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  1. thomam

    formula one

    Sucker for this kind of thing... Alan Jones won Alain Prost's first race. Prost won Jones' last race Prost won Ayrton Senna's first race Senna won Prost's last Senna won Michael Schumacher's first race Schumacher won Senna's last Schumacher won Jenson Button's first race Button won Schumacher's last
  2. Congratulations Australia. Best team won the series.
  3. thomam

    formula one

    Sensational drive to keep Hamilton behind all race, despite flirting with the rules a couple of times. To me, Vettel seems to have lost his mojo and I wouldn't be surprised to see him quit. Quite fancy a trip to Monza next year...
  4. thomam

    formula one

    I remember it well!
  5. thomam

    formula one

    So, back to work after the mid season break. Ironic that after the bore-fest that was France we've had some of the best racing for years, with the Leclerc v Verstappen battle at Silverstone absolutely outstanding. Off to Spa and my favourite race of the year - the circuit is unrivalled in its challenge, its beauty and, once you go there, its hills. Plus you get to play the #itsraidillionactually game on Twitter all weekend...
  6. Was always confident that Leach would see us home
  7. Something about Australia and losing 8 for 43 at Headingley seems to ring a bell...
  8. Ah, what a series. Headingley, Edgbaston.....
  9. New improved use for the Tynecastle dugouts
  10. Getting a bit fed up of the praise for Steve Smith and expecting us to just accept "he's served his ban" and not get on his back. The man devised a conspiracy to commit what, apart from match fixing, was one of the greatest acts of cheating the game has ever seen, dragging a young impressionable team mate down with him. He got a 12 month ban when a drug cheat would get a minimum 2 years. The sheer expediency of Cricket Australia making sure he got back in time for the World Cup and Ashes leaves a stain on the game. He may well be a great batsman (and he is) but I can't stomach the expectation that now he's back playing his reputation should be restored
  11. Harsh finish for GMac, but the course looks like it will bite very hard if you get out of shape. If Rory can hold at +3 after his start, that will be a good job
  12. Mind you, the oddest way to have 14 stableford points at the turn goes to