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  1. Since there is no Chelski thread

    Well, I'm pretty happy with the Morata upgrade.
  2. What Gives You "Brucebumps"?

    Spare Parts. I know full well that Janey is going to lift her son in her arms & carry him home but the way the music ratchets the tension right up to that point has me breaking out in brucebumps like hives. Also Tom's guitar wankery on GOTJ. Edited for damn autocorrect - Janet my arse!
  3. Since there is no Chelski thread

    Eddie was a top, top keeper. It was unfortunate for him his career co-incided with Neville Southall's. Wales were blessed with keepers back then. Not so blessed with Joey Jones who was rather more blessed with commitment than ability. See also Doug Rougvie.
  4. The Liverpool FC Thread

    Agreed Salah is a diamond & another example of Jose's legendary ability to spot & develop young talent. See also Kevin de Brunye & et al.
  5. Since there is no Chelski thread

    By the by Andrew, I'll just mention the rogue Mickey Thomas who scored the last goal I saw in person at Stamford Bridge, the winner against Sheffield Wednesday in a League Cup quarter-final back in cuddly Uncle Ken's reign when I suspect the floodlights were powered by candles.
  6. Fantasy Premier League

    And in. Thanks MM for resurrecting this for the new season.
  7. I would like to propose that Wildbilla be inducted to the GL Legion of Honour for her sterling pit advice to Daisy.
  8. Do love Mustang Sally so she got my vote. But opening with I fought the law the next gig after the Hyde Park switch off was hysterically funny.
  9. Top Five Sax Solo's

    Just goes to show that Courtney Love was right, the sax doesn't belong in rock music. Please consider this written in the absolute pinkest of pink font.
  10. RIP Joost Van der Westhuizen

    Best scrum half I've seen since one G Edwards.
  11. Carlos Alberto

    First match I ever saw on colour TV. Even at age 8 I knew that was a special goal. Not a bad way to be remembered.
  12. Since there is no Chelski thread

    Well that was fun today. Would it be wrong to wish the Special One a minor heart wobble & have him look up from the gurney to see Dr Eva smiling at him?
  13. Where's it gone?

    Where has the Lake Fantasy Football League gone? I can't even find the original thread. The so far less than mighty Brex City managed to score some points today Was it all for nothing?
  14. Next best concert(s)?

    Kate Bush. First tour 1979?. Astonishing mix of fine songs, theatre & that voice. She looked pretty damn good too. Genesis, same era before they went pop. UFO very much under rated rock band. Strangers in the night is still a regular go to album for me.
  15. Since there is no Chelski thread

    Don't understand the significance of this. Are for example, Beckham & Ronaldo not Utd heroes?