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  1. Yep, loved that quote - but this one even more: Were always trying to find somebody whose broken pieces fit with our broken pieces ... and something whole emerges Fuck, that hit me close to the bone
  2. 1988 Tunnel Tour, Mountain View Have Love, Will Travel into 10th Ave Freeze Out Are you ready to take me to the Tenth....? or maybe it's 10th Ave Freeze Out into Sweet Soul Music from the same tour... I got a question I wanna ask you! Fuck it. It's all three! And a bonus Twist and Shout at the end of the encores for good measure. A little guitar please Keef...
  3. Think of it another way: if it got released without his say-so, and he didn't like it, someone down the food chain would probably get the arse. So I'd be wanting a JLM thumbs up.
  4. I think that could be The Professor down front with the shiny head.... Patti and Soozie left rear. Nils is the little fella on the left. Max at the back - where else? - in purple Danny grasping the robes, asking forgiveness for his most recent transgression... And that makes it Stevie, shirtless on the right Clarence must have been at his Birthday Party in San Francisco the day of that shoot. (wonder if it was Eric or Frank who took this one?)
  5. Just seen this on eBay. Freaking hilarious! 12" vinyl bootleg...
  6. Don't feel too guilty, @SydneyGirl: I mutter "f^&* off" vociferously in public when walking the streets of Perth almost constantly. It's usually at the f'ing idiots who are peering into their phones, but cyclists on the footpath get a shout, as do persons walking four abreast slowing the passage of people down, oh and people who just randomly stop for no reason, or ones who have a group chat at a pedestrian pinch point, or... You get the picture.
  7. It took me awhile, but I figured it out. "Put his cue in the rack" As in pool cue, at the end of a game.
  8. "This book extends that narrative, and reaches something profound" Eric's bank balance?
  9. Best not open the "Loose End" pandora's box then.... Droppin' G's when Racing, droppin' S'es when Ending, Dropping H's when 'orsing around.... What's the Bruce world comin'(g) to?
  10. Brilliant. The imagery this suggestion brought to my mind was not, I have to say, G rated!
  11. It's curious - but unsurprising - that different songs are resonating for different folk as the new album beds in. I've got the title track on high rotation - I start every session I used my iPod with it, and could listen to on repeat quite frankly - and Moonlight Motel, Hitch Hiking, Stones, and Tucson Train are all getting the love from me. I just can't feel any affection for Sleepy Joe's Cafe - it feels too calculated, too much like a deliberate mood shifter. I thought the same of Mary's Place, at the time, too, but don't mind it now - however that's come from seeing it live and up close and personal. I also have my reservations about Sundown and There Goes My Miracle... there's something about vocals on those cuts that don't feel authentic to me - especially in Sundown, when he goes "big"... maybe it's just too over produced for my taste?.. and the tenor in his voice as he sings the word "Miracle" just hits a nerve with me... as does the "look what you've done" bridge. Sorry if those parts are someone's favourite moments. Great to read so many other Laker's thoughts on the songs - keep 'em coming!
  12. I misread it as Town Full Of Flossers, and thought it was a dental hygine community...