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  1. The rules about a Super Over to decide a tie followed by boundaries, then super over countback have been in place for over a decade (first used 2008) and 5 other T20 games have been settled on the boundaries rule (none has gone to countback). It's not that it's new, it's just incredibly rare. Equally, there was a pretty big debate about whether Net Run Rate is a fair way to decide which team progressed from the group stage after Pakistan lost out despite beating New Zealand head-to-head, but they were the rules of the competition and we all just accept them and get on with it. As for the "overthrows", it does look like Taufel believes there was an error, despite the less than clear laws, but we know that in general overthrows just get added to the number of completed runs - and Stokes completed 2 runs. It would have been pretty odd for Stokes to be credited for 2 completed runs if the ball had been stopped before reaching the boundary, but only 1 if it reached it. Have you ever seen an umpire check after overthrows whether the batsmen had crossed before the throw came in? I certainly haven't, and I've played in and watched a lot of cricket! Would have been a lot easier if Stokes had just done what Buttler said - belted Boult's last leg side full toss into the stands rather than looking for the 2!!
  2. Champagne SuperOver...
  3. Wow. Hard luck NZ. Better team on the day but just couldn't get it over the line.
  4. I suppose 1 + 2 overs of drama helps. I'd bowl Woakes, I thin...
  5. Great sportsmanship there from NZ, recognising Sokes' effort.
  6. NZ going to win deservedly, better team on the day and have handled the conditions better. As usual England have no Plan B for sensibly chasing low-ish totals. But God its been turgid. 33 boundaries in 91 overs is hardly worthy of the showcase of world cricket. No idea why the ICC thought preparing a slow green pitch would do anything other than favour the bowler. Same for both sides and NZ have dealt with it much better, but I'd have rather seen a 600 run game than a 450 one.
  7. As the only game I've watched - Sri Lanka - I jinxed, I decided to watch Le Tour De France and then see how it was going. Seems to have gone OK..
  8. Looks like Steve Smith's found somewhere new to hide his sandpaper
  9. Good performance for England in the first 50 overs, but we've looked suspect chasing even modest totals, so all still up for grabs I think.
  10. Think this is very valid. Thinking back a few years, the Men's competition seemed to be full of 5-set epics while the Ladies top seeds sailed serenely (sorry...) through 6-2 6-1. Now the usual suspects in the Men's don't really see any sort of test until the semi's, whilst the Ladies seems to be very open, with plenty of topsy-turvy 3-setters and you could make a case for 4 or 5 of the last 8 as possible winners. Perhaps the dominance of 3 or 4 Men over the last decade has had a detrimental effect on the rest of the draw, but they need to step up rather than just waiting until Federer / Nadal / Djokovic retire. Especially as Djokovic and Nadal are 4/5 years younger than Federer and could conceivably continue to dominate for years.
  11. This is a stunning release. The 31/12 remix is a big step forward (despite the original not being that bad) and 29/12 is just stunning. Head and shoulders above every other archive IMO. Incident to Rosie to Santa to Jungleland. Honestly, that's insane. Whisper it, but maybe it wasn't 1978. Maybe everything was actually better in 1980.
  12. It's the law. You can get put away for not whistling along to Cadillac Ranch in most of the lower 48
  13. Desperately trying to avoid the obvious loser / winner follow-on, but don't have the willpower...
  14. Do we think her dress will wave or sway when she alights the train...?
  15. This is crucial!! If I'm at the station waiting to pick someone up, the Arrivals board shows me where the trains come FROM. In @Tom-Joadcountry, if I'm at Haymarket waiting to pick up a child returning from Uni in Glasgow, they're on the Queen Street Train, or the Milngavie Train, not the Waverley Train...
  16. Thank you very much. Oh, you mean "him"...
  17. Thank you very much. Oh, you mean "him"...
  18. Some of us are just jealous that he has enough left to cut at his age...
  19. 3-0 for me. Really looking forward to getting hold of the full album. Definitely getting a hint of The Rising here.
  20. Agree. You'll be bored of it by September. 2027.
  21. Bit late to the party here, having been away (both physically and from the Lake) for a while. I like both the new songs. It's a different Bruce Springsteen, but one that I think I might well like very much. There are many incarnations of Bruce Springsteen and I like them all - but in varying degrees. Even the great Bruce's turned out some dross and the less-loved Bruce's some gems. This is a point in time Bruce, trying out something a little different; something that fits his age, his place in life, his voice, his vibe. At the moment, it sounds like a good diversion, so I'll buy it, listen to it, consider it, and allocate it a place in my hierarchy of Bruces. And by the way, if this Bruce has a touch of the Andy Williams about him, that's great by me.
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