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  1. Paris Bercy most logical venue for fans from all over Europe.
  2. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry.
  3. I bought The Rising album a week before official release in a store in Utrecht that sold it illegally (a story I told before on this forum). The shop assistant seemed not to be aware of that. So! The Rising brought me back in after spending 6 years as a sort of casual fan.
  4. Trash, Trampoline and the Party Girl (U2). A rather obscure B-Side, and not a good song at all (that is why it was a B-Side!). Later reworked to the more famous (and much better) Party Girl.
  5. ...and this one too; but I am a little bit puzzled by what happens in the more than 2 minutes after Held Up...; is that Bruce collecting signs? Especially as according to Brucebase the next song, Saint In The City, was not played at sign request? But the song after that, Sherry Darling, was. Even more puzzled by the fact Waitin' On A Sunny Day was played at sign request! (Which is a song I really like as long as the Sunny Day kids stay away from the stage and, more important, stay away from the microphone).
  6. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway.
  7. Maybe the People Would Be the Times or Between Clark and Hilldale. (Love)
  8. Nice post! (not quoting the whole post as that is not necessary). And Rosalita was not played at U.S.A. shows (anymore) after it was dropped from the setlist in Fall 1984 (except the last show of the tour in Los Angeles). Bruce once said (or Dave Marsh said it in his Glory Days book) ending the second set with Racing In The Street or Backstreets [after Rosalita was dropped] emphasized the development in his writing into more darker songs.
  9. Nashville Without You. (Tim McGraw)
  10. Racing In The Street! Gothenburg 22 June 2003. Great as always, of course.
  11. The River! Gothenburg 22 June 2003. Great as always, of course.
  12. ....after this i googled 'The Price You Pay Ullevi 2016', but also found this, which I am listening to right now: The Price You Pay, Providence 11 December 1980. Which is, of course, a great performance. The whole Providence show is pretty great, one of the better audience tapes of 1980.
  13. @Daisey Jeep The whole video is worth watching, but especially watch the part of the video starting at 6:03! Video before of Fade Away pretty great too BTW.
  14. Burning Down The House. (Talking Heads)
  15. Because originally the tape, as it was, was not meant for release but as demos for the band?
  16. As you can find everything on Brucebase: Growin' Up was performed at two of the six New Jersey shows, including the previous night. (Must say you can find many things on this website too; there is more to this website than only the forum)
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