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  1. I was hoping to get an audio rip of the movie at some point, at best, but this is incredible... Can't wait to hear this.
  2. This is still a near perfect album to me. I own it on CD and vinyl. I know its likely not a true R.E.M. fan's favourite, but it is mine.
  3. I first knew him from Clueless... My word did I have a crush on Alicia Silverstone in that movie.
  4. Chernobyl was excellent. Also just finished watching The Terror, as I loved the book it was based on. Coincidentally, both star Jared Harris, whom I learned after is one of the sons of Richard Harris.
  5. Ditto.... Often wondered about it but didn't think it would happen. I love Norton and who knows, without the cringeyworthy fawning that the likes of Fallon does (Jesus it's embarrassing) We might just get something new if Bruce feels comfortable enough.
  6. Sorry DJ, have to disagree. Maybe try this version... Bloody brilliant IMO.
  7. Nope.... Never seen a single episode of any of those three series.
  8. Considering I was born 3 years later.... I'm quite pleased that I know all but 3 or 4 songs, and have most of them in my collection. Except the Archies. Sorry Dan!
  9. Deacon Blue are genuinely one of the few bands still left on my bucket list. They have never played here but I have all the albums (including the recent heavily expanded re-releases) and the brilliant recent Glasgow Barrowlands Blu Ray. Raintown is a bona fide classic but the entire catalogue is worth listening to.
  10. My 'like' is not so much for your post as for your signature pic, which I've not seen before and which I think is seriously awesome. Nicely done!
  11. Not at all what I expected but a beautiful album. Will go into regular rotation for sure.
  12. Now I know why so many people were wearing Springbok shirts yesterday... #beensobusyatworki'mslightlybehindthetimes
  13. Good time to mention Robbie's new album Sinematic was released yesterday....
  14. We seem to have-uh FILLED the place...
  15. If you're a hi fidelity fan, this album is sublime. Once a week listen for me at least.
  16. Just bought tickets.... Also only 2 screenings here, I'll be seeing it on Sunday the 6th in the afternoon.... I pray the cinema has a decent enough sound system for this.
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