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  1. Just in case the above few posts make you think you think we are a nation of @r$e-wipes, I can report the following items are also no longer in stock on the shelves of my local supermarket: Paper towels Rice Baked beans & tinned spaghetti Hand sanitiser 2L No Sugar Coke (?????) (and toilet paper, obviously...) Make of that what you will.
  2. Pancakes? https://www.goodfood.com.au/eat-out/just-open/japanese-souffle-pancake-cafe-gram-opens-in-chatswood-sydney-20200224-h1m1jw
  3. As featured on Brucebook, tonight is the anniversary of the last time the E-street Band has played together to date, in Auckland, New Zealand. Acoustic Thunder Road closed the set...
  4. Just wanted to offer this alternate take on Live Valentine's Day - heard it for the first time today, and was very impressed with the audio quality. Enjoy - and happy belated Valentine's to Lakers male and female.
  5. Played like that, it sounds like the theme song to Friends.
  6. The setup at Perth Arena has you corralled on the west side of the building - where the practice tennis courts are. There isn't a stick of shade. And here in summer, in the afternoon, you just get relentless, sweltering, scorching direct heat. Plus it's reflected off the side of the arena, And the concrete forecourt. When the last roll call happens at 3pm, you're there till they let you in the building around 6:30pm. On a +40C day, it's major sunburn territory, and the air-conditioned cool of the empty arena is a welcome destination...
  7. *cough* Calling on @Raced Off The Street - what happens on tour can't stay on tour forever... *cough*
  8. I always felt the spoken intro - which I first heard on the Roses & Broken Hearts boot - make this even *more* special, and thought it was a shame it never made it to the official release. I get that it would be dull with repeat listenings, but damn, it gets me in the feels when I listen to either the Mountain View or LA versions...
  9. 33 years ago, Midnight Oil sang these lyrics: Four wheels scare the cockatoos From Kintore, east to Yuendemu The Western Desert lives and breathes In forty-five degrees 45 °Celsius = 113 °Fahrenheit Today, those temperatures will be hit in a fistful of towns across the Riverina area where Victoria and New South Wales meet. Whole towns have been told to evacuate because the Rural Fire Service will not be able to defend property, just save lives, if the current fires get out of hand. The Western Desert has come to the countryside, and our beds are literally burning. Stay safe everyone.
  10. Just to follow up my last post with a touch of Christmas maudlin. I was with my 89 year old mother on Christmas Day. There was 2/5 of f.a. on TV, so I pulled out the memory stick with SOB that I'd brought with me. When the shows were ticketed, I was sent a code, and got as far as putting two 5th row seats in my basket, with the idea of taking her to see her first Springsteen show. But the cost - it would have been close to $5,000 by the time I'd flown her there and put her up ion a hotel close to the theatre - she's mobile, but not very - made me realise it just wasn't going to be practical, so I emptied the basket and handed my code to another fan. I've regretted that decision for two years, thinking it would have been a memory I cherished for the rest of my life. Until now. We sat down, and started watching, and I could see she just was not into it. Didn't "get it". Despite My Hometown being her favourite Bruce song, and it being on early in the show, she was fidgety and bored. So when The Wish finished, I switched it off. Experiment failed. It was disheartening that she didn't enjoy it, but I'd have been gutted if she walked out of Walter Kerr telling me it was "okay" - or worse, telling me what she really thought (and at 89, they lose their social filters, so probably would have told me that there was too much swearing, and not enough of his "good songs" whatever they are...). So there is that. You can lead a horse, or even your mother, to water, but you can't make her drink.
  11. I beg to differ - it's here as a service of people need it, and some years that will be more than others. It didn't have a critical mass this year, but that doesn't make it a flop. The fact you started it gets a hat tip from me, and that we did get a cross section of regulars tells you it was appreciated. We. Take. Care. Of. Our. Own.
  12. Just stopping by to wish all the Lakers a very Merry Christmas. I'll be off line this year, spending it with my parents, so won't be visiting this Greasy Lake tradition, but I hope you guys who are around look in and chat with any other lost sheep here, be they from Oklahoma or anywhere else. In the spirit of Christmas' past, I'll leave you with this: Stay safe, everyone! All the best, Jukebox
  13. Just back from the screening at the Luna in Leederville, Perth. Lovely. I think the ladies should rather enjoy the close ups during Stones - those eyes of his.... almost would make me turn. So soulful and soul filled. Well worth the $21.50 entry. Only question is do I go again Sunday.... (we get just two screenings here in Oz - Tonight, and Sunday night...)
  14. The guys over on the bootleg thread delivered (as usual within 24 hrs!) Thanks @Twink
  15. From over at The Circuit... Can someone post a link to 1985-08-11 - THREE RIVERS STADIUM, PITTSBURGH, PA - a la The Ping Pong Table Incident show? I've been meaning to ask before, and now a few people there are asking, too. Cheers!
  16. I gave my SOB code away, and it worked fine. I'm pretty sure you should be able to do the same with Reginald.
  17. Where the bloody hell did 29 years go? Such an awesome pair of shows. So many highlights. Eternally grateful to Great Dane for getting these shows out on CD bootleg by 1992 - those FTRO CD singles and the Springsteen, Raitt and Browne CD's got some heavy rotation until there was an official Nugs release. Beautiful.
  18. Yep. Looks like a bunch of people voted for it when they really meant to vote for Brilliant Disguise.
  19. I see he's trying to ignite a new sways/waves controversy, with Swingin’ the same old song, instead of Singin’ the same old song...
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