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  1. For music it is one of the best songs on HT and Bruce sings beautiful. The lyrics are embarassing bad. In reverse a song like The Long Goodbye has rather good (not great) lyrics but the music is nothing special.
  2. Born In The U.S.A. and Shut Out The Light are companion pi├Ęces and as was mentioned before by posters on this forum, probably no co├»ncidentie Shut Out was the B-Side to BUSA.
  3. Stolen Car-Wreck-Point Blank sequence in 1980 and -not that often-in 1981; one of the great Bruce Springsteen song sequences.
  4. She Bangs The Drums. (The Stone Roses).
  5. Is Walk Like A Man a song about hope or about eternal damnation? And about fear, failure, and the fear to fail. Maybe this question can be asked for more songs on the Tunnel album-or even the whole Tunnel album. The first 3 songs are about hope, but after that it gets difficult. Bobby is doomed, Janey is not, and maybe there is hope the child will not be like his father. And there is hope in Valentine's Day, but it is false hope as we all know how it ended-but maybe with the hope the next try would be better-and it was. This all thoughts while listening to the Nebraska album in the dark [before posting].
  6. Darkness On The Edge Of Town!!!!!!!! New Jersey 9 October 2007.