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  1. Can Your Pussy Do The Dog? (The Cramps)
  2. Reading now in a Dutch music magazine a review of Western Stars-Songs From The Film (The live album) which mentions the song 'Born On The Run' (sic). And I think the writer in fact means Born In The U.S.A. (the song). What shall we do with this man? BTW it is a very negative review.
  3. ..But say: 'You are the Pilgrim In The Temple Of Love and without doubt you have a present for me!'
  4. Tupelo. (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds)
  5. The King Of Rock 'n' Roll. (Prefab Sprout)
  6. Rock 'N' Roll Star. (Oasis)
  7. Flame Of The West. (Big Country)
  8. From Brucebase: 'Tonight's show (and potentially the next night) may have been filmed on the Winterland's in-house video system. However, no concrete evidence has ever emerged that indicate this is the case. Certainly, there is plenty of video of other artists from around the same time, but the most likely scenario is that any film was lost in a fire at Bill Graham's San Francisco warehouse offices in 1985. It is possible that a copy may still reside in Springsteen's vaults.' Edit: However, there is a story (which maybe is true, maybe it is not) the show (or the next night, or both) were filmed from the audience, and the video was offered for sale to the Springsteen organisation, which -apparently-denied the offer, because it was too expensive. (Was it really too expensive? If true-and not a myth-better explanation could be -maybe- the quality of the video was not good enough).
  9. Learning How To Love You. (John Hiatt)
  10. But new releases were also not on the first Friday yet then.
  11. Something 'VERY BIG' for Christmas could be a good opportunity for something 'less popular' (Seeger?) In Januari only a few weeks after the Christmas release.
  12. But should there not be a list of ALL possible 'very special shows' and all 'very special shows that were also filmed' and could be the 'very special Christmas release'? ......................... Wait a minute, that list is probably already in this topic. Were there also very special shows with Carole King in the audience?