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  1. My son, who I have educated well to be both a Springsteen and Killers fan, keeps telling me how good "Wonderful Wonderful" is. Sadly I have to reply "Bollocks, Bollocks"
  2. So far: Tom Jones Aug 8th, Edinburgh Steve Hackett Nov 8th, Edinburgh
  3. Nope, you don't need to stop play to issue a card, especially when there is an advantage - although you're advised to if things are getting heated or if you're planning to issue a red, in case the player makes some significant intervention in the game. That was excellent application of the advantage law - clearly signalled, checking back to make sure there were no "afters", speaking to the number 5 as he charged past and then making it clear there were 2 separate yellows for 2 separate incidents. Textbook!
  4. Now have an odd wordplay mashup going on in my head... Bitter E-Street Symphony
  5. Such sad news to wake up to. The Professor will always be the greatest as far as I am concerned. RIP.
  6. Sorry - slightly late to the Christmas element of the party, but finally got round to it. Thanks again to all the mods for the time and effort keeping this place going and fixing it when the technology gremlins take hold.
  7. Well I'm currently watching the Xmas present Blu-ray having missed it at the cinema. And permanently on the edge of tears. This is our hero, at 70, probably unwell, probably with one last album and tour left in him, putting his heart and soul into something ethereal and beautuful which clearly means a huge amount to him. When it's all done, this will be as unmissable as Hammersmith 75, LINYC, Hyde Park. It's Bruce, open, stripped down and brutally honest. Although Rhinestone Cowboy will forever be owned by Glen Campbell. Sorry.
  8. Down in London for a job interview and sitting in a very average hotel, eating a very average breakfast, watching the waters gently lap the canyons of Canary Wharf. Amongst the oh-so-normal Christmas playlist, the mood is lifted by the lost (as far as the UK seems to be concerned) Christmas classic
  9. 1. Neil Peart 2. Phil Collins (Really. Try Apocalypse in 9/8.....) 3. Phil Jordan 4. Ian Mosley 5. Frank Beard Special mention to Cozy Powell's pyrotechnics, thanks to which I have a nice little scar as a result of ducking and implanting my forehead on the stage scaffolding at the front row of Newcastle City Hall.
  10. As far as I'm concerned, he can grab as much money as he likes if he's going to play one of the seminal "live albums" of the 70s. I reckon the last time I saw him was about 1983, so it's probably time to get reacquainted!
  11. Well, the last 30 minutes have been like a sign-request frenzy. Small bar in Stockholm with a house band who've done Jole Blon and You Never Can Tell very well
  12. As someone who lived in Redcar until he was 12 before we moved to Stokesley, where my Mum still lives, I can confirm all of that!
  13. Sentences I never thought I'd write...
  14. Pretty much my perfect pairing. Now working on my good lady to convince her that Middlesbrough's a better idea than Falkirk
  15. Falkirk???????? I know Hampden's tied up with the Footy, but I'd have thought they could squeeze into Ibrox, Parkhead, Murrayfield or Tynecastle. Would much rather schelp to Ayresome Park for the Manics experience!
  16. Amidst all the 1000th game stuff, it was nice to see plucky, underrated "Own Goal" slip past Wayne Rooney to become England's all-time top scorer. Just reward for 147 years of quiet accumulation whilst others grabbed the headlines.
  17. It's both I think. @LeoGetztalked about (to paraphrase) "flawless officiating" and fans have always whinged about refereeing decisions and more recently "why don't we use technology...". Well we are, and this is where we've landed. In terms of the laws, I agree to a point - they've been over-interpreted to the extent that the current book of Laws and instructions / interpretations runs to 144 pages. Handball has always been subjective and the "arms in an usual position" has been round for years. So we're essentially asking another referee to second guess why the first one made the decision he did. For me, if I was unsighted, I'd have been be happy to review, but if I explicitly made a deliberate / accidental decision, I'm the sole arbiter of fact. Even when I'm wrong . Offside was fine until this "part of the body with which the ball can be played" interpretation was invented. Until then the assistant simply went off torso (whose shirt is closer to the goal!) - in fact even after it was invented we still did, because there's no realistic way in real time to analyse whether Player A's big toe is closer to the goal line than player B's nipple. But TV micro analysis led to people - managers, players, pundits, fans - drawing lines on screens and complaining about decisions where inches were involved, with the outcome that we now do the same in real-time. So frankly they've got what they asked for and can suck it up! Alternatively, we could do what most refs have been saying for 15-20 years. Give us functioning goal-line technology and leave the rest to us, accepting we'll make mistakes (and take the resulting flak) - but fewer than the average player in the course of a season.
  18. Not really that unusual away from the top levels of the game where you only have 3 officials (if you're lucky!) and what they eventually did is the normal protocol - although the remaining assistant would normally be left on the dugout side and, if possible, the injured official takes a "club linesman's" role standing at the half way line and indicating ball-out but not offside. With just one assistant, the referee changes the diagonal he operates on to be able to judge things that happen in the missing assistant's zone - when you start out you typically have no assistants, so you learn the necessary positioning to be able to make the best judgement you can. Happened to me a couple of times, funniest being a semi-pro game where the ref said beforehand that he wasn't feeling well as he was fasting for Ramadan!!!!. Sure enough, at half time he said he couldn't continue and the senior assistant (me...) had to come on for the second half of what was an already feisty game.
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