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  1. Congratulations to NZ's Ajaz Patel. Ten wickets in an innings & against the masters of playing spin bowling. I reckon it on the same level as scoring a quadruple century. Astonishing.
  2. Eddie, surely you can now get a flight back home. Take your snark, your sexism, your bizarre selections & your ghastly tactics ...& fuck off.
  3. I read it several years ago now. I recall it written from the child's perspective but very much an adult book. I found it very moving. I think a film was made of it?
  4. Joe Root, absolutely wonderful batsman. Joe Root, worst England captain ever.
  5. I knew Chandra had suffered polio but I didn't know he threw as a lefty. Gavaskar was an absolute legend but the guy I really loved was Bedi. He bowled his beautiful left arm spin with a smile never far away but he was a diamond hard competitor.
  6. What a wonderful team Vishwanath played in. I don't recall them all off the top of my head but: Gavaskar, Gaekwad, Vengsarker, Vishwanath, Amarnath (×2?), Engineer, Bedi, Chandrasaeker, Prasana, Venkat More than I can manage of the current England team.
  7. Excellent defensively but sometimes (often) passed the ball like Stevie Wonder. Kalvin Phillips or Declan Rice for me. I assume Henderson for Rice this evening was because Rice had run his race, otherwise inexplicable.
  8. Much the better side in the first half. I don't why anyone would question his line up.
  9. Good stamina Balboa08. Hope you're not too tired in the morning.
  10. Fuck. I'll be 114 in another 55 years. I'm booking my head into cryogenic storage.
  11. Stand & wait on Jorgigho. He always rolls it.
  12. Santa has done more this Euros than Rashford. Happy to be proved wrong.
  13. In common with the rest of his team, Kane was fine in the first half. In common with the rest of his team he was bollocks in the second half. Where did they all go?
  14. Starting to feel like Croatia in 2018. Christ well done Jordan Pickford.
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