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  1. Between the devil and the deep blue sea. Weekend At Waikiki; which is -you already guessed it-a Dutch band.
  2. Agree with all of this but it's the same as for Stolen Car: I prefer Point Blank 1978 version to the River album version (but only slightly, not like Stolen Car; I think Son You May Kiss The Bride is far superior to Stolen Car on The River album); however the 1978 live version, indeed, sounds like 1978; the River album version of Point Blank better fits on The River album itself. And in the live shows; the Stolen Car-Wreck On The Highway-Point Blank sequence was a highlight of the 1980 shows; Son You May Kiss The Bride-Wreck On The Highway-Point Blank 1978 version not so much, probably, maybe. I also really like the fast version of Point Blank, but does that version not also sound a little bit like 1977-1978 (and raw, unpolished)? And maybe also like it still needs some work to be done, like it is unfinished; but likely it was never finished because the better, slow version (or the more River-album fitting version) was chosen for inclusion on the album (as last song it seems, how strange is that!). (but I think I also once read, somewhere, the last song chosen for inclusion was Crush On You, in favour of Be True, even more strange! Even if I really like Crush On You).
  3. But how was Just Like Fire Would written on Saints setlists?
  4. There are no weak songs at all on BUSA, but each to his/her own. The original question as stated in the OP was: which is the strongest album, Born To Run or Born In The U.S.A., and that will be a very easy question to most fans. However, if the question would be 'what is the most important album of the two, in relation to Bruce Springsteen's career and music', or 'what is the most important album of the two, in relation to the history of music in general', it is already a little bit more difficult (still not very difficult; BTR was the make-or-break album). When the question is 'what is the most important album in relation to (the (music of) the decade the album was recorded and released, the answer could be BUSA.
  5. Darkness On The Edge Of Town! Gothenburg 3 May 1981.
  6. Run Through The Jungle! Gothenburg 3 May 1981. Fantastic cover version, more a re-interpretation than a cover.
  7. The Calvary Cross. (Richard and Linda Thompson).
  8. When there is magic in the night, it is not important if it waves of sways.
  9. Individually I prefer Son You May Kiss The Bride to Stolen Car. And not a little, but very much. But Stolen Car better fits the River album; Son You May Kiss The Bride maybe sounds too much like the Darkness outtake it is, with some 1976-1977 echos; a little bit like the sound of the 1976 and 1977 live versions of Something In The Night (not the Darkness album version and 1978 live versions).(others may find this complete nonsense). Son You May Kiss The Bride for sure would not have fit in with Wreck On The Highway and Point Blank like Stolen Car did so great in 1980 (not that much (anymore) in 1981).
  10. There are no bad songs on The Rising. There are also not really 'bad'' songs on Devils & Dust, but quite some dull, very dull and boring songs.
  11. I liked this post...but I would not be disappointed with a 2008 release. It's the Magic Tour after all, the greatest Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Tour post-1988.
  12. The Deserter. (Fairport Convention)
  13. The official released show in the Archive Series is from 18 October (early show). Thunder Road on Live 1975-85 is from this show. The 17 October show (early show) was the radio broadcast.
  14. Some honourable mentions: The stories before Independence Day in 1980-1981. Pretty Flamingo, Roxy 17 October 1975 (the radio broadcast show), considered the definitieve version of Pretty Flamingo. The E-Street Shuffle in 1975, the stories about meeting Clarence. Johnny Bye Bye, about Elvis, in 1981 and BUSA Tour. Edit: and Christic Institute. And Mountain View 1986 ('Are you..are you...are you that rock 'n roll singer?).'(before Darlington County).
  15. The werewolf story was used more than once, only in 1978.
  16. Wide Open Road. The Triffids.
  17. could first play what was Side 1 -the first six songs- and then later the same day or even the next day, Side 2-so the last four songs. The old fashioned vinyl experience.
  18. Seeing lists like this, I always think about the 'list of 50 greatest Bruce Springsteen songs' I once saw in a music magazine (years ago) which did NOT include Incident On 57th Street. And the writer was a Bruce Springsteen fan!'s all personal. Just browed through the list...too many words, it is way too hot now to read all this and for sure too hot and too many words to read it all in one sitting. Jungleland should be at no. 1 instead of no. 12 but that is, indeed, personal. Also, in lists like this -for any artist or band-; or 'greatest albums of all time' lists, nrs. 51-100- and the comments about them- are usually more interesting than nrs. 1-50.