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  1. Do we think her dress will wave or sway when she alights the train...?
  2. This is crucial!! If I'm at the station waiting to pick someone up, the Arrivals board shows me where the trains come FROM. In @Tom-Joadcountry, if I'm at Haymarket waiting to pick up a child returning from Uni in Glasgow, they're on the Queen Street Train, or the Milngavie Train, not the Waverley Train...
  3. Thank you very much. Oh, you mean "him"...
  4. Thank you very much. Oh, you mean "him"...
  5. Some of us are just jealous that he has enough left to cut at his age...
  6. 3-0 for me. Really looking forward to getting hold of the full album. Definitely getting a hint of The Rising here.
  7. Agree. You'll be bored of it by September. 2027.
  8. Bit late to the party here, having been away (both physically and from the Lake) for a while. I like both the new songs. It's a different Bruce Springsteen, but one that I think I might well like very much. There are many incarnations of Bruce Springsteen and I like them all - but in varying degrees. Even the great Bruce's turned out some dross and the less-loved Bruce's some gems. This is a point in time Bruce, trying out something a little different; something that fits his age, his place in life, his voice, his vibe. At the moment, it sounds like a good diversion, so I'll buy it, listen to it, consider it, and allocate it a place in my hierarchy of Bruces. And by the way, if this Bruce has a touch of the Andy Williams about him, that's great by me.
  9. Sad sad news. Had the privilege of hearing him and Jackie Stewart speak to the Jaguar hospitality room at the Spanish GP many years ago. As you can imagine, the styles were a little different!
  10. I get it - I thought that the new album was a bit weaker than Soulfire, but my god it turns up kicking and screaming live.
  11. A Little something from last night. Stunning show - possibly better than the last tour (which I didn't imagine it would be!) VID_20190520_220213.mp4
  12. Just on first listen on Spotify while waiting for Amazon to rock up with the CD. Nice vibe, typically great arrangement (insofar as the limitations of the stream allow you to tell) perhaps not with the variety of Soulfire - which is perhaps to be understood given the vast time and artist range those songs covered - but real smile inducing music. Looking forward to seeing him again in 2 weeks time. Spent the last time shaking my head at the surprise of it all, and wondering if I'd have ever convinced my younger self,who was either still at school or living nowhere near where he played in the 80's incarnation, that all I had to do was wait until my early 50's and I WOULD hear "Out of the Darkness" played live one day. Suppose expecting "Undefeated" is an ask too far...
  13. I absolutely love this. Sweeping, atmospheric, beautifully crafted and arranged. Nice to know the old boy still has it in him.
  14. If you have a Spotify Premium account you will be able to download it
  15. Nah, think the grille / headlight layout is different
  16. 1. Backstreets. Not the classic it's cracked up to be, not even in the top 5 on BTR. 2. The sax solo on Drive All Night is better than Jungleland
  17. Another one for the "the ball is in play until it isn't" debate https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/47865731 And by the way, it's in play until it enters the goal, comes to rest or passes outside the field of play
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