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  1. Anyone else seen the movie? Came back from seeing it about an hour ago.
  2. James Blunt is an incredibly smart, brilliantly funny guy. His Twitter feed is a thing of beauty. I am keen to see the interaction between James and Bruce because I predict some funny moments. Graham might even dig up the tweet @Paolo's Circus Story posted above.
  3. Western Stars really is the gift that keeps on giving, isn't it? I will have this live album version on repeat just as I did the studio version. Thank you Boss.
  4. 2019 remastered versions of two of my favourite albums and even on iTunes they sound blimmin' glorious.
  5. Which means we probably saw the first Star Wars in 1983...
  6. Now this I would really like to see. Although, this will always be 'War of the Worlds' to me...
  7. I believe this is now the Bruce Springsteen record I have listened to the most times, start to finish. I genuinely don't think I have listened to any other album this many times. And still want to listen to it even more. I don't care if the live version coming out on the 25th sounds note for note identical to the studio record (although I hope it doesn't) but I will probably end up listening to that just as many times...
  8. They have been trying to make Comic Con a thing here too the last few years. It took place last weekend. If I'm not mistaken William Shatner was here for it...
  9. Are you talking about the colour soundtrack one or @lilbud 's brilliant B&W The Promise/WS mashup?
  10. the more I look at this the more I think it is sheer brilliance and could genuinely have been the cover. I hope someone from the Bruce camp sees this and shows him.
  11. Favourite live version of one of my favourite songs. 30 years ago in November. Hoping for a re-release of the full concert, even if only in audio format.
  12. Its definitely a trend at the moment, concert movies at the cinema. I've not seen anything about this playing here yet but I recently bought tickets to see the new Roger Waters movie at the cinema next month. Small theatre, so far half full. But I can rest assured they are all serious Floyd or Waters fans... I saw recently as well that the 1991 INXS live album from Wembley, Live Baby Live, is seeing a cinema re-release. For us here who don't get as many shows as Europe and the US, its the next best thing to a live concert. I dare say a lot more comfortable too.
  13. So true. For me, this release was like Bruce read my thoughts and wishes and went "here you go bud" And yes, if (when?) the movie is released on Blu Ray, I'll buy that too.
  14. This is getting better and better with each listen. I think this could end up being one of my top 3 albums of the year. It's fantastic.