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  1. Jack Of All Parades. (Elvis Costello)
  2. Fishing, in With Every Wish. If fishing can qualify as a sport.
  3. Reading now in a music magazine a review of the re-release of the Neneh Cherry (debut) album Raw Like Sushi. In 1990 she was nominated for a Grammy in the categorie 'Best New Act'. She did not win. THe winner was: ........ Milli Vanilli.....
  4. Georgia Rae. (John Hiatt)
  5. So I did watch the I´m On Fire video the past 5 minutes, for the first time in -as far as I can remember- many years. The video is indeed very bad and embarrassing and has nothing to do with the lyrics of the song. But Bruce looks very handsome…. (or, as our man said himself, teenage idol at the age of 35).
  6. It was also said [on this forum] the 'freight train going through the middle of my head' is about Bruce's feelings of depression. Edit: more the whole 3rd verse, not only this line. In hindsight, even more strange such a spooky song with these lyrics was a very big hit all around the world, in some countries No.1. Different times indeed.
  7. 'Embarassing' is maybe a better word. Or just: a very bad video, Bruce's worst video after the Dancing In The Dark video (which is also very bad, horrible and embarassing).
  8. Human Touch is one of Bruce's best videos. It helps -of course- it is a video for a very great song, Bruce's greatest song of the 90s.
  9. I did not read the whole topic (yet), maybe it was mentioned before, but: Pilgrim In The Temple Of Love , anyone?