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  1. First track is one of the best tunes I've heard in a while.
  2. I have seen it... At times, that crowd looks like one, living, breathing mass organism.... Its bizarre to think we may never do that stuff again, right?
  3. I am more and more sure that this was recorded around the same time as Tempest.... I imagine either Murder Most Foul or Roll on John could go on the album, but not both... He went with Roll on John but I'm glad he chose to share this one with us now.
  4. What Have I Done is good, but Only Children, the single released today is the best of the 3 tracks from Reunions I have heard so far. It is brilliant.
  5. If I'm honest, love Bruce beyond measure, but so much damn good music was released today (that new Isbell single???) that I am more than content to wait until he is ready to share something with us.
  6. Listened to it properly now on a break... Love it... Sublime. Want to give it a listen on 'phones tonight....
  7. Just downloaded it. Can't wait to listen. Thank you Bob.
  8. Hey 'Reth "Hey 'Retha. Whadda ya got?" "I got rhythm..."