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  1. Curfew. (various songs, by various artists, with this title, according to Mr. Google)
  2. Daisey. What I said. Helsinki was NOT chosen because it would be no problem if it would get lost [or at least they said so]. It seems Helsinki was chosen because -it seems- they wanted the first Rising show to be a solid show with a standard setlist, representative of a regular Rising Tour show. Which makes sense, considering it was also said, in the early beginning, they would not release all the special, legendary shows first.
  3. The Party's Over. (Talk Talk) Edit: meant as link to the post of The London Girl.
  4. What I was talking about was some years ago, with a more or less official denial the Helsinki show was chosen just because it was a sort of standard show with no problem if it would get lost.
  5. Zero. (The Smashing Pumpkins)
  6. Ten Second News. (Son Volt)
  7. This theory came up before and was denied [on this forum, maybe even in this topic]. They did NOT choose Helsinki just because it was a standard show and no problem if it would be lost. BTW Helsinki is, as a solid show with a rather standard setlist, a better representation of the Rising Tour than let's say the Shea shows, with all the rarities and 'special guests'.
  8. Now that would be a very nice gesture by our man. And no invitation for Dave Marsh.
  9. The title of the Simple Minds song is 'The American' (not plural). Link: In search of Peter Pan (Kate Bush).
  10. In no particular order: The Backstreets book (both editions). The book Songs, by our man himself. Patrick Humphries & Chris Hunt: The Blinded By The Light Book, even if it is 36 years old now. Marc Dolan: Down Thunder Road. The Mike Appel side of the story, as counter-reaction to Dave Marsh. (Despite the previous): Dave Marsh: Bruce Springsteen On Tour 1968-2005. Robert Santelli: Greetings From E Street-The Story of Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band. The Rolling Stones Files. Everything Rolling Stone wrote about Bruce Springsteen, from the very be
  11. Thunder on the mountain. (Bob Dylan)
  12. ............... (post deleted because very off-topic and before a private conversation that, indeed, should be a private conversation, will derail this topic).
  13. ...or before you fill the available space up with photos of a certain well-known male person in an orange swimming suit.
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