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  1. Six O' Clock News. Kathleen Edwards.
  2. Fair Play. Van Morrison. Edit: this song is the opening song from Veedon Fleece; the closing song is called Country Fair. But that would be a very lazy link. Even at 00.24. A.M.
  3. Let's bring this to the attention of @Early North Jersey.....
  4. Blonde On Blonde was the second Dylan album I bought. (The first one was John Wesley Harding, still -also- one of my favourite Dylan albums, but in hindsight maybe not exactly the right place to start; but that is maybe another story). Excited and fully aware of the albums reputation I went home. And then... ...they had made a mistake at the record store and only the second album, Side 3 and 4, was in the double vinyl set! (this is a really true story!). I got back to the record store the next day, where they had discovered the mistake and Side 1 and Side 2 were waiting for me. And the album did-of course-not disappoint. This all said, Blood On The Tracks is my favourite Dylan album. Blonde On Blonde has a few good, but not great songs-especially on Side 3; but like other classic double vinyl albums, a single album with only the best songs-mainly Side 1 and Side 2-would maybe not have the same impact; the not-very-great (not bad) songs make it more than the sum of its parts, all part of the thin, wild, mercurial sound.
  5. Steel Wheels is from 1989... ....and both are good albums. Steel Wheels was also a sort of comeback album; one of the famous 1989 comeback albums by old rock dinosaurs! ['old rock dinosaurs' by 1989 standards, that is]. (Also: Neil Young-Freedom, Bob Dylan-Oh Mercy and Lou Reed-New York). And when the Stones went on tour again, for the first time since early 80s, it was whispered that 1989-1990 tour maybe could be their last tour.... other times indeed. On the other hand, every Bruce Springsteen & The ESB Tour since 1999-2000 it was said that particular tour could be their last tour together...that also.
  6. Sad Professor. R.E.M., a song from their album Up.
  7. Ah nice, the day after a release already discussion about what the next one could be!
  8. For The Singer Of R.E.M. (Firehose)
  9. Meanwhile no @Daisey Jeep in sight. She is probably very busy now making sure there is enough room on her phone for Prove It All Night.
  10. This is what I was hoping for when the Series started! A show with incomplete circulating audio and a partially unknown setlist. I was not especially waiting for shows that were already available in excellent sound quality for decades.
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