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  1. For those who were wondering ~ hard copy tickets for PER#1 are in the mail now. Mine arrived today.
  2. I hope everyone was able to get the tickets they had their hearts set on today - if not, remember Thursday's release will be bigger anyway. I got my x2 Perth #1 GA's at 12:00 sharp - and went to check and see if they were sold out at 12:25pm and was still able to select x2 more (although when I put them back, it did then say "allocation exhausted"), so everyone who wanted in *should* have done okay. Who needs Christmas when there's a triple play of Bruce in your home town a month later?
  3. One quirk I've noticed - On my tix, for BNE #1 the GA door is 11, for BNE #2 it's door 4. Looking at the floor plan, they are opposite one another in the building - I assume for the roll callers there will be a single, agreed early entry location.
  4. I'd imagine that the "business" of extra shows must be an interesting one for Gudinski and Co at Frontier, as they would carry *all* the risk (i.e. they'd pay Bruce Springsteen Incorporated XXX dollars per gig, no matter how many seats got sold). Most businesses don't work on 20-30% profits - it's typically half that. So for Gudinski to want to take the risk for any extra show, I expect he'd need to be comfortable he could sell 85% of the value of the venue's capacity. That means those trickle of seats we see unsold actually represent the difference between 1 and 2 shows; if you haven't made 100% of your potential profit, are you going to risk diluting the profit you made on night #1, by putting night #2 on sale? A half filled arena is not good for the promoter, and also sends a message to the artist he or she has over reached. I think PER sold out (twice!) this time because this is only the second time we've had the tour, and the buzz after PER #1,#2 and #3 last time was major: Plenty of people who were casual BITUSA fans who didnt go, would have been kicking themselves. For most Aussie markets, this is the third swing in a short time for Bruce. As uber fans, we love it. As a Perthsteen, I'm ecstatic that we get another bite of the cherry. But if we were a fly on the wall at Frontier Touring, I think we'd hear that we have probably reached "Peak Bruce" for the so called casual rock music fan, and that the audiences may need a longer break between tours next time.
  5. Funny - all my PER and BNE tix arrived at once. I'm sure yours wont be far away.
  6. Pssst. Hard copy tickets were delivered by post in Perth today.
  7. Ditto for Brisbane I'd been planning on staying at the Brisbane International, nice and close to the Ent Cent, but had to wait until my work leave was approved before I booked - now it has been (yay!) of course the B/I room rates for 14th and 16th are up an extra $40/night. Needless to say, we're going somewhere a bit cheaper, a bit further away... There's not a massive amount of options, so anyone flying in should try and lock up a bed soon - esp. as BNE #1 is Valentines Day, so beds that night are at a premium
  8. Another limb I'm prepared to go out on (after the "Sandy" thought bubble).... On the Apple SoHo broadcast just now, Bruce has hinted the new solo album may still be out this year (in time for Christmas? Possible). In which case, Oz might get a High Hopes II tour - road testing the studio material live down under, before taking it back to mid sized venues (arenas, not stadia) in the USA. Exciting possibility!
  9. He hasn't? I thought that was what Red Headed Woman was all about?
  10. As much as I, too, wish for a PER #3 on the 23rd, this was posted on Frontier's feed on Friday:
  11. It was heart stopping - I could feel my pulse racing, and the stupidity was, I had BOTH BNE shows but nothing for my hometown.
  12. Wanted to put this in a separate post: I'll stake here and now that I think PER #2 might bring out "Sandy". We have Skyworks (big fireworks for Australia Day) on the Swan River on the off night between PER 1 and PER 2 - so you can bet Bruce and the band will be in a prime spot by or on the water watching it. For him it will be like 4th of July, so maybe he will even open PER #2 with Sandy. You read it here first! :-)
  13. Well I'm glad that stress is over. Was miffing around before PER went on sale just to see how the other cities were selling, and saw BNE #2 had opened up! Walking in and grabbed 2 GA's Not sure if I can get the four days leave I will need for the road trip from Perth - if not, there will be deserving campers on BTX, I am sure. Thankfully at 3pm I grabbed the PER #1 GA's I missed on Tuesday. Saw PER #1 selling fast, so hopped on the train hoping to get home before PER#2 opened - but didnt even get halfway there. Luckily, was in the right place to use my phone, and snapped GAs for PER #2. Awesome. I hope everyone else had success - and if not, there will be drops (well there was last time - and if you keep your eyes open, you should get the quality you deserve)
  14. I missed the GA's for PER on Tuesday, but on the basis of a Valentine's Day show, and BNE getting some special love from Bruce last time, I did snag GA's for BNE#1. Big afternoon tomorrow trying to grab PER GA's. If not, The Drop has been kind to me in the past. I agree a PER #2 on 27th looks likely, and a BNE#2 on 16th is a possibility. But that would need 4 days off work, so not sure if I'd stay for that one, too. We shall see :-)
  15. Bruce, Feb 7th 2014.

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