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  1. He really missed a trick not playing Dampness On The Edge Of Town
  2. Sorry for your losses. Gone only from this mortal coil, with you forever.
  3. With all due respect to Frankfurt, when my wife and her pals booked their annual girlie weekend there, I asked our Head if Germany for any hints on what they could do. "Don't go to Frankfurt" was his reply!
  4. My wife, bless her, has suggested that as I'll be going to see him anyway, I should go somewhere "interesting" in either Europe of the US and take her along. I think this is probably the dictionary definition of "a good thing".
  5. Eagles also announced Murrayfield. That would be handy!
  6. Second night in Glasgow and remaining London dates cancelled due to "Covid in the Band" https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/news/19635310.genesis-cancel-glasgow-london-shows-last-domino-tour-band-members-test-positive-covid-19/
  7. Finally made it up to my seats, pausing only twice for supplement oxygen and found myself sitting between Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay Great gig. Get the obvious out of the way first. Collins voice has pretty well gone, but not helped by being seated. Some key changes for help, some backing singers and held low in the mix, but not actually as bad as feared and things like Mama were more effective in a different key. Sinister A better balanced setlish than at first glance (8 also appeared 39 years ago!), and things like Carpet Crawlers, The Lamb and Afterglow remain massive live experiences. The usual stunning lighting and visuals. A great all round experience even in the cheap (£136) seats. Glad I went. There definitely won't be another.
  8. Had tickets and then got summoned to the in-laws anniversary dinner. Gutted!
  9. I think we'll focus on staying up first, then take it from there...
  10. Heading to the weege. 39 years and 17 days since the first and last time at the NEC!
  11. It's the station the oldies listened to when you were at school and you now think is a bit racy
  12. Aw c'min, you must have loved the centre half lobbing Schmeichel
  13. Always a good feeling when there's a new Manics album to be enjoyed
  14. Hope not - seeing them in Glasgow next week. Could have done with some more older stuff in the setlist, TBH, but what the heck!
  15. Still absolutely love it. It's a beautiful, thoughtful, reflective piece of work by a man in his 70's coming to terms with his own mortality and that of people around him. AND... It showcases the magnificent E Street Band to their absolute maximum. The way it was put together shows us what a mighty musical and creative force this group is. At a time when I was wrestling with my own grief, the opening and closing bookmarks were both a cold slap around the face that the world can change in an instant and a remembrance that we do, definitely, still see those departed in our dreams. Still his best album released in a year beginning with 2....
  16. I think Maguire deserved his place on the basis of the hardest camera-destroying penalty I've ever seen
  17. I'm broadly very happy with the way we play. Possession, move the ball about, probe and reset if nothing's on. We DO need to make more use of our attacking talents, but primarily the issue is that when the chips are really down, we need to be responsive to the developing game, not stick rigidly to Plan A. Against some teams, you accept they'll have good spells but expect to be able to wrestle some control back. Against the very top ones, you have to accept that you may need to try something different to re-establish control - or even parity. That's the gap at the moment.
  18. My main complaint re Southgate ass that it was Croatia Semi Final repeated. Early goal and relatively comfortable but did nothing when the opposition got on top. Change was needed and he didn't make it until it was 1-1. Wasn't sure about the subs for penalties. Coming in cold for that must be incredibly hard, but that doesn't account for Rashford's abberation.
  19. Laws were changed a while ago. Play is only stopped if the second ball interferes with play or a player.
  20. Outside interference under Law 5. As play was stopped at the time, no action taken - but if he believed it had I terfered with the goalkeeper once the kick was taken, it would be a drop ball
  21. Sigh. Because two players impeded Sterling involving contact. If you don't see that from the video, we're never going to agree, so let's just agree to differ.
  22. Don't necessarily agree. You're then into the question of whether it would have been a "clear and obvious error" or a matter of judgement. What would PROBABLY have happened is VAR inviting the ref to review the decision himself to see if the pictures aligned with whatever his thought process was in not awarding. Effectively saying "not clear cut, you might want to have another look at this". At which point I think a majority would decide it was a penalty - because that angle gave a much clearer view of the actual contacts involved. The law merely states that impeding an opponent involving contact is a direct free kick. There is no "magnitude" involved. Your only question would be whether Sterling was, in fact, impeded.
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