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  1. Still absolutely love it. It's a beautiful, thoughtful, reflective piece of work by a man in his 70's coming to terms with his own mortality and that of people around him.

    AND... It showcases the magnificent E Street Band to their absolute maximum. The way it was put together shows us what a mighty musical and creative force this group is.

    At a time when I was wrestling with my own grief, the opening and closing bookmarks were both a cold slap around the face that the world can change in an instant and a remembrance that we do, definitely, still see those departed in our dreams.

    Still his best album released in a year beginning with 2....

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    48 minutes ago, Archie Hunter said:

    I thought that England played defensively pretty much through the whole tournament.  Not for the first time yesterday, England went into the game with 5 defenders and two holding midfield players, and with Mason Mount pretty much neither fish nor fowl.  The fact is, Southgate wasted (or to be kind did not make the most of) the array of exciting attacking players available to him, to the point where, in the final against Italy, our centre forward (supposedly one of the finest strikers in world football) touched the ball just one solitary time in the opposition's 18 yard box in the entire game - and that was when he stepped forward to take one of the 5 penalties.

    I'm broadly very happy with the way we play. Possession, move the ball about, probe and reset if nothing's on. We DO need to make more use of our attacking talents, but primarily the issue is that when the chips are really down, we need to be responsive to the developing game, not stick rigidly to Plan A.

    Against some teams, you accept they'll have good spells but expect to be able to wrestle some control back. Against the very top ones, you have to accept that you may need to try something different to re-establish control - or even parity. That's the gap at the moment.

  3. 7 hours ago, Archie Hunter said:

    It may be too early for this, but Southgate was found wanting there, in his line-up, his substitutions, and his choice of penalty takers.  Putting on Sancho and Rashford solely to take penalties in the penalty shoot out was inexcusable.  Where was big bollocks 'I'm taking the penalty' Henderson?  Ah, subbed on and subbed off.

    My main complaint re Southgate ass that it was Croatia Semi Final repeated. Early goal and relatively comfortable but did nothing when the opposition got on top. Change was needed and he didn't make it until it was 1-1. Wasn't sure about the subs for penalties. Coming in cold for that must be incredibly hard, but that doesn't account for Rashford's abberation.

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  4. 22 hours ago, LeoGetz said:

    And some feared that with VAR there would be no more discussions about questionable decisions. ;)

    I wonder why everybody talks about the foul/dive and not about the 2nd ball on the pitch moments before. I mean it's not like the 2nd ball was on the other side of the pitch - it was very close to the action!

    Anyway, Denmark were gased. The goal was just a matter of minutes. Would have liked to see them win the whole thing, but penalty or no penalty, they would have never made it to a penalty shoot out.

    Laws were changed a while ago. Play is only stopped if the second ball interferes with play or a player.

  5. 6 hours ago, bigbonesbilly said:

    What is the rule if say the goalkeeper misses the ball because he has a laser shone in his eyes?  is it a drop ball?  is it just unfortunate and play on?  can the VAR review the situation?  Does anybody know the rules, my guess is possibly a drop ball if ref sees it or play on if the ref does not.

    Outside interference under Law 5. As play was stopped at the time, no action taken - but if he believed it had I terfered with the goalkeeper once the kick was taken, it would be a drop ball

  6. 37 minutes ago, Cozmic Kid said:

    Then how do you get this fake pen so wrong?

    Sigh. Because two players impeded Sterling involving contact.

    If you don't see that from the video, we're never going to agree, so let's just agree to differ. 

  7. 5 minutes ago, Archie Hunter said:

    There also is not a VAR on the planet that would have overturned a decision to not award a penalty, had the referee made such a decision.

    Don't necessarily agree. You're then into the question of whether it would have been a "clear and obvious error" or a matter of judgement.

    What would PROBABLY have happened is VAR inviting the ref to review the decision himself to see if the pictures aligned with whatever his thought process was in not awarding. Effectively saying "not clear cut, you might want to have another look at this".

    At which point I think a majority would decide it was a penalty - because that angle gave a much clearer view of the actual contacts involved.

    The law merely states that impeding an opponent involving contact is a direct free kick. There is no "magnitude" involved. Your only question would be whether Sterling was, in fact, impeded.

  8. 11 hours ago, Cozmic Kid said:

    Yeah right.


    Atleast those who think it was a penalty can stop complaining about the "hand of god" as it was not a handball.

    I spent 15 years refereeing up to the level of semi-Professional football. I'm able to separate my support from England from my understanding of the laws of the game and how they're interpreted. There isn't a VAR on the planet who, looking at the clips, would overturn that decision. Knee to knee contact from first defender, body to body contact from Jansen. 

    They impeded an opponent and involved contact. The sanction is a direct free kick. Law 12.

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  9. 24 minutes ago, Cozmic Kid said:

    Yeah right.


    Atleast those who think it was a penalty can stop complaining about the "hand of god" as it was not a handball.

    No. One was blatant and not given. The other was 60 / 40 and given.

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  10. 1 hour ago, Cozmic Kid said:

    Yes,. I have seen it.

    There's also a longer clip on Lineker's Twitter feed. It's a penalty. 

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  11. 51 minutes ago, Cozmic Kid said:

    Not that difficult when the opponent is down to 10 men and dead tired.

    You obviously haven't watched England play much over the last 40 years, then:D

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  12. 11 hours ago, Born To Walk said:

    We did indeed.

    A bit fortunate with the winning goal, but those stats are a fair reflection of the game.

    Finished 21 shots and 10 on target. Schmeichel had an absolute lifetime game.

    Best bit of the whole game was the nerve-calming 53 pass, 3-minute exercise in game management at the end. That, more than anything else, is what good teams do.

    As for the pen, see why he gave it (more for Jansen than the initial "nibble"), see why VAR didn't overturn it (no clear obvious error), see why Denmark (and their Caledonian branch) would be unhappy with it.

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  13. 28 minutes ago, AMIW said:

    uefa postpones decision on what venues will actually stage this tournament again

    Probably depends which countries will be able to field a team if the ESL players are banned...

  14. 29 minutes ago, doesthisbusstop said:

    Mourinho sacked! Pogba just called him to say he’s so sorry to hear the news. 

    Along with the entire coaching team. Refused to take training in protest at the Super League announcement according to the rumour mill!

  15. 5 minutes ago, dr winston oboogie said:

    I know that the history record books will show that Scotland and Wales both beat england, I also know that as far as you are concerned the results were stolen and england won both games by a landslide.

    Scotland won convincingly. Who has even begun to suggest otherwise? We were lucky to be even close at the end.

    Saturday was different. If Townsend is going to whine about at 100% correct red card, then you can hardly blame us for whining about 2 of the most outrageous tries to be awarded! Would it have made a difference? Who knows. Meant we were playing catch up all game and with our indiscipline that was always likely to end the way it did. Ultimately took the edge off what was otherwise a decent game of rugby.

  16. 1 hour ago, thomam said:

    "...knocks the rugby ball forward with their arm or hands, towards the opposition and the ball hits the ground or a member of the opposition. The ball was knocked towards the opposition, irrespective of any bounces of the Wales player or England player behind him. It was a knock on. 

    If you call on the captain to speak to his players and he gathers them under the posts to do that, then putting time back on and letting the opposition take an immediate quick penalty when they haven't had chance to return to their normal position was what, rightly, cause the anger. When Sam Warburton says "I would have been livid" I think you can sense it was, at BEST, "unfair".


    I mean, I hate to go all argumentum ab auctoritate , but Nigel Owens agrees!


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