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  1. The sort of hot cakes that have come out the back of that horse?
  2. To be fair, I'm glad that people can express a range of thoughts; Country music is *not* everyone's cup of tea, so it is bound to alienate some fans. If we were all rabid kool-aide drinkers, The Lake would be a much less interesting place. FWIW, The more I think about it, the more troubled I am about this stuff being 7 years old. I don't view his last decade with a hell of a lot of reverence, so was looking for signs he still had the songwriting fire in his belly. Well we ain't gonna know that for another ~4 years now, are we?
  3. Then the record would be called Southern Nuts, surely?
  4. Perfectly articulated, @Lampi! And yep, agree 100% about Real World, too - even to the point where I think one of the Christic performances is superior to the other (I think Night #1, but I'd need to go back and listen) I had the Nebraska live boot for years, so certainly had grown to know and love Man At The Top in it's native form before ti became official. Sugarland, for that matter, too. But it's a broad church we worship at, and I'm not claiming any definitive position, just my own bias.
  5. Ooooooooooooooooooh. I loathe the Tracks version of "Man At The Top". I felt it, and Tracks' "The Wish" were overproduced, and gutted all the personal emotion from the live precursors I'd been hearing for years. Perhaps, however, that was the artist's intent?
  6. Ouch. Just went back a page and listened.... Any thoughts on if it was her playing, or that the instrument had gone out of tune by the time in the show she was rolling out that intro? I know the Perth arena is quite cool when it is empty before the gig, and if she soundchecked then, and played Jungleland at 10:30pm, 5-6 hrs and ~10/15C different later, maybe that was part of the problem?
  7. I'll see you that contribution, and raise you an intro to Save My Love. "Hey, Suzie! Play something..." That night, the reverb through our arena on her violin was ethereal
  8. Well I'm glad to see we all agree there *isn't* a bad live version...
  9. Oh, man - such mixed feelings tonight. It's the 34th anniversary of my first ever Bruce concert. Ken Rosen has posted an audio from that night... and it's got a (to me) rather unique intro to Racing, followed by a beautiful rendition. It starts at 2:05:20 https://youtu.be/ActxhSB5YFY?t=7520 That's essence under all that hiss.... I was 17 at the time, and I don't remember it.
  10. Peace, love, and solidarity with our NZ cousins tonight
  11. Check back a couple of pages for @mgravitt2's post - it's in his big list.
  12. And you know what, @Mocker, I was thinking when I wrote that... "The Laker who LOATHED Trapped... what WAS his username...????" and it just didn't come to me. I am sorry. Here's another shot from the last night in BNE, to cheer you up! F*ck it, and one more!
  13. I have a very limited presence on FB, and use the "ignore" function heavily! Others want to be on there 24/7, and $hit-post all sorts of rubbish. The Mark Knopfler group I am a member of on there is even worse...
  14. It's funny - Ken Rosen's Kingdom of Days also referred to it as side two of WIESS... it was the whole shebang: (from 1:13.00)
  15. You need to understand, that Killer Snakes in Oz look like this: And tasty they are, too. Of course none of our pythons are actual killers, unless you are a possum. https://www.news.com.au/technology/science/animals/crowd-in-byron-bay-stunned-to-see-a-python-devour-a-possum-whole/news-story/f112f6083ddd7fd08d49bd825de46bc8
  16. Another OzTour2017 concert Bruciversary today, this time a little melancholy... 16th Feb 2017. Mine and @iPod's last time seeing Bruce. But we did get up close and personal ~ so let's not be too sad about it. @Raced Off The Street and @Junglelandish were there, too. And other Lakers whose names are fading in the mists of time. So a glass raised to new friends - both virtual and real - made on that tour! And for anyone who went to those shows, the euphoric, yet sad, walk out of the venue to this:
  17. Happy Valentine's Day concert Bruciversary, Lakers!
  18. I'm struggling with the suggestion that *any* recording of Shout can be contemplated as "essence", let alone all of them...
  19. When the bottle shop is closed, you can buy it after hours at Bunnings. It's sold under a house brand label:
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