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  1. "Viking, North Utsire, Forties, Cromarty; West or northwest 5 to 7, decreasing mainly 4 later. Slight or moderate in west, otherwise moderate or rough. Showers. Good."
  2. Ooft. If this is to be Messi's swansong for Barca, what a sad way for him to go out.
  3. Despite the tragedy of how they became a trio...
  4. Always used to surprise me how many ex-pro's continued to ply their trade in the Juniors, both as players and coaches. Tripping over one of the heroes of Giants Stadium 1994 on the bench for Bellshill was a little odd!
  5. Well it's not Forres Mechanics or Burntisland Shipyard!
  6. See the big 4 got their way - can't have an upstart club with loads of money challenging their comfortable hegemony
  7. I met him and Sir Bobby in the BA Lounge at Heathrow. Talk about awestruck!
  8. Part of my upbringing. First started to watch football with my Dad at Middlesbrough under his managership, then he was at the Toon when I was a weekly attender. Time starting to thin out the boys of '66 now.
  9. Leeds 1985 would be perfect! First concert. First (and last) Racing. Also first and last Cadillac Ranch & Ramrod. Not that I'm counting / bitter
  10. You're probably right. I've read several long tweet-threads of his on the subject of mono mixes!
  11. Great thread... In no particular order (and taking the "most influential on my life" rather than "favourite by the artist" approach) Thunder Road Human - The Music Supper's Ready - Genesis Motorcycle Emptiness - Manic Street Preachers Out of the Darkness - Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul Steel River - Chris Rea Finish What We Started - Headway Hoppípolla - Sigur Rós Misplaced Childhood - Marillion Solitaire - Andy WIlliams And that's missing out about another 20 that got written down, then replaced!
  12. Legend and gentleman. RIP
  13. Cheapest of the few seats left for Glasgow on the pre-sale last night was £130 - and that was up in the gods. Still took it! Unless you wanted the front-row VIP dining experience at £750. I'd be expecting sautéed Squonk sweetbreads for that sort of money
  14. So this popped up on my Spotify "Daily Mix". Long, long time since I listened to it. God, it's good.
  15. I was talking to a chap outside the last Little Steven show in Glasgow who was a local independent music journalist and had been in the "inner sanctum" at the previous Hampden show. His "inside take" was that the setlist is all chosen in advance and the signs are "picked" to match the setlist. Bearing in mind Bruce can pick 20+ signs, it's not that hard to manufacture - especially when you think that a fair few sign requests are for staples rather than rarities. Also didn't he guy from the crew who used to take and tweet the centremic pics (Lef Carroll I think) once hint that the pics wer
  16. Undoubtedly the greatest own goal of all time