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  1. The Promise! Albany 7 February 1977. (but The Promise was better (even better!) in 1978)
  2. Until the end of the world (U2).
  3. Backstreets! Albany 7 February 1977. Of course one should do other things at 2.00. A.M. than listen to Bruce Springsteen & The ESB; or maybe not.
  4. Keep Your Distance (Richard Thompson).
  5. Well that's it. The No Nukes shows are/were quite well-known just because of The River and Thunder Road videos.
  6. Yes, but that is already Step 2. The first thought [of Bruce Inc.] is a Nugs release of a 1980/1981 show would 'clash' with No Nukes (because of the similar era). Or that any Nugs release would clash with any Sony release, be it new album, live album, box set, or whatever. Like was said before the last pages of this thread, the thought some of us diehard fans would not buy No Nukes because he/she already spend his/her money on a Nugs release is ridiculous. People will buy No Nukes if they want it. Or not buy it if they do not want it.
  7. Now that is very good explanation. One could add this 'problem' could maybe easily fixed with a quick release of a 2012/2013 show; as is assumed shows from that tour don't need that much work as shows from other tours. Except that would be the 3rd WB Tour release this year, only a few months after the previous one (But then many would not have any problem with that). Edit: if this really is a problem anyway, release of a River Tour show (or Darkness Tour show) around the same time as No Nukes. Or even release of a BUSA Tour show just before or just after the BUSA Box.
  8. Now listening -at this very moment- to Letter To You for the 3rd time this week, after neglecting it for a few weeks. Only The Rising and Magic were better albums in the Reunion Era.
  9. Greetings To The New Brunette.
  10. Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)-The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Song. (Shakira)
  11. The 'Amnesty International- Human Rights Now!' Tour was 20 shows in 19 different cities on all continents except Australia. Including shows in Costa Rica, Ivory Coast and Zimbabwe (and as mentioned above India and Japan). European shows included Hungary and Greece. Except 2 shows in Paris, all shows were only 1 night in 1 city. If this is not a World Tour, what is? Vote For Change was 7 shows.
  12. The Teams That Meet in Caffs. Dexys Midnight Runners; a song from the album Searching for the Young Soul Rebels.
  13. Thinking about this, I would now prefer a Joad-like tour, with the songs of the new album the core of the setlist. Not a tour with 'I have never tried this before, so let's see how it goes'. Just my personal opinion.
  14. Ouwe Lullen Moeten Weg (Ouwe Lullen Staan Alleen Maar In De Weg). The very famous duo [in The Netherlands] Kees Van Kooten & Wim De Bie (who are (were) actually not musicians but made satirical television programs). Which means something like [not literally] 'Old People Should Get Away, They Just Get In The Way' (as a literal translation gives some lyrics not suited for a family website). The ironic thing is that both men were already in their forties when they wrote and recorded the song (with teenage musicians, that is; also some nice 'air guitar playing' in the video).
  15. Tribal Gathering (The Byrds).
  16. Tunnel of Love? Magic? (without disrespect to your opinion). Could maybe also add The Rising but that is the thin line between 'very good' and 'great'. (and all personal).
  17. Album without any doubt. A last great Bruce Springsteen & The ESB album, that is. No way I am going to see Bruce Springsteen & The ESB (or any artist) ever again in a huge outdoor venue. Been there, done that. However, if the choice is between Western Stars Part 2 or guaranteed ticket for a Bruce Springsteen show (with or without the ESB) in a beautiful venue like Carré (Amsterdam), Muziekcentrum Vredenburg (Utrecht) or De Vereeniging (Nijmegen), the choice is reversed, also without any doubt.
  18. As guilty of the most unpopular opinion in the history of Greasy Lake I better say nothing... ...except the disadvantage of a shortened show for a festival will be less or even non-existent when one expects shows will be shorter anyway.
  19. There were serious thoughts about a 'duo tour' with only Bruce and Nils, it seems. What if after Christic shows Bruce had decided this was the way to go: solo tour in support of HT and LT (which would have been different albums then, or not two albums). (This saying as someone who has the 1992-1993 period in higher regard than many others and still listens to both HT and LT quite often). Edit, about the actual question: what if Bruce was born ten years earlier and Born To Run was released 10 years earlier: at least he would not have been 'The New Dylan' (probably).
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