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  1. Funnily enough, the band a-ha are here next year, playing the Hunting High and Low album in full followed by, presumably, the hits. First time that I am aware of a band playing a full album show in SA.
  2. Excited for this. Love Olivia Coleman. And I've just watched Tobias Menzes in The Terror. I think he will do well as Prince Phillip.
  3. I have watched the first 3 episodes of this and think it's brilliant. I really hope it gets a wider audience outside of SA and some of you guys get a chance to see it.
  4. Also worth watching. Short but sweet. Jason just before he cut his hair again.
  5. thank you @janeymarywendy I have actually seen this but need to watch it again! I absolutely love that nearly 20 years later, its the same two musos with him, David Jacques and Jason Wilbur.
  6. Much as I love this album, and I do, its not the DS album I listen to the most. That honour goes to Love Over Gold... I remember the first time I watched them play Private Investigations on Alchemy, on a shitty 10th generation pirated VHS tape... I was transfixed.
  7. Correct. The CD version ran quite a bit longer than the vinyl version. But if you had not heard the CD version first, you'd have been none the wiser. So Far Away Over one minute shorter than the CD version.. Money For Nothing CD version was almost 8 and a half minutes long! Your Latest Trick This includes a beautiful trumpet intro by Randy Brecker on the CD version. The vinyl version simply starts where that ends on the CD. Why Worry Final long instrumental part is removed on vinyl. Comparison: (Brackets indicate original vinyl version) "So Far Away" - 5:12 (3:59) "Money for Nothing" - 8:26 (7:04) "Your Latest Trick" - 6:33 (4:46) "Why Worry" - 8:31 (5:22)
  8. and You've got to learn to live with what you can't rise above and Like a river that don’t know where it’s flowing I took a wrong turn and I just kept going and It was a small town bank It was a mess Well, I had a gun You know the rest and They prosecuted some poor sucker in these United States For teaching that man descended from the apes They coulda settled that case without a fuss or fight If they’d seen me chasin’ you, sugar, through the jungle last night and They died to get here a hundred years ago, they’re dyin’ now The hands that built this country we’re always trying to keep down and If pa’s eyes were windows into a world so deadly and true Ma, you couldn’t stop me from looking but you kept me from crawlin’ through and 41 shots—and we’ll take that ride Across this bloody river to the other side 41 shots—my boots caked in mud We’re baptized in these waters and in each other’s blood and You end up like a dog that’s been beat too much Until you spend half your life just covering up and As I lift my groceries into my car I turn back for a moment and catch a smile That blows this whole fucking place apart and Remember all the movies, Terry, we'd go see Trying to learn to walk like the heroes we thought we had to be And after all this time, to find we're just like all the rest can still–can now—write a verse like this: Now the pool's filled with empty, eight-foot deep Got dandelions growin' up through the cracks in the concrete Chain-link fence half-rusted away Got a sign, says, "Children, be careful how you play" Your lipstick taste and your whispered secret promised I'd never tell A half-drunk beer and your breath in my ear At the Moonlight Motel And the only thing that could be even better than all this? Is that he says he's going into the studio with the E Street Band soon for a new album One of my most favourite posts on this forum, ever, I think. Thank you.
  9. Nope.... Was to do with the actual music on the album.... S'true's Bob.
  10. I am so jealous.... Bucket list for me. And it's this very set from West 54th that made me fall in love with him and his music.
  11. Here it's usually one of these: Is the Pope a Catholic? Does a Bear shit in the woods? Is a frog's arse watertight?
  12. Okay so how many folks picked up the differences between the vinyl version and CD version, at the time? Back then CDs had extra or bonus tracks to entice us into changing over. (I still have a Crowded House album that has CD PAX EXTRA TRAX! on the back cover) What made Brothers in Arms so different, interesting and brilliant was it wasn't an extra song or alternate version.... Anyone remember what it was? (Dunno if this is on Wikipedia or not, I haven't checked, but no cheating peeps)