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  1. If I could do it all over again, I'd do it all over you.
  2. Let's make this 'probably the last ESB album which is followed by a tour, or at least the intention at this moment of a tour'. Why would they not continue to make music together without going on tour?
  3. Rolling Stone 7 April 1988, by Steve Pond: 'Naturally, he didn't stop there: in case anyone doubted that the guy could still rock the house down, he tore into Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) and his [sic] Devil With A Blue Dress On Medley. The horn section made these warhorses sound fresher than they have for some time.' [......] '.....it was a night that suggested the prisoner of love can be just as remarkable as the prisoner of rock & roll ever was.' From the time Rolling Stone articles about Bruce Springsteen were often great, insightful articles that could be taken seriously.
  4. It seems only shows in New Jersey 1984, New Jersey 1985 and L.A. 1985 were recorded, and not even all of them (only 4 of the 10 NJ 1984 shows; for NJ 1985 (6 shows) it is -I think- unknown how many were recorded; 2 of the 6 shows were source concerts for Live 1975-85). All 4 L.A. 1985 shows were recorded and filmed (according to Backstreets book). One of them, the first night, is already released. It is almost sure another one will be on video in the inevitable BUSA Box. The other two likely to come in time.
  5. It can get annoying, turning a very great song into a sort of party song. And Badlands is not a party song. Also, as often, difference between hearing it on a recording of a show and being there in person.
  6. Seems it is not possible to edit posts?
  7. I think I first read the term 'war horses' in a review of the first night of the Tunnel Tour in -probably- Rolling Stone, referring to Rosalita and Detroit Medley as 'warhorses who sound fresher now than they have in some time' or something like that (will check in the Rolling Stones files book later). In the same way, the songs which were not played on the Tunnel Tour (or at least not in the U.S.A.) were also sometimes described as 'warhorses dropped from the setlist' (Thunder Road, Jungleland, Badlands, The Promised Land, Prove It All Night, etc.). To answer the question. She's The One,
  8. See the other Song for Orphans topic. Which already dropped to page 2 (maybe a mod can merge the topics).
  9. Do you mean the Live 1975-85 version had overdubs or what? The audience is different as the arena audience on Nebraska was removed and changed for stadiion audience to fit ibetter in with the next songs from stadion shows. Just like the arena audience on Sandy was changed for a club audience to fit in with the Roxy songs. (But maybe this is not what you meant).
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