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  1. Nice late August morning. Sun shining. Drive to work with the top down (car's, not mine...). NYCS from Brisbane. Perfect.
  2. After seeing them last night, this. One of my funeral songs and my favourite video ever. How I want to grow old(er) Slightly difficult search to find a copy as there seem to be copyright issues all of a sudden http://dai.ly/x4nkx
  3. Well the last manager to get us relegated is apparently certain that Rafa won't stay
  4. I have the added pain of a family full of crowing Smoggies... Last time we went down, we kept a largely unchanged squad who miraculously transformed from a bunch of lacklustre, under-performing big-time-charlies to a group of players who, under Chris Hughton, were prepared to work hard and fight for each other and subsequently won promotion fairly easily. A lesson Fat Boy failed to learn. Not sure you can say the same about this group - too much imported youth who've frozen under pressure. Fat Boy must move heaven and earth to keep Rafa as there have, at least, been signs of a rather too late turnaround. But even then I put our chances at no better than 50/50. I want Ashley gone as much as the next one, but I also want a team playing good football in the top division and challenging for Europe / the occasional trophy. They don't need to be mutually exclusive ambitions, but I fear they are.
  5. Yep. Top manager and excellent reputation for making players perform. We've got at half of a decent team hiding in the squad and now have a fighting chance of staying up. Been said of everywhere McLaren went after Man U. Decent coach, not a manager. Remains true.
  6. Would be happy with that, assuming Jose knows that some challenges are too big even for him...
  7. Perhaps after sacking so many second rate managers Mr Ashley could consider the clown who keeps appointing them
  8. So sad. Loved Pavel - kept goal the same way the team played - style, panache and an absolute disregard for defensive common sense. That team was perfectly summed up by the sight of Pav dropping his shoulder and knocking the ball past an onrushing centre forward before playing the ball upfield where Philippe Albert was making an overlapping run past the centre forward. Glory Days RIP Pav
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