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  1. It's not unusual and it doesn't really bother me. Most big acts only ever come here once. Only exceptions I can think of are U2, twice, and Bryan Adams who has visited 4 or 5 times I think. We are an odd market, and expensive to visit I think. I suspect for Roger to bring the kind of tours he has had recently here would result in crazy ticket prices. I am hoping Pearl Jam visit us on the way to or from Oz on this new tour. They have never played SA.
  2. I've just read this post, I swear. Please see what I said about this song on the 'what song are you listening to now?' thread. I'm pleased I'm not the only one.
  3. Mate I have only seen him live once, the only show he ever played in Johannesburg... March 1st, 2002, In The Flesh tour. (essentially the same show/setlist as the DVD) One of the greatest concerts I've seen. I never DREAMED I'd see material from Amused to Death played live... Man, the Floyd stuff was a bonus. But I know since then the shows have gotten even better. If I am able to get them on Blu Ray, I am happy with that...
  4. Of course. But aren't threads like this for fantasy and fun too?
  5. 25 years old this year and still has such an impact. Also, a great example of an ALBUM. It had great singles, but it only sounds right played from start to finish...
  6. I am loving this... My ears hear Fear of Music/Remain in Light era Talking Heads in there and that's not a bad thing to me.
  7. I know this wouldn't suit most audiences but I would be in heaven seeing Roger play ONLY solo material... I love him doing the Floyd material, of course, a whole show of the solo material would be amazing.
  8. I'm still hoping for a Blu Ray of Us + Them....
  9. Exactly how I feel.... This album STILL floors me on every listen.
  10. As someone says in the comments below this video, when huge sections of the audience are copying and following the drummers fills, you know what an impact he made...