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  1. The last thing these shysters want is a levelling out. They want the money, not a share of it.
  2. With Covid still hammering national economies, it's difficult to imagine the Spanish government bailing them out yet again. Oh dear what a pity. Maybe they can play Juventus every week.
  3. How strange. The only thing I want right now is for Real Madrid to go so totally bankrupt that their name remains only a memory.
  4. Oh no. Now the only way to save football is for everyone to send a tenner to Real Madrid.
  5. Every time I see Ben Youngs in his Dove skincare commercial my heart is in my mouth. When he picks up the little girl I expect him to kick her away.
  6. Good luck Dan Carter in your retirement. Best stand off I have seen (not having seen Barry John). Only better player I have seen is Gareth Edward's.
  7. With the ball turning extravagantly on day one I think the authorities should check to see if the coin used for the toss had two heads. I mean that in jest. It's a joy watching batsmen facing top quality spinners on a turning wicket.
  8. I shall give tomorrow's game a go. If it's a repeat of the Autumn Ben Youngs boxkicking party then I'm out until classy Eddie buggers off back down under.
  9. Yup, the usual Cricket Australia whitewash is being slapped on. The gobby little shite Matthew Wade is fully deserving of censure too but nothing will happen. What price that the investigation into the crowd behaviour finds no evidence of racial abuse?
  10. Steve Smith shows his true colours again. And captain Tim Paine having already been fined 15% of his match fee for abusing an Umpire after DRS overturned a decision (only 15%?) apologises after stump mikes pick up him abusing the Indian batsmen. The Australian test team, classy dudes.
  11. The interview with Everett Bradley posted by Daisy shines a light. The band are prepared for just about anything from set list changes to sign requests. He explicitly mentions playing "the weight" in remembrance of Levon Helm that was performed spontaneously. Decent video of it too.
  12. Go back to injury substitutions only. If the big gym built units had to play the full 80 minutes they maybe wouldn't get so big in the first place. Size matters in most things as my wife chides me regularly.
  13. I'm on the fifth of the series now. Foxglove Summer. Have immensely enjoyed them all so far. Police procedurals not my thing. Police procedurals with the supernatural & humour very much my thing.
  14. His autobiography is a good read especially for a fan of UFO. It's a familiar tale of boy forms band, works hard finds success, leads to excess but with the "volume turned up to eleven".
  15. Jeez. He lived a hard life of his own making but I'm still shocked. RIP Pete.
  16. "We have a large porch & we put fans up" I completely mis-read that. Spent two hours searching for how to make a reservation.
  17. And Ken Shelitto, who took over as manager turned up to work on his first day.....in a company car.
  18. I've faced Malcolm Marshall too. He was drinking a rum & orange if I recall correctly (possibly brandy). I was ordering a pint, not of rum.
  19. If all I was lauded for was "The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" I'd be a happy man. Does any man know where the love of God goes when the waves turn the minutes to hours
  20. I certainly would. They all follow chronologically. Other than the short stories which are interspersed. Hope you enjoy. I absolutely loved them.
  21. I'd rank Malcolm Marshall slightly higher but I saw a lot of him at Hampshire's old Northlands Road ground. And I am undoubtedly biased.
  22. I believe that it is tacitly accepted that Umpires don't even look for no-balls now. They claim there is not enough time to check the front foot & within a fraction of a second make a judgment call on where the ball pitched, where was it heading & whether it hit anything. It doesn't help that every decision is analysed in ultra slow motion & that mistakes are held up as incompetence by viewers with no experience. All compounded by having to umpire two teams of cheats. The no-ball problem could & should be solved by reverting to the back foot law.
  23. Damn straight. Though I like to think that the split may have been mutual. Certainly I can confirm that serenading one's intended paramour with the line "lay down, I think I love you" hasn't worked ever. If you've had better luck with it I salute you. Unless you are DC, in which case you should have come up with a better line for the rest of us.
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