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  1. That's what I originally thought, which would have been reasonable, but the whistle had already gone at that point I couldn't see anyone offside and active at any other time in the move.
  2. It was always the best beer in Embra. To be fair, even my soft southern shandy drinker accent barely used to raise an eyebrow. Except that time I ordered a Campari and Soda...
  3. Aye, had heard that if not actually gentrified, it was now at least potentially survivable
  4. Oh, I think he was punched, but perhaps not in a manner that would be recognised in the Diggers...
  5. He didn't deserve it, but the "he was just trying to calm the home support down" line is arrant bollocks too! Both assistants also hit by "objects" from the crowd. And I'm still trying to work out why the goal was actually disallowed...
  6. It's a farcical decision, but I suspect the SRU weren't minded to make Murrayfield available given recent decisions. But at the very least, play the Hearts game first...
  7. Seems to be a mere statement of fact...
  8. As a site it's prime, but as a retail building it's not really cut out for anything other than a department store - and it would be a brave company to go into the department store business at the moment. I guess they could redevelop into individual units, but that's going to cost a lot of time and money - at a time where there's about to be 700,000 square feet of shiny new retail space going in at the new St. James Centre, plus another 40,000 or so at the new Haymarket development. Sadly, the proposed office / bars / restaurants option feels like the least worst option (better than the hotel alternative...) and will make a lot more money than Fat Mike's knock-down rent proposal...
  9. The Edinburgh store was announced for closure well before the Fat C*&* appeared on the scene, with a plan to convert to offices - which is scandalous in itself, given its location. I was surprised to hear Ashley was trying to keep it open, to be honest, but I guess he thought it was worth a try. If the landowners reckon they can get more for offices that Ashley was willing to pay, not surprised they declined his offer...
  10. Another great test match. Amazing fightback by India from 2-3 to be in a position where you genuinely thought they might be in with a chance. What a series this has been - up there with Ashes 2010 in my opinion. And Jimmy becomes top wicket taking fast bowler of all time in the ultimate quick's way - knocking the middle stump out of the ground. Another legend. England are going to struggle in Sri Lanka though. Not enough quality and application in the batting and a little one dimensional in the bowling outside helpful English conditions.
  11. And now a century in his last innings to go with the one in his first. Legend.
  12. Feel a bit sorry for the ref - shafted by the assistant. Less so for Les Mottram who decided all by himself...
  13. So, farewell to Alastair Cook. Bit of a legend, even if you do sometimes think there was still a bit more there. For England, records for most tests, most runs, most half centuries, most centuries, most games captained, most catches. For overall test cricket, records for most consecutive matches played and most runs scored as an opener. Not too shabby. Not sure where the next Alastair Cook is going to come from.
  14. Some of have been in foreign climes for the weekend and following exclusively through the BBC text commentary! Been an interesting series - 1 hammering a piece and 2 low scoring tests that could have easily gone the other way. Good to see that England continue to develop good swing and seam bowlers and-rounders, but the fact that we're essentially having to play 4 number 6's because the upper order is shockingly out of form is a real concern. Were it not for home advantage and the quality of our bowling, we'd probably have lost this series comprehensively.
  15. eek 4 1 September Leicester v Liverpool 2 - 2 Brighton v Fulham 1 - 0 Chelsea v Bournemouth 3 -1 Crystal Palace v Southampton 1 - 0 Everton v Huddersfield 1 - 2 West Ham v Wolverhampton 2 - 1 Man City v Newcastle 4 - 1 2 September Cardiff v Arsenal 1 - 2 Burnley v Man United 2 - 1 Watford v Tottenham 1 - 2
  16. The whole series has been. Hard, feisty cricket, but played in the right spirit. Too much talk about test cricket being outdated, but it's still the best form of the game.
  17. It was and it is. The Anderson / Kohli battle alone is worthy of its own box-set
  18. Week 3 25 August Wolverhampton v Man City 0 - 3 Arsenal v West Ham 2 - 2 Bournemouth v Everton 1 -1 Huddersfield v Cardiff 2 - 1 Southampton v Leicester 1 - 1 Liverpool v Brighton 4 - 2 26 August Watford v Crystal Palace - 1 - 2 Fulham v Burnley 2 - 1 Newcastle v Chelsea 1 - 1 27 August Man United v Tottenham 1 - 3
  19. Great test match. Nip and tuck all the way, both teams getting on top, then being pegged back. Real excitement and uncertainty until the last session.
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