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  1. Great pole from Leclerc. 2nd youngest ever (after his team mate). Hope he translates it to a win tomorrow - he's been stunning all weekend
  2. Uber geek stat just cropped up on the Sky feed from Bahrain 1. Every Finn who has ever led the world championship has gone on to win in. 2. Every team that has had a 1-2 in Melbourne has gone on to win the world championship with the driver who won in Melbourne. Ergo. Bottas is going to be world champion and we can all pack up and go home. You heard it here first
  3. He hints at all sorts of stuff all the time!!
  4. Think Alonso is overall the best driver post Schumi. He just made some pretty awful career choices in terms of joining teams on the way down, whereas Hamilton has had the luck of the draw in the opposite direction. His embracing of WTC and Indy shows, like Mark Webber, a guy interested in racing in all its forms. He'll be in the Indy 500 but not sure if he's doing any other races outside of WTC this year. I think were he to achieve the Triple Crown it would be an incredible achievement in these days of specialising drivers.
  5. Nice work by Bottas, but Ferrari nowhere. Going to be a long season...
  6. Well, that was a bit depressing. Good job by Lando Norris though
  7. So, Ferrari continue their Friday sandbagging from last year...
  8. RIP Charlie Indeed. Without he and Sid Watkins there would be a lot fewer drivers around to mourn his passing
  9. He'll be easily recognised - running into other cars then having a massive strop about why it wasn't his fault, whilst looking like Mr Bean's geekier nephew.
  10. Episode 4 of the Netflix thing was a hoot - Christian Horner v Cyril Abiteboul on swapping engines, poaching drivers and generally rubbishing each other. At turns hilarious and excruciatingly embarrassing. Funniest thing was Horner describing Mad Max and Daniel as their "best ever" driver pairing. Er, Vettel and Webber anyone - just the 4 world championships, 1 second place and 3 thirds between them!
  11. Just finished watching Safe. Nice mystery with plenty of plot twists and an interesting feature at the start of each episode, where it gave you an additional flashback of previously omitted detail from the previous episodes to help your theorizing.
  12. Chat seems to be that they are concerned about Ferrari's obvious pace advantage in testing (not that you can always read too much into that) plus there is a feeling that Leclerc will be better at taking points off the Mercedes' than Raikkonen was - Kimi didn't generally get between Vettel and the Mercedes that often when they all finished - and Ferrari have been clear that they will use team orders earlier, as opposed to not imposing them last year when there was clearly only one driver in contention. Edit - he also apparently believes that the "front of the midfield" is much closer to the top 3 than previously, although again testing didn't really show that
  13. Ah, better put my Papaya and Blue merchandise away, then... Mind you, couldn't stand them under mad Ron, to be honest...
  14. Watched the first 3 Netflix episodes and really enjoyed them. Looking forward to the new season, but think it's still going to be a Ferrari / Merc battle again - although Honda seem to have made big steps forward I don't think they'll quite have the pace or reliability Red Bull want this season (which I don't min'd 'cos I've got no time for Horner, Marko or Verstappen!). Midfield battle is going to be really close - not sure pre-season testing really shook out the order - and that as always is where the real racing goes on. Pretty dire for free-to-air in the UK - highlights only except the British GP - but I took the punt on Sky last year and their coverage IS really good, and visually spectacular in Ultra HD. Only problem for me is both Sky and C4 commentators are hopelessly up the arses of Hamilton and Verstappen, neither of whom can do any wrong in their eyes.
  15. Interesting perspective from Peter Walton (PL ref until a couple of years ago) 1) not even a doubt in his mind that it was a penalty because the arm was raised and away from the body 2) the back turn (shite defending aside) actually made it more likely to be awarded because the player is then unable to attempt to get his arms out of the way (or at least be seen to be trying to) Just for laughs, from 1st June the laws may be "clarified" further so than ANY contact between ball and hand outside of the body's "natural silhouette" - i.e. hands at your side - will be a handball....
  16. FWIW refs weren't in favour of VAR (and from occasional chats with them, still aren't) but they have no choice other than to use it when its there. Couple of points on last night... The assistant ref may well have been the one to say to the ref "have a look at that - may have been handball" That's why they're all mic'd up Doesn't matter whether the shot was on target, over the bar or hitting the corner flag On balance, probably JUST a penalty. The arm was left out in an "unnatural position" which under FIFA guidelines means its handball (irrespective of whether you've turned your back). Keep your arms at your side and you don't run the risk of putting the ref in a position to make that decision But, beyond that, what a week of football...
  17. Reckon they're no better or worse than anywhere else. As the article says, they're getting plenty of International and Champions League games, so they must be doing something right outside of the goldfish bowl. We all grow up thinking some teams get everything from the Ref (for me it was always Liverpool). Maybe it's true, maybe its confirmation bias when we only see the things that go for them. Dunno. Mind you, McCurry, there was a "character..."
  18. Good article this morning about the ever-recurring demands from some quarters for foreign referees in the SPL https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47312046
  19. OK, here we go for the least accurate prediction list: 1. Sunderland will be promoted (start with the most outlandish first) 2. Greasy Lake. LOHAD will see rational debate and mutual respect for differing points of view (guilty as charged m'Lud). Kind words will be spoken about the President of the USA. 3. Greasy Lake. The photo thread in Loose Ends will develop (sorry...) the ability to display in portrait orientation 4. Greasy Lake. The time of release for the Friday archive will become of more interest than the archive itself. Harsh words will be spoken and the rumour thread for release time will have to be moved to LOHAD to protect the innocent. Arguments will break out over whether things really were better when archives were released at 19:78 (Eastern) 5. E Street Band. Will not be seen as a touring entity this year 6. E Street Band. Stevie will start filming Leithammer, the story of a mysterious bandana-wearing out-of-towner trying to muscle in on the cut-throat music arrangement scene in Edinburgh's port area. 7. E Street Band. Short clips of various members in studio locations will continue to pop up on social media, leading to frenzied speculation as to what chord that was, which song they are playing, whether anyone can zoom in on the sheet music on the piano and what it all means 8. Bruce. Will release something solo-ish / acoustic-ish 9. Bruce. Will not tour in support of his solo-ish / acoustic-ish thing 10. Bruce: There'll be some sort of BITUSA / Nebraska box-set thing, recognising the shared heritage of both albums. This will include "Electric Nebraska: Mission Impossible Version". If you play it, it will self-destruct 5 seconds later. This will leave members of a popular internet forum dedicated to the works of Bruce Springsteen juggling with a conundrum. Is it worth hearing just once or, as they've lived for 37 years without hearing it, can that continue, safe in the knowledge that the damn thing does actually exist.
  20. thomam

    Andy Murray

    Such a shame to end like this. I hope he listens to his body and if it's not up to it, doesn't try and play on. He needs it for the rest of his life.
  21. That's what I originally thought, which would have been reasonable, but the whistle had already gone at that point I couldn't see anyone offside and active at any other time in the move.
  22. It was always the best beer in Embra. To be fair, even my soft southern shandy drinker accent barely used to raise an eyebrow. Except that time I ordered a Campari and Soda...
  23. Aye, had heard that if not actually gentrified, it was now at least potentially survivable
  24. Oh, I think he was punched, but perhaps not in a manner that would be recognised in the Diggers...
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