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  1. I am absolutely loving this show... Great mix, brilliant energy.... Devils & Dust on here is one of the most beautiful things I have every heard. My God. Will be listening to this one a lot...
  2. Funny you post this... I've been on a Marley binge of late, ripped my 1992 Songs of Freedom box set and enjoying the heck out of it. Got out my DVD of the Marley movie to watch on the weekend but did not get the time... Will definitely do so this weekend.
  3. Are you all seated comfly-bold two-square on your botty? Then I'll begin...
  4. a) RIP JTE b) My favourite JTE song c) I can't believe how different Jason Isbell looks in this video...
  5. Incredibly sad news. Will play Harlem River Blues in tribute today. Gone far too soon.
  6. Are you as excited as I am about the Deluxe Edition FINALLY being released?!
  7. Far as I know, only on Bandcamp @JustDan I am loving Bandcamp at the moment. For a reasonable price I can choose between a lossy and lossless download, or even both. Discovered, to my delight, the Peter Gabriel discography is on there. Bought a couple of albums and the FLAC downloads were Hi Res. I hope more and more artists start jumping on the Bandcamp wagon.
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