT/LT in 1992 when he joked about Kriss Kross passing him in the charts. I suspect that it's his white whale, and something he dearly wants - but may ultimately never get - except perhaps posthumously. And it's kinda funny, given how much success he *has* had, that what remains important is the very thing that has eluded him. And you think about it - he has tour after successful tour, printing money and playing to millions of fans, writes a book, does a play on Broadway, releases an album of Aaron Copeland-esque music... but the one thing he craves - a record at the #1 spot for more than 1 week - escapes his grasp. I wonder if that is one of his inner demons.