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  1. That's too close to the neighbours for my 5.25 mill.
  2. Hell's teeth! Neymar belongs on the modern football is shite thread.
  3. Stand by your guns FIFA. 162 rule breakages deserves more than a one window slap on the wrist. Plus it amuses me to think of poor football agents having to burn their furniture to keep warm this winter.
  4. Well played SA. Worthy winners, better in every department. Didn't expect that on the back of the semi-finals & it didn't look like England did either.
  5. You're applying one of your strange warped Scottish filters again Doctor. The only excess arrogance from this England team over the past few years has come from that part Australian, part Japanese fellow & he didn't learn that at Twickenham. Were I to example arrogance at this World Cup I would suggest the Rugby Union who thought their match was more important than people dying in a natural disaster.
  6. Thanks for clearing that up. I thought that the SRU had run crying to the lawyers while people were dying in the typhoon because they were suddenly unhappy with the tournament rules that they & every other participant had signed up to. I had thought that Italy who did have their match cancelled & were thus knocked out showed immense class in not mewling about it. Now I know it was because of a ropey refereeing decision four years ago I can put my scorn & disgust to bed. Please post details of this Scottish integrity filter. I don't know how I have so far coped without it.
  7. "Integrity" states the spokesman for a nation whose Rugby Union appointed Sue, Grabbit & Runne while people were dying in a typhoon.
  8. Winstone Bogarde is I think the pace setter in this particular hustle. One appearance in three & a half years back when 40k/week was worth getting out of bed for.
  9. I dislike songs which fade to an indefinite end. One of the reasons I like live stuff is that unless there is a deliberate segue from one song to another (which I really enjoy), songs come to a conclusion.
  10. I hate that pedal steel guitar thing. It makes sound even worse than bagpipes. All guitars should be electric. Nothing exciting has ever been played on an acoustic guitar.
  11. I love watching the haka or any of it's South Sea Island versions but I don't know why the opposition are obliged to front up to it. I best liked David Campese's reaction to it when he ignored it & just did a few training drills behind the posts.