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  1. Don't feel too guilty, @SydneyGirl: I mutter "f^&* off" vociferously in public when walking the streets of Perth almost constantly. It's usually at the f'ing idiots who are peering into their phones, but cyclists on the footpath get a shout, as do persons walking four abreast slowing the passage of people down, oh and people who just randomly stop for no reason, or ones who have a group chat at a pedestrian pinch point, or... You get the picture.
  2. It took me awhile, but I figured it out. "Put his cue in the rack" As in pool cue, at the end of a game.
  3. "This book extends that narrative, and reaches something profound" Eric's bank balance?
  4. Best not open the "Loose End" pandora's box then.... Droppin' G's when Racing, droppin' S'es when Ending, Dropping H's when 'orsing around.... What's the Bruce world comin'(g) to?
  5. Brilliant. The imagery this suggestion brought to my mind was not, I have to say, G rated!
  6. It's curious - but unsurprising - that different songs are resonating for different folk as the new album beds in. I've got the title track on high rotation - I start every session I used my iPod with it, and could listen to on repeat quite frankly - and Moonlight Motel, Hitch Hiking, Stones, and Tucson Train are all getting the love from me. I just can't feel any affection for Sleepy Joe's Cafe - it feels too calculated, too much like a deliberate mood shifter. I thought the same of Mary's Place, at the time, too, but don't mind it now - however that's come from seeing it live and up close and personal. I also have my reservations about Sundown and There Goes My Miracle... there's something about vocals on those cuts that don't feel authentic to me - especially in Sundown, when he goes "big"... maybe it's just too over produced for my taste?.. and the tenor in his voice as he sings the word "Miracle" just hits a nerve with me... as does the "look what you've done" bridge. Sorry if those parts are someone's favourite moments. Great to read so many other Laker's thoughts on the songs - keep 'em coming!
  7. I misread it as Town Full Of Flossers, and thought it was a dental hygine community...
  8. 40 years on if he missed that sign, we may have gotten "Stormy's Back" on Western Stars...
  9. And from the same album, the less well known, but more subtly beautiful:
  10. My fave effort non-E Street effort from the Professor
  11. Not a lot of respect shown for Devils and Dust with the butchered cover image, either....
  12. Then, off set, he downs his Viagra with a gin, and a little later shoots his raw... oh, stop it!
  13. Except for boobies. Remember Janet Jackson flashed a bejewelled nipple, and it triggered a national meltdown...
  14. I was just going to ponder why songwriters seem to pick 5:15 as "the time"... to wit: and now Bruce...
  15. Pfft. After Reno, there are no limits. Just sliding tarrifs.
  16. Jukebox has sung in the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House, too. Three performances, no less. I was in the combined schools choir in Yr.6, 1979, and we did two matinees - for the other kids - and an evening for the parents. For the record, no songs from Darkness were performed - tho' in hindsight, the woo-ooh-ooh-ooh-oh chorus from Badlands could have worked well as a three part rounding song...
  17. Yes. I suspect it came down to venue cost. Curiously, the capacity of the Capitol is 2,094 which is rather close to the 2,100 that the Concert Hall accomodates. He ended up doing 5 nights at the Capitol Theatre; I'd wager 5 nights hire of the Concert Hall would have been considerably more.
  18. He was originally planning on doing his Sydney GOTJ shows there. True story.
  19. I think Bruce has acknowledged he has played away from home all his life...
  20. Listening to Stones this afternoon - it reminds me, sonically, of Stray Bullet. Paired, they'd make a nice dark corner of a live set...
  21. I have only had a cursory listen thru - but have added it to my iPod so I can give it high rotation during my daily commutes this week. A couple of thoughts: whilst I know they are partizan (as much, if not moreso than "we" are), I wonder how the Country Music world is reacting to this release? Cos at the end of the day, we agree this is a "country" record, don't we? Secondly, to be the Devil's Advocate for a moment: if this were a Mellencamp release, or perhaps a Bob Seger release, do you believe you would be as generous with your praise? We're all very biased here - and whilst the counter to that argument is that it puts us in the best possible place to be critics, because we know the artist's capabilities so well - so that bias can't help but influence our reaction. It's great to like/love/adore/and even hate any new release (my motto: Passion is good!) but for me, the dust not just has to settle, but well and truly cake on, before you can look back and crown something "a classic". YMMV, off course.
  22. Beware of premature ejac... exhaultation, @Paolo's Circus Story Your joy at new material may be colouyring your judgement. Perhaps "Essence" needs a disclaimer that it can't be bestowed earlier than 6th months?
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