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  1. Now I know why so many people were wearing Springbok shirts yesterday... #beensobusyatworki'mslightlybehindthetimes
  2. Good time to mention Robbie's new album Sinematic was released yesterday....
  3. We seem to have-uh FILLED the place...
  4. If you're a hi fidelity fan, this album is sublime. Once a week listen for me at least.
  5. Just bought tickets.... Also only 2 screenings here, I'll be seeing it on Sunday the 6th in the afternoon.... I pray the cinema has a decent enough sound system for this.
  6. Awesome BD, thank you. I need to go listen to GOTJ now.
  7. I know these kinds of debates can be never ending... But to me, I don't consider The Beatles or the Beach Boys as rock bands. In a list of the greatest pop bands of all time? Absolutely. And I think you'd get reasonably universal agreement from most people on the top 3 rock bands... Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones and The Who... All IMHO, of course.
  8. I was sad about who left because I really admired what they did for a living.
  9. I'd love the Hi Res Blu Ray editions of Momentary Lapse, Division Bell and Pulse, but that's it, really.
  10. Series called Shetland. Really enjoying it. I reckon I could live there... Go for a ride and do the whole island in one go. I'm not scared.
  11. Pre-ordered on Eye Choonz. Thanks for the heads up @took me long enough