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  1. It's both I think. @LeoGetztalked about (to paraphrase) "flawless officiating" and fans have always whinged about refereeing decisions and more recently "why don't we use technology...". Well we are, and this is where we've landed. In terms of the laws, I agree to a point - they've been over-interpreted to the extent that the current book of Laws and instructions / interpretations runs to 144 pages. Handball has always been subjective and the "arms in an usual position" has been round for years. So we're essentially asking another referee to second guess why the first one made the decision he did. For me, if I was unsighted, I'd have been be happy to review, but if I explicitly made a deliberate / accidental decision, I'm the sole arbiter of fact. Even when I'm wrong . Offside was fine until this "part of the body with which the ball can be played" interpretation was invented. Until then the assistant simply went off torso (whose shirt is closer to the goal!) - in fact even after it was invented we still did, because there's no realistic way in real time to analyse whether Player A's big toe is closer to the goal line than player B's nipple. But TV micro analysis led to people - managers, players, pundits, fans - drawing lines on screens and complaining about decisions where inches were involved, with the outcome that we now do the same in real-time. So frankly they've got what they asked for and can suck it up! Alternatively, we could do what most refs have been saying for 15-20 years. Give us functioning goal-line technology and leave the rest to us, accepting we'll make mistakes (and take the resulting flak) - but fewer than the average player in the course of a season.
  2. Not really that unusual away from the top levels of the game where you only have 3 officials (if you're lucky!) and what they eventually did is the normal protocol - although the remaining assistant would normally be left on the dugout side and, if possible, the injured official takes a "club linesman's" role standing at the half way line and indicating ball-out but not offside. With just one assistant, the referee changes the diagonal he operates on to be able to judge things that happen in the missing assistant's zone - when you start out you typically have no assistants, so you learn the necessary positioning to be able to make the best judgement you can. Happened to me a couple of times, funniest being a semi-pro game where the ref said beforehand that he wasn't feeling well as he was fasting for Ramadan!!!!. Sure enough, at half time he said he couldn't continue and the senior assistant (me...) had to come on for the second half of what was an already feisty game.
  3. Yeah, it was OK. But Makin Movies was head and shoulders better...
  4. Love this album so much. And if you dig into the history, it's a huge influence on Stuart Price and explains the production of The Killers' Jacques La Conte remixes and his overall production of Day and Age.
  5. Wow. Just about calmed down from being a gibbering wreck for 2 hours. That was sensational rugby from England - can't remember the last time we played so well against anyone, let alone the All-Blacks.
  6. Yep, thay should decide them on boundaries NZ Italy also cancelled. Scotland Japan in doubt.
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    Sucker for this kind of thing... Alan Jones won Alain Prost's first race. Prost won Jones' last race Prost won Ayrton Senna's first race Senna won Prost's last Senna won Michael Schumacher's first race Schumacher won Senna's last Schumacher won Jenson Button's first race Button won Schumacher's last
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