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  1. This is a fair point. Should they have been playing at all given their lack of gametime.
  2. "...knocks the rugby ball forward with their arm or hands, towards the opposition and the ball hits the ground or a member of the opposition. The ball was knocked towards the opposition, irrespective of any bounces of the Wales player or England player behind him. It was a knock on. If you call on the captain to speak to his players and he gathers them under the posts to do that, then putting time back on and letting the opposition take an immediate quick penalty when they haven't had chance to return to their normal position was what, rightly, cause the anger. When Sam Warburton says "I would have been livid" I think you can sense it was, at BEST, "unfair".
  3. God, just realised that apart from LTY, the only 2 new bits of music I've bought this year are Imploding the Mirage by the Killers and this Which actually originates in 2008 in an EP called The Start but finally got it's full release this year. And is quietly brilliant. Must try harder next year...
  4. Done. Annual vote of thanks to those who put all the effort in to run and moderate the board.
  5. Scottish football plunged into mourning over passing of national hero
  6. Sign up for the weeks free trial, then make sure you cancel. Believe me, it's worth a watch
  7. A few listens now. I'm blown away by the album. It's a masterpiece. The writing and the thread throughout of age, loss, acceptance, recovery, regret, pride and memory is just magnificent. Touching without being morose, sadness tinged with the joy of the good memories. The feeling of a life achieved whilst something also slips away. I've come out of a miserable 2 months of loss and he's given me tears, smiles and nods of the head in appreciation of sentiments. Above that though is the feel and the sound. The only other albums that come close to the energy and spontaneity of the playing are Born to Run and The River. This is the E-Street Band, the world's greatest live performers, bringing that towering ability to a studio like never before, performed, produced and arranged by a team absolutely at the top of their game. There may be a couple of misfires (Thousand Guitars / Rainmaker) but honestly, forget The Rising, this is the best "E Street Band" album since The River.
  8. Is it me, or is there a touch of The Promise at the beginning?
  9. So this is my release day so far. CD and Amazon MP3 Downloads ordered as post here is so bad, it could be next week before the CD arrives. Gets email with link to Amazon download. Clicks excitedly. Downloads album. Very quick. Opens folder. Sees.... "Letter to You" and "Ghosts". Aaaarrggh, it's the bloody single, not the album. Opens chat with Amazon. Sorted in 5 minutes. Now has full album. 3 songs in. Wow..... Burning Train blowing my socks off (although given the "Long Walk Home" undertones, that's hardly surprising. Now have to go on the daily standup videoconference and interrupt my listening pleasure
  10. Land of Hope and Dreams. On a train. Heading south to collect a car. And the second the sax solo kicked in we burst upon the Ribble estuary, low sun shining through the clouds and illuminating the view. Lovely.
  11. Ah, man. Another of the greats gone.
  12. Well. That was quite good ** ** damn fine, actually
  13. "Viking, North Utsire, Forties, Cromarty; West or northwest 5 to 7, decreasing mainly 4 later. Slight or moderate in west, otherwise moderate or rough. Showers. Good."
  14. Ooft. If this is to be Messi's swansong for Barca, what a sad way for him to go out.
  15. Despite the tragedy of how they became a trio...
  16. Always used to surprise me how many ex-pro's continued to ply their trade in the Juniors, both as players and coaches. Tripping over one of the heroes of Giants Stadium 1994 on the bench for Bellshill was a little odd!
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