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  1. Not mine either. Tweeter And The Monkey Man.
  2. Tea In The Sahara. (The band of the Greasy Lake enemy)
  3. From Brucebase: 'Sometime in June, Bruce found himself at Kren Studio on Sunset Boulevard, playing with several Nashville session players that were hanging out. Kren, which had opened only a few months earlier, was owned by Ken Suesov, who worked with Merle Haggard, so Springsteen knew what he would find there. His partners were Jay Dee Maness on pedal steel guitar, Richard Greene on fiddle, and James “Jimmie” Wood, who was playing harmonica. Wood, who had a band called the Immortals, had been known as "The Boss Of Kings Himself… The Immortal Jimmie Wood", and played punk and other styles before his latest phase. The content of these sessions is shrouded in mystery, but upon finding out somebody had leaked his activities to the press, Springsteen got upset and terminated the sessions. The only music that made the album was a harmonica piece that Wood did, which was overdubbed on the already recorded "Spare Parts". Springsteen took the tapes and returned to New Jersey.' The Rolling Stone from 24 September 1987 (according to The Rolling Stones files; always nice to have these things at hand); says the musicians were used for recording Tunnel Of Love. Which is either a mistake-worng information or they indeed recorded Tunnel songs, so not a lost country album then. Just like the 1994 album, after all those years it is still not clear what was recorded. Rolling Stone also says Tunnel Of Love is a 'sensual' album...
  4. OK a more serious answer then. Somewhere in 1987-Summer-, when Tunnel Of Love was still just the name of a Dire Straits song, news came out Bruce Springsteen was recording a new studio album with country musicians from Nashville. In context: Bruce was still the biggest rock star in the world then (not counting U2 as a 'rock star' but as a band), so this was not news only publised in Bruce Springsteen fan magazines, but really hot news in general music magazines.
  5. That's right; and because the fanbase is not getting younger too. However would it not be very strange if Bruce the famous (or notorious) control freak who drove everyone mad with his super-perfection during recording sessions, would not already have arranged these things, in his will and other documents, to prevent a Jimi Hendrix-like (or Jeff Buckley-like) exploitation of his legacy? This all not reason to not release Electric Nebraska, the 1994 hip hop album, the 1987 country album, the 2010 country album, Tracks 2, Nebraska box, BUSA box and Tunnel Of Love Tour DVD (or Tunnel Of Love box) during his lifetime (better: ASAP as you said).
  6. Tour without Steve so Nils can play more guitar. In a post-corona world, diving into the crowd, crowd surfing (a la Hungry Heart) is probably a no-go area (if Bruce's back would allow that anyway), so Bruce could maybe play more guitar too. (Nothing against Steve; on contrary all the 'lost discussions' during track selecting for the River album should have been 'won discussions'!).
  7. I would say most fans like, or love WOAD; but those who don't like it make so much noise it seems they are with many.
  8. Detroit Medley in 1988 had some added value in context with Rosalita before it and Raise Your Hand after it; more than the sum of the parts, then. Not saying it was better, or worse, than River tour versions; just an observation. But Rosalita was better in 1988.
  9. The Murder Weapon. T Bone Burnett.
  10. Tom Waits on Jersey Girl, Patti Smith on Because The Night, many Southside Johnny guesting (and vice versa of course) over the years. But...there are quite some of them which could qualify as candidate for 'Worst guest appearance'.... Let's just say guest appearances -in general, not only for Bruce- can be very great when you are there in person - but often not just listening to the audio in your living room. And even more so when there is more than guest.