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  1. Then She Kissed Me, Bottom Line 15 August 1975.
  2. Lampi

    Songs that link

    Just Like Tom Thumb' s Blues.
  3. Lampi

    The Greatest Springsteen Song: Round 6

    ...but like you said yourself, others (not idiotic diehard fans like us, but more sane casual fans) might ask when seeing the last 20 songs: where are Born In The U.S.A., Dancing In The Dark, My Hometown and Hungry Heart? (or, not knowing this poll is only about album tracks, where is Streets Of Philadelphia?) Or maybe even: where are The Rising and Tunnel Of Love?
  4. He made it easier to play The Price You Pay acoustic in 1980/1981 (And with the alternative verse from the original Ties That Bind album version).
  5. Real Man is performed more often (from the top of my head 12 times, could also be 13 or 14) than some songs like Paradise, Man At The Top and some other rarities from Tracks which were performed only a few times; and also Real Man was performed more often than some other HT/LT songs.
  6. Lampi

    Songs that link

    Perfect Circle (R.E.M.)
  7. Lampi

    Songs that link

    Seven Chinese Brothers, R.E.M.
  8. Lampi

    where i have been (a to z)

    The supermarket.
  9. Lampi

    Songs that link

    Tupelo. (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds)
  10. Lampi

    Songs that link

    No Free Lunch. (Green On Red)
  11. Lampi

    Songs that link

    Caribbean Wind. (Bob Dylan)
  12. Not quite right, as it was this (from Brucebase): 'The May-July 1987 period saw Springsteen conducting further recording sessions back out on the west coast at A&M Studios in Los Angeles (and possibly related solo sessions at his west coast home studio as well). The initial phase of these A&M Studios sessions included three outside session musicians (together and individually) - Jay Dee Maness (pedal steel, and at the time a member of ex-Byrd Chris Hillman's Desert Rose Band), Richard Greene (a noted fiddle player) and James “Jimmie” Wood (a harmonica specialist). A July 1987 news piece in Rolling Stone magazine reported on the three musician's involvement in Springsteen sessions in Los Angeles. Some individual members of the E Street Band were also involved in these, or slightly later, west coast A&M Studio sessions. However the only recording that’s surfaced from all these west coast sessions is "One Step Up" (which features only Patti Scialfa in support). Of these three "outside" session men – only James Wood appears on any of the known recordings (a harmonica overdub on "Spare Parts").'
  13. Yes; but there is almost nothing known about these sessions and it could have been other songs, not Tunnel songs.