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  1. This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody). Talking Heads; a song from the Speaking In Tongues album.
  2. Supernova. Opal; a song from their album Happy Nightmare Baby. Opal was a band from the Paisley Underground, later evolving in the more famous Mazzy Star.
  3. The Revealing Science of God (Dance of The Dawn). (Yes).
  4. Wow. That is a really very great performance.
  5. The Murder Mystery. (The Velvet Underground)
  6. Exile, Transformer and Sailin' Shoes.
  7. I own the Crystal Cat bootleg of that show, (Saturday Night), the third show in New York 2000. From memory a very enjoyable show, more loose than 1 July 2000. Maybe there was some tension during the last 2 shows, because they were recorded and filmed-and of course the emotion of the last show; not saying 17 June 2000 is a better show than 1 July 2000, just different. For setlist 29 June 2000 and 1 July 2000 were at least on paper also not the most interesting of the New York stand (let alone the entire tour); but a setlist has nothing to do with the greatness and the quality of the performance (sometimes even on the contrary). It's funny [if that is the right word] you don't seem to hold 1 July 2000 in such high regard while you were there in person; because the dividing opinion on that show (especially discussed when it came out as an Archive release) seems to be between those who were there that night, and those who think that the show is overrated because of its historical significance, and because of its two key moments Lost In The Flood and -especially- Blood Brothers. (A little bit like the St. Louis 2008 show then).
  8. Yes, but except LOHAD they were only played at the very end of the tour. And not one of them is a really great song -opinions might vary about American Skin- is it a very good song, or a great song-personally I prefer the High Hopes studio version to the live version. Further On Up The Road was a highlight of the Seeger Tour, not especially great in its ESB incarnation (live or studio). As mentioned before, there were many songs played from Tracks, but most of them were not performed that often, or only once. And many of the rarities/songs which were unplayed for decades became regulars in the Reunion Era, or at least songs which were played from time to time; even leading to sign requests, 'stump the band', obscure covers and full album shows. But at least there were no Sunny Day kids in 1999/2000. ............... The Reunion Tour is very much stuck in its time, the exitement of Bruce & ESB playing together again. Very exiting for those, who never got the chance to see them earlier (because of their age or because of other reasons). Very exiting for those, who got the chance to hear songs they before only dreamed of hearing live (because those particular songs were absent from setlists since River Tour or earlier). Also a tour in venues with a roof on it (with some exceptions); not knowing yet all future European tours [with the ESB] would be mostly shows in huge outdoor venues. A tour for the fans. My very personal opinion is the Rising and Magic Tours, with setlists build around the great new album, were better tours than the Reunion Tour; especially in 2002 and 2007.
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