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  1. The Bed's Too Big Without You.
  2. Mason-Dixon Line. The Long Ryders.
  3. As long as it is does not say poppers. Unless you go to Reno.
  4. 22 Going On 23. The Butthole Surfers.
  5. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me. The Jayhawks.
  6. The Colors of Siam (Miss Universe 2018 Theme Song).
  7. Up On The Roof! Cleveland 10 August 1975. This is a really great show! And as said good sound quality for the era; such a shame the recording is incomplete. This was the the last show before the Bottom Line shows. Edit, this from the Backstreets book: "Jane Scott in the 'Cleveland Plain Dealer': "He looked like a cross between a dock hand and a pirate. He stood on the darkened Allen Theater stage last night in black greaser jacket, blue jeans. a gray wool cap pulled over an eye and a gold earring in his left ear. Only a pianist played as he began singing about slums and switchblades in his 'Incident On 57th Street'. His name is Bruce Springsteen. He will be the next superstar.""
  8. Ugliest Girl In The World (Bob Dylan).
  9. Incident On 57th Street! Cleveland 10 August 1975-according to Brucebase and the Backstreets book Allen Theatre, Cleveland, Ohio. But my cassette tape and the Blinded By The Light book both say the 10 August 1975 show is from Civic Theatre, Canton, Ohio! The mysteries of the tape trading days, way back then! I did not listen to this cassette tape since what must have been 1994 or 1995-good sound quality for the era. It is only 1 cassette tape as the recording is -again- incomplete. This show was once a little bit famous for the last known performance of New York City Serenade. Until NYC Serenade resurfaced in 1999 and until it was revealed the song was also played at two of the Bottom Line 1975 shows.
  10. Atlas Shrugged (The Red Headed Woman).
  11. Super Trouper (ABBA). (To avoid all links about food, lunch and dinner and about the U.S.A...)
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