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  1. Please give this a listen Kay. One of my favourite John Mayer songs... Beautiful little fan made video too.
  2. Great read, thank you @took me long enough Slow Turning is a near perfect record, start to finish. The fact that side B starts with the 1-2 punch of Ride Along followed by the title track… Wow. A big factor for me is the perfect sound of Jim Keltner’s drums. On Icy Blue Heart these are powerful, but soft… warm, but cold. I also love this live album from the Budokan? album. I love that John speaks the ‘girl you’re a beauty’ line.
  3. Welcome to the jungle, we've got fun and games! We've got everything you wa... Shit, wrong forum... Sorry. Welcome to the Lake.
  4. Squire I have an iPhone 7 256gb filled to within an inch of it's life with FLAC, ALAC and WAV files.... I play them through an Onkyo app which plays 24bit files. I don't think the Amazon HD streaming option is available here as yet. I assume that if I am listening directly through headphones (an old pair of Sennheisers, nothing fancy) I am hearing 24 bit but my understanding is that when plugged into the car AUX-In I will obviously only hear 16bit files. I also have a Yamaha WXAD-10 connected to my old Stereo amp which I can use to stream files from my phone or laptop but, again, my understanding is I am only hearing 16bit until I get a more modern amp that can transfer the higher sample rate. The higher quality files sound amazing, of course, and as you know, but take up a lot more space. I can't wait for the day I get to properly hear them.
  5. you suffer from Ponder-osa? I'll see myself out.
  6. Sorry to stray off topic but wow, I don't think I've ever heard anyone else mention Will T Massey before. That debut CD of his is an essential album.
  7. Did these folks complain about the same thing from the June 2000 NYC show? That full version of Tenth is one of the main reasons I ripped my Live in NYC DVD as soon as I knew how to... *EDIT* and yes I know that version wasn't actually from one night, rather an amalgam of two or more nights but I still love it nonetheless. Having this LA version is awesome because you can hear how he refined and perfected the shpiel by the time they got to NYC.
  8. Pretty much can't argue with this. WOuld LOve DMB to get in but I would be surprised if they did. Lizzy, T Rex and the Doobies for sure.
  9. This is the key part most people aren't aware of. Without the converter you're not actually listening in 'HD'.
  10. Looks like part of the press junket for the movie but it would have been nice if the interviewer had been given another slot or more time… She was star struck but still gave a good interview. Compare that to the skin crawlingly bad fawning the likes of Fallon does. Sheesh. Thanks @Tom-Joad
  11. Guys just because Bruce mentioned that he wasn't taking the Western Stars album on tour, doesn't mean he absolutely categorically never will play one or two songs from the album live, ever.... He has also been known to change his mind about stuff before...
  12. In 2014 we took my mom in law to see Bruce in Cape Town, which she loved. She is 76 now. Last week I sent her and my father in law a copy of Western Stars to listen to before they saw his interview on Norton. After the show he came back to say they can't wait to see the movie. Just got this pic via WhatsApp and underneath it, simply the words, 'great album'... Yes, yes it is...
  13. You're right, they have been here once, thats our lot...
  14. Did anyone else pick up a copy of the DVD Audio of Automatic around that time? I think the record companies thought they might be the next best thing, a bit like SACD, but they quietly fizzled out. I had a few, and I remember the best of them were Automatic and Neil Young's Harvest. Oh and Rumours. But some of the 5.1 mixing on Automatic was pretty cool.
  15. I hear you on SOB being an odd one, but Backstreets posted the details/guidelines for the Q&A in London and it specifically makes mention of a DVD so I am optimistic... SOB was released via Netflix, I suppose, whereas the WS movie has so far had a limited release in some theaters.
  16. I've mentioned this before but on the first few listens on track 2 I heard "Come away fairy baby..."
  17. Its looking like I have to hold thumbs for a DVD or Blu ray release... Nothing showing on the movie cinema sites here.
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