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  1. We really don't want you eating salad when you come Down Under: https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2021/apr/14/snakes-and-lettuce-australian-couple-find-venomous-snake-in-their-aldi-fresh-produce
  2. Next up, we're doing Waves Vs Sways. Again.
  3. But it'd sure be fun to tell folk there is. Set em off on a wild goose chase... (I am a bad man)
  4. /S It's all part of meeting in the middle; You got to listen to drink drivers AND tee totallers, anti-vaxers AND scientists, flat earthers AND Galileo, Sandy Hook parents AND conspiracy theorists... /S off
  5. I am very conficted by this. My first reaction on seeing the news was... Bruce in a commerical? Not cool. Havign watched it, it is moving, and strong. But I just wish Jeep had been big enough not to use thier logo at the end. There was product placement, and the hype this ggenerates would have been enough to ensure they got the recognition they are looking for... YMMV
  6. Save Your Love was a highlight that night - and that is only amplified on playback by the venue; Australian crowds are notoriously quiet mid-song, and the new Perth Arena has spot on acoustics, so the reverb on Suzie's violin elevates this song to something very special. Great review!
  7. Be True deserves more love than it got in this poll round. The opening sax clarion call here is one of the Big Man's most epic moments...
  8. Lakers, can anyone point me to a transcript of the rest of this voice-over: “Age brings perspective and the fine clarity one gets at midnight on the tracks, looking into the lights of an oncoming train. It dawns on you rather quickly: There’s only so much time left. Only so many star-filled nights, snowfalls, brisk fall afternoons, rainy midsummer days.” I'd like to cut and paste it into an FB post without having to write it all out myself....
  9. Yes. The T&C's state you need to wait until the charge appears on your credit card statement.
  10. I figure it's called Ghosts cos that's where Jake's sax is in the mix...
  11. Inactive page numbers are black on dark grey... not visible
  12. 1000mm zoom lens with x2 teleconverter, apparently...
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