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  1. Pharaoh. (Richard Thompson; without Linda this time).
  2. The Egypt Room. (Richard and Linda Thompson)
  3. Lonesome Day is one of the best songs on The Rising. But I understand the 'It's alright it's allright' in live-versions-with-audience-participation can for some be annoying. The 2005 live versions brought the song back to basics.
  4. I would not call Outlaw Pete 'brilliant' but it is a good song and it was something new and innovative in 2009. The song is different from every other Bruce Springsteen song.
  5. The real point about the signs is: You arrive at 7.00 a.m.You wait all day. You manage to get into the pit and then you can't see anything of the show because the people in front of you are holding A VERY BIG SIGN blocking the view of everyone behind them and this the whole show (not from personal experience but from what I read on this forum). Also someone's great rarity song is someone else's 'it was an outtake because it is not a good song.'
  6. 8-10 songs from new ESB album. 4-5 songs from Western Stars. Songs from Tunnel Of Love, Magic, The Rising, WOAD. Born To Run in the encore. No sign requests. No full album shows. Acoustic Waiting On A Sunny to open the encore. Bruce singing alone as all Sunny Day kids will be asleep and gone to bed around that time. And a REAL LONG Kitty at the shows in New Zealand.
  7. Many years ago (my 2nd Bruce show, in 1993) we came to our seats to find out there were allready people sitting in our seats... (which were very good seats close to the stage). But we told them to go away and they did.
  8. As said/speculated allready by others, likely some Western Stars songs will be played on the coming ESB tour, like Nebraska songs were played on the BUSA Tour.
  9. Maybe also because The E Street Shuffle was only played in the album version early 1974, to be replaced by the -very great- slow live versions including the famous long introduction stories about meeting Clarence, with the album version going completely out of sight. (But all songs from the first two albums were mostly out of sight between 1978 and 1999, except Growin' Up and Rosalita and some rare performances for a few others). Maybe Sancious and Carter leaving the band was the end of live performances of the album version. Except some rare performances from 2000 onwards, the horn section made the song a regular on the WB Tour, or at least in 2012. Edit: this is not all be correct; ESS was allready played live in a 1973. A quick look on Brucebase does not reveal immediately when the electric album version was dropped in favour of the slow version; maybe for some time both versions alternated.
  10. Sun Comes Up It's Tuesday Morning.
  11. Well that is a very good analysis (not only the quoted part but your whole post). (And except HT is not a poor album except the last 3 songs but that is another discussion).
  12. What's the problem with Better Days? A very good (maybe not great) rock song and quite good lyrics too, with also some self-mockery. Ain't Got You is an essential album opener as it sets the tone and theme for everything which follows on a perfect sequenced album. But also each to his/her own, etc.