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  1. The whole Tunnel album is sequenced perfectly.
  2. Nebraska box. To celebrate this Bruce will do a full Nebraska album solo performance live radio broadcast today!
  3. Was You'll Be Comin' Down not about Bruce's extra-marital affair?
  4. I Think I Smell A Rat. (The White Stripes)
  5. Richard Thompson. Johnny Cash with his American Recordings. Nick Cave.
  6. ...and into a box set of unreleased songs-outtakes. Many decisions to do, or not to do-especially not to do- something, in the 70s and 80s -probably less in the 90s- were influenced by his unhealthy perfectionism. He became more relaxed and less perfectionist in the new century (it is said one reason for this were anti-depressants).
  7. .....mid-80s video clips (some of them).....disco remixes.... In reverse, more mid-80s: Live 1975-85 was something not really ever done before, such a huge and ambitious live box (except Dylan with Biograph, but that was not a live set of course, even if it had some live songs). The real arguments against Bruce not being innovative -or a 'trailblazer'- are Nebraska and Seeger Sessions (and without doubt, there will be more counter-arguments, but these are the two that spring to mind immediately). In a negative way: MTV Plugged. Not doing what everyone else did, against the format and the name of the show, in a time when the Unplugged format was very popular and succesful; stubborn but not in a good way.
  8. And a very interesting way. Maybe not true, but very interesting indeed -with maybe some 'over-analyze' as you say. ....then this could be followed by: 'but the different possible interpretations just add to the greatness of the song'....except that it is not a great song.
  9. A Million Love Songs. (Take That)
  10. Supermarkt. You have to go somewhere these days.
  11. Do It Clean. (Echo and the Bunnymen)