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  1. Was working my way down this thread waiting for someone to post this.... Thank you. This would be my vote... Much as I love Cream and Rush.
  2. One of my favourites... There are some audience videos of it but I would dearly love an archive version just for this... Nil's perfect harmony behind Bruce.
  3. Arguably my favourite volume of the bootleg series, after Volumes I to III....
  4. Don't feel bad Boss. I had no clue either...
  5. At one stage I used to buy Q, Mojo and Uncut religiously every month. Now, with the import costs, they are about 200 bucks each. I buy an Uncut one a year or so, but haven't bought a Q or Mojo in years. Still very sad to see it go though.
  6. Would you mind sharing a link please? I love the SHF but I tend to forget to look there...
  7. Started watching The Blacklist. James Spader is the whole show but he is superb in this character.
  8. Messed up on the studio version, fucked up on LINYC, the definitive version of Lost In The Flood.
  9. Welcome to the Lake. I have the Volume 1. box set on CD. The second volume on CD is still very high on my bucket list, and the main reason I want it is for the remastered version of TOL...
  10. So sorry to hear this Dan. Holding thumbs and thinking good vibes for your dad and you... I'm sure he will be just fine but I know it must be lousy not being able to see him.
  11. I might well add the new Ray LaMontagne to my list before the year is out.
  12. I definitely second two choices named above; Reunions and City Of Love. I would add: And It's Still Alright by Nathaniel Rateliff Bespoke Songs Vol. 1 by James Grant. I need to spend more time with the Dylan.
  13. Nope, this is a new release. Sadler and Jimbo both mentioned on Twitter earlier that it was a great show, semi acoustic, 'MTV Unplugged' style...
  14. I think that is whwat was going through my head. Are these officially sanctioned items? Is Bruce Inc aware of them?
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