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  1. Wall mural in Paris. they really did love Johnny there. He was fluent in French as well as English and Zulu so that can't have hurt.
  2. I was just about to come back on here and say thank you.. Very much appreciated @Springstone Cannot wait to listen as soon as it's downloaded.
  3. My brother had a VHS copy of this show. I loved it, especially Computer Age. You know I genuinely did not know this was the same dude who made the album called Harvest... When he told me I was astounded.
  4. Anyone else enjoy Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee? New season uploaded a week or two ago. I enjoyed seeing Ricky again as well as Eddie Murphy and I found people like Matt Broderick funnier than I expected.
  5. Hi Folks. If I’m out of line with this post or request let me know and I’ll delete.. I have tried unsuccessfully to create an account on Dime. I don’t know if it’s a geographic thing or I am not ‘getting it’. I don’t have anything to upload, unfortunately, but I am desperate to download a show. Is there any chance someone would be kind enough to download it for me? It’s not Springsteen, I must make that clear… It is a 1993 show by the South African band Johnny Clegg & Savuka, from Paris, on the 11th of November 1993. Any kind soul willing to help will be showered in lavish thank you’s on line…
  6. How epic would that be... He'd be as speechless as he's NOT been speechless for months.
  7. 7000 units in SA? I really am lucky I got to see the band here.
  8. @JustDan not sure where you saw this but I don’t think that’s a recent pic... I think it dates back to the 2014 ‘R-Kive’ project which was a compilation album and documentary. The album was a Genesis comp which included a few solo tracks from each member. (In the air tonight, Solsbury Hill, Living Years etc)
  9. Saw the Oils in 1996. One of the most amazing afternoons. Lots of great SA bands, including Johnny Clegg, then Sting, who played early as he had to fly back to the UK that night, and then the finale was Midnight Oil. I was ambivalent, I went to see Johnny and Sting, Midnight Oil was a nice to have. My God, did they blow me away. One of the best live shows I ever remember seeing. It was filmed and shown on local TV. A couple years back someone uploaded it to YT and I was lucky enough to snatch it before it was pulled...
  10. Probably one of the least 'African' sounding songs Johnny did...
  11. Not long before I canned Facebook, I came upon this on Kurt's feed. I don't remember the exact details JF but what I did read was pretty damning against Sammy, I won't lie. To be blunt, the stuff I read about him was worse, to my mind, than the allegations (and subsequent trial by social media) that Ryan Adams went through. Its one of the reasons I deleted the app and never looked back.
  12. Technically speaking, David Sancious was the first member of the E Street Band I saw live. He was touring with Sting in 1994. I had to wait 20 more years to see the other members.
  13. I did not take any video yesterday, and only took a couple of photos before it started.
  14. Storyteller is easy, but I just need to rip the Icons Documentary DVD... Johnny also did a TV series abut 10 years ago, a beautiful journey across South Africa visiting artists and painters, talking about the history of South Africa, Africa and mankind in general as he went. I have the official DVD set of that and it's amazing. Again, I hope they allow more people to see that now that he is gone.
  15. Thank you Rick. I had never shared that with anyone until a few days ago so I'm humbled that you listened to it and you enjoyed it. I'm contemplating putting it on YT for more people to hear. My one JC video went from 1500 on the 15th of July to 20 000 views yesterday. And I get a lot of comments, especially in French. I also have a project I did in 2006 which was a short documentary SABC did on Johnny which I tranferred from VHS to DVD back then. I watched it last night and it is as good as I remember, but a lot more poignant now, of course. I think that should be on YT for more people to see as well.
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