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  1. Nope, this is a new release. Sadler and Jimbo both mentioned on Twitter earlier that it was a great show, semi acoustic, 'MTV Unplugged' style...
  2. I think that is whwat was going through my head. Are these officially sanctioned items? Is Bruce Inc aware of them?
  3. All her friends call her Little Wing.... One of my favourite NY songs ever.
  4. Man that is some bad Photoshop.
  5. This has become my favourite YouTube channel. the last couple of Friday nights I've put this on and just let the songs play one after the other. Some much needed light and happiness in these dark times.
  6. I am ordinarily not one for artists re-recording their own material. But I suspect this might just be superb. The age and wisdom in his voice adds so much more to the song.
  7. Busy listening now @wolfinthepines and I like it.... Thumbs up from me mate. *EDIT* When the track finished it went straight into your cover of My Beautiful Reward. Really nice!