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  1. A day so dank and misty is was almost impossible to see the stage from half way back! Still, improved the look of Sunderland no end...
  2. This'll be a no for me. The lost era as far as I'm concerned. Have them all, not really that keen on most of them other than TOL so can't justify the spend.
  3. Me (in my refereeing days, taking book from pocket): "Come here number 10, that was a really bad tackle, what's your name" Number 10: "Szymankowszczyzna..." Me (pencil pauses): "........." Number 10: "........" Me (putting book away): "OK, watch it, another one like that and you'll be in trouble"
  4. Yet there's still a place for Sumnovic's tackle on Kenny Miller. Hard as nails but absolutely fair.
  5. The dive committee didn't think it was a dive. Which leaves us with a clumsy tackle that may or may not have been a foul, but gave the referee a decision to make, which he did. You think it was a dive, fair enough, but as we've discussed before, it's up to the tackler to make a fair tackle, not the opponent to make it look like he did.
  6. I thought (after looking at it from all angles) it fell into "sufficient contact to not be simulation but not sufficient to be a foul". The ref's angle was the one from which it looked most like a foul, so I guess I understand why he gave it. Plus the defender did the absolute stick-on guilty thing of immediately throwing both arms up in the air and looking pleadingly at the ref in that "didn't touch him" way. If no contact is made, players tend to just act as if nothing has happened - although they might have a moan a the "diver". But you're also right about certain players. Even in the "man's games" of amateur football and the Juniors there are a few players who are known to be prone to a strong gust of wind impacting their balance. We knew who the were, and tended to judge incidents involving them sightly differently.
  7. So, up for sale. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41643718 Wonder why now...?
  8. Now, just need the Smoggies to join them...
  9. Oops http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-39716009
  10. Well that's a relief. Got on a plane in Munich at half time and spent the 2 hour flight dreaming up "ways we can still f*** it up" scenarios...
  11. His goal against Brighton on the last day of the 83/84 promotion season was amazing. Slide tackle, 360 degree shimmy, lob over Joe Corrigan. Legend
  12. Law was changed a few years ago so encroachment by attackers only when a penalty was missed became indirect free-kick rather than play-on. Caused a bit of debate because plenty thought that it should be extended to all penalties, irrespective of outcome, but it's an absolute howler. Roy is right - assistants and 4th official had a huge part to play in correcting the error - they're a team who are supposed to get the laws right between them.
  13. Thats one big step taken - thanks Burton for the 96th minute winner at Huddersfield! 14 points needed from 7 games.
  14. Massive win. Probably more important than Brighton. Harsh on the Terriers, but that's football...
  15. Top 2 teams get automatic promotion, the next 4 play off. The first round of matches are over two-legs. 3rd play 6th and 4th play 5th. The winners of these games then play each other in a one-off final at Wembley. Winning the Play-Off final and getting into the EPL "The richest match in football" is generally believed to be worth around £200m to the winner. The bottom 3 are relegated - no play offs.
  16. I read that Mike Ashley has just bought Agent Provocateur out of receivership. The opportunities for crossover in the replica kit market are mind-boggling
  17. 3 points. 6 point swing in the last 10 minutes. Good - and important - result.
  18. Interesting from The Secret Footballer this morning How long, if there's even he remotest hint of truth, before they're given the standard description of "shadowy..."
  19. Slightly surprised at Shelvey's being withdrawn - he definitely kicked out at Lansbury. Being fair (much as it pains me) to Martin, the assistant made the call all on his own despite not actually having a clear view.
  20. BBC have a bit of a track record of questionable headline accuracy...
  21. Nice late August morning. Sun shining. Drive to work with the top down (car's, not mine...). NYCS from Brisbane. Perfect.
  22. After seeing them last night, this. One of my funeral songs and my favourite video ever. How I want to grow old(er) Slightly difficult search to find a copy as there seem to be copyright issues all of a sudden http://dai.ly/x4nkx
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