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  1. Excellent defensively but sometimes (often) passed the ball like Stevie Wonder. Kalvin Phillips or Declan Rice for me. I assume Henderson for Rice this evening was because Rice had run his race, otherwise inexplicable.
  2. Much the better side in the first half. I don't why anyone would question his line up.
  3. Good stamina Balboa08. Hope you're not too tired in the morning.
  4. Fuck. I'll be 114 in another 55 years. I'm booking my head into cryogenic storage.
  5. Stand & wait on Jorgigho. He always rolls it.
  6. Santa has done more this Euros than Rashford. Happy to be proved wrong.
  7. In common with the rest of his team, Kane was fine in the first half. In common with the rest of his team he was bollocks in the second half. Where did they all go?
  8. Starting to feel like Croatia in 2018. Christ well done Jordan Pickford.
  9. That's the way to play against Jorgigho, run past him. He's brilliant with the ball but defensively a passenger.
  10. In games where I know most of the players I tend to turn down the sound as the commentators add nothing to my enjoyment & the co-commentator experts frankly tend to piss me right off. Yet I have enjoyed Ally McCoist. He seems to share his knowledge earned of a sporting lifetime's achievement with a absence of ego. I might yet turn up the sound on Wednesday.
  11. In a moment of mellow contentment I'm going to admit that Gareth Southgate knows more about international football management than I do. At least until Wednesday evening. Does the edit button still work after the upgrade?
  12. I find the booing of the opposing anthem hideous. The vast majority of fans there last night would have been members of the official supporters club. Easy to identify & ban if there was a will to do so.
  13. It's a long way from the south coast to Scotland but I fancy I can see the first tendrils of smoke from Thomas Muller's replica shirt.
  14. Best passer in a white shirt is actually wearing a yellow shirt.
  15. Mmm....seven defenders. Unlikely six or eight goal thriller today.
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